Stories About Ants

Stories About Ants

Welcome to our fantastic collection of Top 17 Stories About Ants! This collection of storybooks is perfect for kindergartners and preschoolers, animating the world of our busy ants in a captivating and insightful manner. Every story is a short, delightful vignette crafted beautifully to peak the young minds’ curiosity, bring joy, and infuse valuable morals that children can use as they navigate their early life chapters. Our storybooks are downloadable in pdf format, optimizing easy access and your convenience as you indulge your little ones in this wonderful narrative journey.

Stories About Ants are a wealth of wisdom and important life lessons, all wrapped in short, entertaining storylines fitting for kindergarten and preschool ages. One of the most exemplary insects, ants, teach us about community, team spirit, perseverance, and the importance of being industrious. Children will be intrigued by the stories of these busy ants, easily drawing parallels between the ants’ behavior and the life lessons each story emphasizes. These stories are not just exciting but also fables that are perfect for teaching valuable lessons in a manner that resonates with young children. Hence, our collection of stories about ants offers both interactive entertainment and a great learning tool for your young ones. Immerse your preschoolers and kindergartners in these delightful ant adventures and watch as they strengthen their language skills, enhance their cognitive development, and build their character.

Top 17 Stories About Ants

  1. The Ants And The Grasshopper: In this story, a family of hardworking Ants is busy preparing for winter by collecting and storing food. When a hungry Grasshopper asks for help, the Ants are surprised that he didn’t prepare for the cold season. The Grasshopper explains that he was too busy making music during the summer. The Ants, disappointed by his lack of responsibility, refuse to help him and continue with their work. This story teaches children the importance of being prepared and responsible for their needs.
  2. Uncle Wiggily And The Lost Chipmunk: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is traveling and feeling very hungry. He comes across a group of ants who offer him a delicious breakfast. After enjoying the meal, Uncle Wiggily finds a shiny penny and thinks he has found the beginning of his fortune. But then he meets a lost chipmunk who is crying because she has lost her own penny. Uncle Wiggily gives her his penny, and they search together for her home. In the end, the chipmunk’s parents thank Uncle Wiggily and he stays with them for the night. The story teaches kindness, sharing, and helping others.
  3. Uncle Wiggily And The Red Queen: Once upon a time, Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit gentleman, heard a voice crying for help. It was Mrs. Ant, whose little girl Crawlie had gone missing. Uncle Wiggily offered to help and soon found Crawlie trapped under an acorn shell. He set her free and she went off to get the loaf of sand bread. Along the way, Uncle Wiggily met a June bug with injured legs who couldn’t gather wood for winter. The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland appeared and used her magic wand to summon ants who gathered wood for the June bug. In the end, everyone was grateful for Uncle Wiggily’s kindness.
  4. The Ant And The Dove: In this story, a Dove helps an Ant in need and later the Ant helps the Dove when it is in danger. The story teaches us about the importance of kindness and the power of helping others. You can download an ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  5. Uncle Wiggily And His Torn Coat: Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit gentleman, gets a new coat and wants to wear it to Grandfather Goosey Gander’s party. But on his way, he slips and his coat gets torn. He worries about being late to the party and wearing a torn coat. However, some helpful ants sew up his coat using pine needles and grass, and Uncle Wiggily is able to go to the party and have a wonderful time. The story teaches children about kindness and the importance of helping others.
  6. Mrs. Flyaway: Once upon a time, there was a little ant named Mrs. Flyaway who lived in a big brown house with many other ants. They worked together to build the house, starting with a blade of grass and turning it into a home with arches, passages, and rooms. Mrs. Flyaway wanted to explore the green world outside, but the other ants reminded her of her responsibilities. One day, she found twenty little eggs and decided to stay at home to take care of them. The eggs hatched into grubs, and with the help of the worker ants, they grew into full-fledged ants. It was a surprising and exciting journey for Mrs. Flyaway and her little ant family.
  7. How the Son of a Raja Married Princess Labam: A prince ventures into a forbidden jungle and hears about Princess Labam from talking parrots. He decides to find her and marry her. Along the way, he helps ants, a tiger, and wins magical gifts from fakirs. With the help of a magic bed, the prince reaches the princess’s home. He impresses her with a medicinal plant and asks for her hand in marriage. The king tests the prince with difficult tasks, but with the assistance of ants and tigers, he completes them all. Finally, the princess helps him split a tree trunk using her hair, and they get married. They live happily ever after. You can download the ebook to read the full story.
  8. The Ants’ Underground School: In a beautiful garden, there was an amazing ant colony with a special school hidden underground. Ari, a young ant, was excited for her first day of school. She learned about teamwork, foraging for food, and building their nest. Each lesson taught her important skills for the success of their ant community. Ari went home feeling proud and grateful for the friendships and knowledge she gained. Enjoy the story and download the ebook to read offline or print!
