Baseball ABC

A is for All-Star, he hits the ball hard. In his baseball gear, he’s always on guard.

B is for Base, where we run with grace. From first to home, it’s a thrilling race.

C is for Catcher, crouching with glee, Catching the baseball as quick as a bee.

D is for Dugout, where players can sit, Resting and planning their next big hit.

E is for Extra Innings, when the score is tied. Who will hit the winning run, with a great stride?

F is for Field, so vast and green, We run bases and catch, as a team.

G is for Glove, made out of leather. We will win as a team, together.

H is for Homerun, the best you can score. Hit the ball hard and watch it soar.

I is for Infield, with bases like stars, From first to third, it’s where we’re aiming our pars.

J is for Jersey, that the players wear, As they get ready, the game to prepare.

K is for Kneepads, protecting in a slide. Keeping us safe, they’re worn with pride!

L is for Lineup, a list of who will play, working all together, they will slay!

M is for Major League, where pros play, Playing baseball with passion, day by day.

N is for No-hitter, a pitcher’s delight, Throwing the ball with all their might.

O is for Outfield, wide and deep, Catch the ball and make the crowd leap.

P is for Pitcher, with aim so bright, Always ready to start the night’s baseball fight.

Q is for Quick, sliding on dirt with a trick. See, in baseball, a Quick slide can be slick.

R is for Runs, scored when we swing. The more that we get, the more we sing.

S is for Swing, as we hit the ball far, Fly over the diamond, it’ll be like a star!

T is for Team, where players unite. They play together, with all their might.

U is for Umpire, who calls out “you’re out!” He watches the game without any doubt.

V is for Varsity, dream of every youth, The best players they choose.

W is for Win, which is always a delight, when our team hits the ball just right.

X is for the Xs marked on the coach’s plan, Strategizing every move, he’s the team’s head man.

Y is for Yards, where the balls are sent flying, So high and so far, it’s like they’re sky-diving.

Z is for Zillions of balls flying high. With a hopeful look, we watch the bright sky.

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