Through The Looking Glass Stories

Through The Looking Glass Stories

Welcome to our collection of the “Top 12 Through The Looking Glass Stories” for children to read aloud! These stories have been carefully selected as the best, providing an exciting trifecta of fun, learning, and moral lessons hidden within the tales. Perfect for preschool kids, kindergarten tots, and elementary school children, we have here a compilation of short stories serving as both hilarious and captivating bedtime tales.

All our stories are available online for free and can be found in pdf format for easy print and reading. This is more than just your average collection of ebooks, each story is chockfull with engaging illustrations and detailed pictures to spark the imaginations of our little readers. As a bonus, these stories are designed to cater to English learners too, featuring simple and easy to understand language and themes.

The importance of “Through The Looking Glass Stories” lies in their fundamental premise. They feed the children’s curiosity, fuel their imaginations and foster creativity, all while teaching them important moral values in a light-hearted and enjoyable approach. Kids will be caught up in these whimsical tales of adventure and discovery, providing them both entertainment and learning opportunities. Not to mention, they are a wonderful way to wind down the day, whether read alone or as part of a bedtime ritual with parents. Each tale features vibrant illustrations that greatly enrich the storytelling experience, complementing the text and ensnaring young minds into the magic of “Through The Looking Glass.” So embark on an incredible journey with us and enjoy these stories that encourage children to dream big, laugh loud, and learn profoundly.

Top 12 Through The Looking Glass Stories for kids:

  1. Through The Looking-Glass: Looking-Glass House: Alice scolds the black kitten for causing mischief by unraveling a ball of worsted. She then ponders about living in a Looking-glass House and imagines reading a book with reversed text. Alice reads the poem “Jabberwocky” from the Looking-glass book and finds it hard to understand. She decides to explore the rest of the house and goes to the garden. Free downloads of the ebook are available.
  2. Through The Looking-Glass: The Garden of Live Flowers: Alice is trying to find her way to the top of a hill but keeps ending up back at the house. She encounters talking flowers and eventually meets the Red Queen, who takes her for a run. They stop and the Queen gives Alice instructions for her journey through different squares. The Queen disappears and Alice realizes she is a Pawn about to make her move.
  3. Through The Looking-Glass: Looking-Glass Insects: Alice is exploring the countryside and encounters various creatures including an elephant, a Gnat, and a Fawn. She tries to remember her own name and eventually meets two fat little men who may be able to help her find her way out of the wood. Alice also reflects on insects and their names. She wonders what will happen to her name when she enters the wood where things have no names.
  4. Through The Looking-Glass: Tweedledum And Tweedledee: In this excerpt from “Through the Looking-Glass,” Alice encounters the characters Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They engage in a humorous conversation, and eventually, Alice joins them in a pretend battle. As darkness falls, they all run away in fear of a crow, leaving Alice to observe the approaching storm.
  5. Through The Looking-Glass: Wool and Water: Alice helps the White Queen put on her shawl, but the Queen is in a constant state of confusion and frustration. They discuss the Queen’s notion of dressing and the rules of jam. The conversation becomes increasingly nonsensical as they talk about living backwards, memory, punishments, and impossible things. They eventually end up in a boat, where Alice tries to pick scented rushes and catches a crab. The Sheep, who is knitting, asks Alice what she wants to buy, and Alice decides to buy an egg. However, the Sheep insists that Alice must retrieve the egg herself, and as Alice walks towards it, everything in the shop turns into trees. The story ends with Alice’s continued wonder and confusion. Free ebook downloads are available for offline reading or printing.
  6. Through The Looking-Glass: Humpty Dumpty: Alice encounters Humpty Dumpty, who is sitting on a wall and looking like a large egg. They have a conversation about names, birthdays, and the meaning of words. Humpty Dumpty recites a poem called “Jabberwocky” and explains its nonsensical words. Alice says goodbye and walks away, but then there is a crash in the forest. Free downloads of the story are available.
  7. Through The Looking-Glass: The Lion and the Unicorn: In this scene from “Through the Looking-Glass,” Alice watches as soldiers and horses stumble and fall in a chaotic procession. The White King, delighted to see Alice, asks if she saw any soldiers and informs her that he sent out 4,207 of them. He also mentions two Messengers who are currently in town. Alice then spots one of the Messengers, named Haigha, who exhibits strange movements and introduces him to the King. The Messenger tells them that the Lion and the Unicorn are fighting for the crown, and they all go to watch. The Lion and the Unicorn banter about who would win, and Alice cuts up a cake that magically divides into equal pieces. The Unicorn complains about getting less cake, and just as the drums start, Alice covers her ears in an attempt to block out the noise.
  8. Through The Looking-Glass: “It’s my own Invention”: Alice finds herself in a strange encounter with two knights who are fighting over her. They argue about who rescued her first, and as they fight, Alice observes their peculiar rules of battle. Eventually, the knights both fall off their horses and make amends. The White Knight offers to accompany Alice to the end of the wood and tells her that she will become a queen once she crosses the next brook. After bidding farewell to the Knight, Alice reaches the brook and prepares to become a queen, but she is surprised to find a golden crown on her head.
  9. Through The Looking-Glass: Queen Alice: Alice unexpectedly finds herself in a grand setting where she is addressed as a Queen and scolded for not behaving appropriately. As she tries to interact with the Red Queen and the White Queen, Alice is met with interruptions and confusion. The conversation turns to riddles and Alice’s inability to do sums, leading to more absurdity. Eventually, Alice becomes frustrated and causes a chaotic scene, causing the Red Queen to shrink and the guests to fall into disarray.
  10. Through The Looking-Glass: Shaking: In the story, Alice shakes the Red Queen, causing her to shrink and change shape. The Red Queen offers no resistance and continues to transform. There are free downloads available for an ebook version of the story in PDF format.
  11. Through The Looking-Glass: Waking: A story about a kitten turns out to be true, and the article provides free downloads of an ebook version to read offline or print.
  12. Through The Looking-Glass: Which Dreamed it?: Alice scolds her kitten for waking her from a dream in the Looking-Glass world. She wishes the kitten could have a conversation with her instead of always purring. Alice tries to determine if the kitten turned into the Red Queen, but the kitten only purrs, making it impossible to know. Alice imagines what other characters the kitten might have turned into and plans to recite poetry to it. She contemplates who was dreaming the dream—whether it was her or the Red King—and asks the kitten for help, but it ignores her. The passage concludes with a poem about a boat and Alice’s reflection on the ephemeral nature of memories and dreams.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Through The Looking Glass Stories provide young readers with a magical journey into a world where nothing is as it seems. Filled with whimsical characters, surprising twists, and enthralling adventures, these stories spark imagination and creativity, improving kids’ cognitive abilities and reading skills. As they peek through the looking glass alongside Alice, children get the chance to explore their curiosity, befriend unusual characters, and learn valuable lessons about courage and resilience. These captivating stories will surely become treasured additions to any young reader’s library.