  9. Antsy In The Green Kingdom: In a magical kingdom filled with talking plants and insects, a young ant named Antsy goes on an adventure to learn about the special bond between ants and the natural world. Along her journey, Antsy discovers that ants and other creatures work together to protect each other and maintain harmony in the Green Kingdom. From producing honeydew to helping caterpillars shed their skin, Antsy learns that ants are not just gatherers and protectors, but guardians of balance in nature. She shares her discoveries with the Queen, who emphasizes the important role ants play in preserving the harmony of the kingdom. This heartwarming story teaches children about symbiosis, teamwork, and the interconnectedness of all living things in an educational and engaging way.
  10. The Great Ant Brigade: In the story, a brave little ant named Tony joins the Leaf-Cutters in the Great Harvest. Despite making mistakes at first, Tony learns from his friends and comes up with clever solutions to challenges along the way. In the end, he is celebrated for his courage and creativity. The story teaches children about perseverance, teamwork, and problem-solving, and there is a free downloadable ebook available for offline reading.
  11. Ziggy The Ant Explores The Great Garden: In the town of Antsville, Ziggy the ant, with his oversized glasses and big backpack, is excited to explore beyond his colony. He teams up with Professor Buzzy, a clumsy but smart beetle, and together they embark on an adventure. Along the way, they mediate a conflict between rival ant colonies, help ants with a giant seed, wake up a sleeping bumblebee with a sneeze, and save trapped ants from a spider’s web. Despite facing challenges and getting lost, Ziggy doesn’t give up and uses his knowledge of the stars to find their way back home. The story teaches children about courage, kindness, problem-solving, and perseverance.
  12. The Tiny Hero of Antlandia: In the meadow of Antlandia, there lived a curious red ant named Andy. He dreamed of going on adventures and discovering new things beyond his everyday life in the anthill. One day, while exploring, Andy encountered a human boy who accidentally stepped on their anthill, causing chaos. Andy and his brave ant friends defended their home, but they ended up tumbling into a brook. When Andy returned to the anthill, he helped a baker ant named Bella and learned how to make ant bread. Andy’s adventures continued as he rescued lost aphid cows and made friends with a beetle named Bertie. He also learned important lessons about teamwork and wisdom from Elder Antenna. As Andy lay in bed at night, he looked up at the stars, excited for more dreams and adventures in the vast world of Antlandia.
  13. Captain Gerilleau And The Ants: In the heart of the Amazon jungle, Captain Gerilleau and his clever friend Holroyd embark on a mission to help the people of Badama, who are plagued by special ants. These ants are like tiny warriors, building homes and protecting each other. Captain Gerilleau and Holroyd come up with a plan to distract the ants with sweet treats and make peace with them. With their help, the village thrives and humans and ants live happily together. You can download the ebook to read offline or print for free.
  14. The Philosopher, the Ants, and Mercury: A philosopher saw a shipwreck and complained about the unfairness of innocent people drowning because of one criminal onboard. But then he was stung by an ant and killed all the ants in anger. Mercury, the god, appeared and reminded the philosopher that he shouldn’t judge Providence when he had acted in a similar way towards the ants.
  15. Uncle Wiggily And The Monkey: In this story, Uncle Wiggily has a narrow escape from two bad dogs who try to trap him. He then meets some helpful ants who teach him that the best fortune is the one you work for. Uncle Wiggily tries to find work and almost gets caught by a wolf, but he eventually meets a friendly monkey who offers him a job at the circus. Together, they prepare for some fun adventures in the next story. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about problem-solving, the importance of hard work, and the value of helping others.
  16. Uncle Wiggily And The Red Ants: Uncle Wiggily is on a mission to get ice cream cones for his friend Grandfather Goosey. Unfortunately, the ice cream gets eaten by a bear, and they discover they have no money to buy more. Luckily, a kind honey bee offers to exchange honey for ice cream cones, and they all enjoy a delicious treat. Later, Uncle Wiggily encounters a giant who wants to eat him, but with the help of some clever red ants, he is able to hide and escape unharmed.
  17. Uncle Wiggily And The Bad Giant: This story is about Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit who gets into trouble with a bad giant. The giant tries to eat Uncle Wiggily, but he is saved by a group of helpful ants. The story teaches children about the importance of making good choices and seeking help when faced with danger. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline.

In conclusion, these top 17 stories about ants for kids offer a wonderful mixture of fun, entertainment, and education. They not only introduce children to the fascinating world of these tiny creatures but also convey important life lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and respect for all kinds of life. By weaving these messages into engaging narratives, the stories allow children to enjoy the experience of reading while subconsciously absorbing valuable teachings, demonstrating the power and importance of ants in our ecosystem, and inspiring an early love for science and the natural world.