Stories About Camping

Stories About Camping

Welcome to the tremendous world of adventure where you’ll find the top 9 stories about camping, perfectly crafted for kids to read online! We have funny tales for preschool children, captivating bedtime stories for kindergarten kids, and enticing read-aloud short stories for elementary grade children. All of these are available in English and absolutely free making reading a fun activity to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

We believe that the best way to learn is through the joy of reading compelling stories. Our collection comes with exciting and colorful illustrations that bring the tales to life, aiding our young readers to comprehend the story better. You’ll also find moral lessons cleverly woven into the tales, intended to impart valuable lessons while keeping the fun intact!

Stories about camping are important and loved by kids as they fuel their imagination with adventurous thoughts and scenarios. They can imagine themselves as tiny explorers venturing towards the unknown, making new friends, and overcoming challenges. The magical allure of the great outdoors, the mystery of the pitch-black night sky dotted with twinkling stars, the thrill of sitting around a blazing campfire, and the fun of roasting marshmallows are all encapsulated in our tales.

Every story is available for you to read online, but if you want to keep the tale with you forever, you have the option of downloading the PDF file or even print out a physical copy from our ebook. They are free of cost, to ensure access to all children who love a good tale before going to bed.

Pack your backpacks, latch on your torches and let’s dive into some of the best stories about camping, filled with enchanting tales and splendid lessons. Our stories are thoughtfully created to not only entertain but also educate, enlighten, and provide enjoyment to children and toddlers alike. Happy reading, young explorers!

Top 9 Stories About Camping for kids:

  1. Little Dwarf Merry Maker: In this cheerful story, Little Boy and Little Girl are sad because they have to stay home while other children go on vacation. But when a friendly Dwarf Merry Maker arrives in an aeroplane, he helps them set up a tent in their yard. With the help of a magical Cretonne Fairy, they decorate the tent and enjoy a feast of chocolate and doughnuts. The next day, the children find a real tent in the orchard, filled with boxes and treats. They have a happy vacation with Dwarf Merry Maker.
  2. Uncle Wiggily In A Well: Uncle Wiggily and his circus dog friend Percival encounter a grasshopper with a sprained leg. Uncle Wiggily helps the grasshopper by applying salve to his leg, and in return, the grasshopper promises to help Uncle Wiggily if he ever needs it. Later, Uncle Wiggily falls into a well after being tricked by a mean toad, but the grasshopper and Percival come to his rescue just in time. They pull him out of the well with a rope and escape before the wolves arrive.
  3. Uncle Wiggily And The Moo-cow: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are staying in a country woods bungalow when they hear strange noises. Uncle Wiggily thinks it’s just a cricket and a bug making the sounds, but Nurse Jane thinks something bad has happened. They later go on an airship ride with a Moo-Cow, but it deflates and they fall to the ground safely. Uncle Wiggily believes he’ll have another adventure tomorrow.
  4. Uncle Wiggily And The Sheep: Nurse Jane and Uncle Wiggily enjoy their vacation in a birch-bark bungalow. While Uncle Wiggily prepares his airship for a ride, Nurse Jane meets a sheep named Baa-Baa. The sheep brings them butter made by his wife and joins them on their airship adventure. When a hailstorm hits, Uncle Wiggily’s paws become too cold to steer the airship. Baa-Baa suggests using his wool to make mittens to warm Uncle Wiggily’s paws, and they safely land. Later, Nurse Jane makes ice cream using the hail stones, and the sheep enjoys the treat before returning home.
  5. How Camping Changed a Troubled Child: Emily, a curious and adventurous child, struggled with school and misbehaved. Her parents took her camping, and she discovered a love for nature and learning. Her behavior improved, and with the support of her parents and teachers, she found a balance between the outdoors and the classroom.
  6. How they ran away: Two little boys decide to run away and be hunters. They gather their supplies, including bows and arrows, and head into the woods. Along the way, they encounter various challenges, including losing their lunch and getting lost. Eventually, the boys are found by a search party and taken home. Tommy, the more adventurous of the two, learns some valuable lessons from their adventure.
  7. Uncle Wiggily And Percival: Uncle Wiggily and his friend Percival the circus dog stay at the hedgehog’s house and enjoy cherry pie. They decide to continue their journey, but on the way, they encounter two wolves in a dark forest. To avoid being eaten, Uncle Wiggily and Percival perform funny tricks that make the wolves laugh instead. The wolves are chased away by an alligator, and Uncle Wiggily and Percival find a safe place to sleep.
  8. Uncle Wiggily and the Camping Boys: Uncle Wiggily and Baby Bunty discover a group of boys camping in the woods. The boys are inexperienced and are struggling with the rain causing water to collect around their tent. Uncle Wiggily, with the help of some animal friends, digs a ditch to drain the water and solve the boys’ problem. The boys are grateful but do not know who helped them.
  9. Uncle Wiggily And Nurse Jane Go On Holiday: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are getting ready to go to the countryside for a few days. They pack their trunks and take an airship to a lovely bungalow near a brook. While Nurse Jane prepares dinner, Uncle Wiggily goes off to explore the woods. Each time Nurse Jane calls for help, Uncle Wiggily reassures her that the strange noises she hears are just common animals found in the country. They enjoy their time in the countryside and learn not to be afraid of unfamiliar sounds.

In conclusion, these top 9 camping stories offer a fantastic blend of adventure, friendship, and the joy of exploring the great outdoors. They take us on thrilling journeys under the starlit sky, around cozy campfires, and into the heart of nature’s quiet storytelling. These tales are not only entertaining but also remind us of the importance of teamwork, bravery, and respect for nature. Young readers will be utterly captivated by these stories, sparking their imaginations and perhaps inspiring their own camping adventures.