Stories from India

Stories from India

There are many wonderful short stories from India that children can enjoy. These stories often teach important lessons about life, morality, and respect for others. Many of these stories of India also have elements of fantasy and magic, which can be very appealing to kids.

One of the popular tales from India isThe Tiger, the Brahmin, and the Jackal. In this story, a tiger, a brahmin (a priest), and a jackal all live together in a forest. The tiger is the leader and the others must follow his orders. One day, the tiger goes off to hunt and leaves the brahmin and the jackal behind. The brahmin decides to take this opportunity to eat the tigers food. When the tiger returns and sees what the brahmin has done, he is very angry. The brahmin is terrified and begs for forgiveness. The tiger decides to spare the brahmins life, but he banishes him from the forest.

This story teaches children that it is important to be honest and to respect those who are in charge. It also shows that even when someone makes a mistake, they can still be forgiven.

Another one of the popular folk stories from India isThe Monkey and the Crocodile. In this story, a monkey and a crocodile live near a river. The monkey often plays on the crocodiles back and the crocodile enjoys this. One day, the monkey asks the crocodile to take him across the river. The crocodile agrees and starts to swim across with the monkey on his back. Halfway across, the crocodile decides to eat the monkey. The monkey is terrified and begs for his life. The crocodile agrees to spare the monkeys life, but only if the monkey promises to never play on his back again.

This story teaches children that it is important to be careful of those who may be dangerous. Even if someone seems friendly, they may not be trustworthy.

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