Stories About Turkeys

Stories About Turkeys

Welcome, dear little readers, to the grand collection of our Top 4 Stories About Turkeys! This splendid set of tales is penned to make children of all ages, including preschool, kindergarten and grade school kids draw the wings of their imagination, and fly towards the world of absolutely funny and heart-warming turkey tales. Available in a handy eBook and PDF format, these stories are perfect for a read-aloud session, or to enjoy as a bedtime reading classic. The short stories come equipped with vibrant illustrations and pictures that are made especially for the vivid imagination of toddlers. The best part is, this treasure trove of tales is available online, absolutely free, and can also be easily printed for use.

The magic of these stories about turkeys is that they not only cater towards a humorous theme, but they also carry a moral to learn from which is central to the development of children’s characters. We firmly believe that such stories can teach children important lessons while also keeping them entertained. These turkeys are not just turkeys, but laughter-filled, feathery friends that can visit your child’s bedroom every single night, encouraging them to learn and grow while having fun. So, grab your digital device, tune in the language in English and embark on a laughter-filled journey with these unique turkey tales. Enjoy the sublimity of these stories and cherish the giggles they inspire in your little ones. Happy reading!

Top 4 Stories About Turkeys for kids:

  1. The Tale of Two Turkeys: In a small village, two best friends, Submit and Sarah, make a bet on whose turkey will be heavier for Thanksgiving. Submit becomes anxious and secretly adds stones to their turkey to increase its weight. On the weigh-in day, it is revealed that Sarah’s turkey is heavier, and Submit feels guilty. Both girls are punished, but they are forgiven and learn lessons of honesty and forgiveness. They have a meaningful Thanksgiving with their families.
  2. How Mr. Fox Got His Dinner: Mr. Fox is hungry and wants to eat turkeys, but the farmer’s dog keeps thwarting his plans. One day, Mr. Fox comes across a lost dog muzzle and gets an idea. He goes to the farm wearing the muzzle, convincing Mrs. Turkey that he can’t eat and needs sympathy. Mrs. Turkey rides on Mr. Fox’s back, trusting his story, but when her little turkey chicks want a ride too, Mr. Fox takes them away to his cave in the woods for dinner. Mrs. Turkey realizes it was a trick and waits in vain for their return.
  3. The Turkey Escape: Billy ‘Biscuit’ Baker and his best friend, Timothy ‘Tadpole’ Taylor, dream of eating as much turkey as they can on Thanksgiving. One day, they find a special egg that hatches into a turkey chick named Turkey Trot. They both claim ownership of the turkey and plan to have a feast on Thanksgiving. However, Turkey Trot escapes onto a passing train, leaving Biscuit and Tadpole without their Thanksgiving feast. The fate of Turkey Trot remains unknown, but if anyone sees a happy turkey trotting down the road, they should inform Biscuit and Tadpole.
  4. Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!: Once upon a time in the countryside, there were three bird friends: an angry Goose, a cheerful Duck, and a quiet Turkey. The Goose was upset about being fed for Thanksgiving, while the Duck enjoyed the treats. The Goose argued with the Duck, but the Turkey remained content and indifferent. The story teaches the importance of embracing the present and facing troubles with a positive attitude.

In conclusion, the four stories about turkeys have taken us on an exciting journey, introducing us to a variety of feathered characters and their adventures. Each tale, whether it highlighted the cleverness of a turkey outsmarting a farmer, the bond of friendship between an unlikely group of animals, the bravery of a turkey saving the day, or the humorous mischief of a turkey at Thanksgiving, imparted valuable lessons. These stories not only informed us about the interesting life of turkeys but also entertained with their light-hearted, imaginative narratives, leaving lasting impressions and encouraging kids to appreciate the fascinating world of turkeys and the broader animal kingdom.