Stories About Crocodiles

Stories About Crocodiles

Welcome to the riveting world of the Top 8 Stories About Crocodiles- a lilting collection of short tales specifically designed for children to read online! These exciting stories are perfect for preschool to elementary grade kids who are starting their fascinating journey of reading. Filled with funny antics of cheeky crocodiles, these tales are sure to capture your little one’s imagination, making them perfect for read aloud sessions or as a fascinating night-time bedtime story.

In the form of engaging ebooks and free pdfs, these stories include adorable illustrations and vivid pictures that would stimulate the creative mind of toddlers to kindergarteners and help in their cognitive development. Presented in English, these tales come with a simple and easy language suitable for early readers, encouraging the habit of reading in kids.

Stories about crocodiles are immensely important as the theme presents a unique opportunity for children to learn more about these fascinating creatures, their habitats and their behaviors. While engaging and entertaining in their narrative structure, these stories also subtly incorporate morals, teaching children life lessons that will benefit their growing years.

So whether it’s for independent reading, or family read aloud time, or to print and read before bedtime, our exclusive collection of the best, short, and free stories about crocodiles are guaranteed to be loved by young readers. So hurry, start your incredible journey right now, dive into these tales and explore the exciting world of crocodiles and their humorous, captivating adventures!

Top 8 Stories About Crocodiles for kids:

  1. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: Long ago, a little white hare wanted to cross the sea to the mainland of Inaba. He tricks a crocodile into forming a bridge with other crocodiles, but then mocks them and is punished. The hare meets a kind man who helps him recover his fur. The man is actually a fairy named Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto, and he later marries a princess who rejects his brothers. The hare is grateful to the fairy and predicts his marriage to the princess. The story ends with the hare becoming famous and the fate of the crocodiles unknown.
  2. The Alligators’ Frozen Snouts: A group of alligators in Oklahoma prepare for their annual hibernation, known as brumation. They find a suitable spot in the water, with their snouts sticking out to breathe. However, one alligator forgets to fully submerge its tail, which freezes. After weeks of hibernation, spring arrives, and the alligators emerge refreshed. The alligator with the frozen tail is relieved and warms it in the sun.
  3. Uncle Wiggily’s Funny Auto: One day, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy wants to go for a ride in Uncle Wiggily’s car. After some trouble with the car, they start driving and encounter various adventures along the way. They eventually come across an alligator chasing them, but the car turns around and chases the alligator instead. They safely escape and Nurse Jane is happy.
  4. Uncle Wiggily In A Paper Boat: Uncle Wiggily wakes up to find his paper house knocked down by an alligator. He continues his journey and comes across a pond with a beautiful goldfish. The goldfish offers to help Uncle Wiggily in the future. Later, when Uncle Wiggily needs to cross a stream, he makes a paper boat, but it starts sinking. Just as the alligator is about to catch him, the goldfish comes to the rescue and takes Uncle Wiggily to safety. He spends the night in a wooden house and dreams of finding a gold dollar.
  5. Uncle Wiggily And The Black Crow: Uncle Wiggily finds himself stuck in a tall tree with an alligator waiting to eat him. He discovers a bottle of toothache drops in his satchel and drops it into the alligator’s mouth, causing it to flee to the water in pain. A friendly crow helps Uncle Wiggily down from the tree, and they continue their journey together. Eventually, Uncle Wiggily comes across a mysterious house with a warning from Johnnie Bushytail, but he is trapped inside by a clawed creature. The story ends with a cliffhanger, promising to reveal what happens next in the next installment.
  6. Uncle Wiggily Painted His Bungalow: Uncle Wiggily decides to paint his bungalow sky blue pink, but things go awry when the goat, Billie, hands him green paint instead of red as a prank. As Uncle Wiggily tries to fix the mistake, the skillery-scallery alligator arrives and tries to make him fall. The animal boys come up with a plan to scare away the alligator by splashing paint on him, saving Uncle Wiggily. In the end, Nurse Jane finds the whole situation amusing, and Uncle Wiggily laughs along.
  7. Uncle Wiggily And The Paper House: Uncle Wiggily wakes up early and decides to make a paper house. His niece, Nannie, shows him how to do it. Uncle Wiggily continues his journey and later in the night, he uses his paper house to shelter from the rain. He wakes up to the sound of a sniffing noise and fears it’s the burglar-fox. He starts digging a cellar underneath the house to hide, but it turns out to be a bad alligator. The alligator smashes Uncle Wiggily’s paper house, but the rabbit escapes into the cellar and remains safe.
  8. Uncle Wiggily Goes Fishing: Uncle Wiggily find himself trapped in a bear’s den, but he manages to escape using a rope that his nephew had packed for him. He then finds himself by a brook and decides to go fishing. However, instead of catching a fish, he ends up attracting a hungry alligator who throws him into a tree. The story ends on a cliffhanger, with Uncle Wiggily trying to figure out how to safely get down from the tree.

In summation, the top 8 stories about crocodiles we’ve explored engage kids with their captivating narratives and fun facts about these amazing creatures. They range from humorous tales to courageous adventures, each offering a unique insight into the life of crocodiles, their habits, and their habitats. Reading these stories not only stimulates children’s imaginations but also enhances their understanding and respect for the animal kingdom. Spend some quality time with these enthralling stories, and who knows, some might even make you view crocodiles with newfound admiration!