Welcome to our fantastic collection of Fables, where you can immerse yourself in the enchanting world of short stories that convey moral lessons. Our fables have been carefully curated to engage and educate readers of all ages, including kindergarteners. These timeless tales often feature animals as central characters, making the stories both delightful and relatable.

Our page features famous fables from around the world, including the works of Aesop and Jean de La Fontaine, two of the most celebrated storytellers in history. Aesop’s fables have been passed down through generations, originating from ancient Greece, while De La Fontaine’s stories are rooted in French tradition. Both authors have created captivating fables that have been translated into English, ensuring that these valuable lessons can be enjoyed by a broader audience.

The fables available on our page can be read online or downloaded as a PDF, making it easy for you to enjoy these enchanting stories whenever and wherever you’d like. Our selection includes the following beloved fables:

  1. How Anansi Tied Tiger: A clever tale of how the cunning spider, Anansi, outsmarts the fearsome tiger using his wit and intelligence.
  2. The Lion And The Mouse: A heartwarming story that teaches the importance of kindness and gratitude, as even the smallest creature can make a big difference.
  3. The Scorpion And The Tortoise: A thought-provoking fable that explores the consequences of one’s true nature and the importance of self-awareness.
  4. The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse: A delightful tale that teaches the value of contentment and appreciating the simple things in life.
  5. The Young Crab And His Mother: An engaging story that emphasizes the importance of leading by example and the power of learning through experience.

Whether you’re a parent seeking to share the magic of fables with your child or a lifelong lover of these classic tales, our page offers a treasure trove of stories that are sure to entertain, educate, and inspire. Dive into the world of fables, and let the timeless wisdom of Aesop, De La Fontaine, and other masterful storytellers guide you on a journey filled with unforgettable characters and enduring life lessons.