The Wind In The Willows Stories

The Wind In The Willows Stories

Welcome, dear readers, to one of the best and most enchanting collections of tales for children and kids of all ages, the Top 12 “The Wind in the Willows” stories. In this short, read-aloud digital ebook, children can find themselves swept away into a magical world filled with funny characters and engaging adventures. Perfect for preschool or kindergarten aged kids, or even those in the elementary grades, these stories are presented in easy-to-understand English and contain captivating illustrations and eye-catching pictures that will help stimulate their imagination.

“The Wind in the Willows” is not only a delightful read for bedtime or any time, but it’s also available for free online and can be downloaded as a handy pdf for offline reading or print. Each story fulfills a unique theme that young children will learn and grow from. While they enjoy the sheer fun of following the characters through their adventures, they’ll also pick up valuable moral lessons woven into the narrative.

The importance of “The Wind in the Willows” stories is manifold – apart from the sheer joy of reading, these tales subtly educate and cultivate a love for literature in children. They allow children the opportunity to learn important life lessons through the various escapades of its funny and likable characters. Kids might be particularly drawn to these stories due to their lighthearted tone, wondrous settings, and rich illustrations that altogether make “The Wind in the Willows” a delightful and timeless reading experience. Whether they’re toddlers or older children, listening to these tales read aloud or exploring them themselves, they are sure to be engaged, entertained and enlightened.

Top 12 The Wind In The Willows for kids:

  1. The Wind in the Willows: The River Bank: The Mole is tired of spring cleaning and decides to explore outside. He encounters the Water Rat and they become friends. They enjoy a picnic by the river, but the Mole’s attempt to row the boat ends in disaster. The Rat rescues him and suggests that the Mole stay with him and learn to enjoy life on the river. The Mole agrees and their adventures continue throughout the summer.
  2. The Wind In The Willows: The Open Road: In this excerpt from “The Wind in the Willows,” Ratty and Mole are enjoying a peaceful summer morning when Toad interrupts with his new obsession—motorcars. He convinces Ratty and Mole to join him on a journey and they set off in a cart. However, disaster strikes when a motorcar speeds past them, causing the horse to panic and the cart to crash. Toad becomes infatuated with motorcars and refuses to leave the road, so Ratty and Mole make their own plans to return home. The next day, they learn that Toad has ordered an expensive motorcar.
  3. The Wind In The Willows: The Wild Wood: The Mole wants to meet the Badger, but the Water Rat keeps putting him off. Eventually, the Mole suggests going to visit the Badger, but the Rat says it’s not a good idea. The Mole decides to explore the Wild Wood on his own and gets lost. The Rat eventually finds him and they discover a door in the snow. They ring the bell and the door is opened by the Badger.
  4. The Wind In The Willows: Mr. Badger: In this passage from “The Wind in the Willows,” the Mole and the Rat seek shelter from the snow in the home of their friend, the Badger. They are greeted warmly and made comfortable, and the Badger offers them food and a place to rest. The three animals enjoy each other’s company and discuss their friend, Toad, who has a penchant for reckless driving. The passage highlights the coziness and security of the Badger’s home, as well as the strong bond between the animal friends.
  5. The Wind In The Willows: Dulce Domum: In this story, the Mole and the Rat return home after a long day’s outing. The Mole is filled with nostalgia for his old home and convinces the Rat to turn back. They find their old home, which is cold and neglected, but they quickly make it cozy and warm. The field-mice arrive and they all share a merry supper together. After the field-mice leave, the Mole and the Rat settle down for the night, grateful for the comfort of their home.
  6. The Wind In The Willows: Mr. Toad: On a bright morning, the Mole and the Water Rat are busy preparing for the boating season when a surprise visitor arrives, Mr. Badger. Badger informs them that he will be taking their friend Toad in hand to address his reckless behavior with motor-cars. The group sets off to Toad Hall, but on the way, Toad escapes and steals a car. He is eventually caught, found guilty of his crimes, and sentenced to twenty years in prison. Toad is locked away in a dungeon in a heavily guarded castle.
  7. The Wind In The Willows: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn: In this excerpt from “The Wind in the Willows”, the Rat and the Mole search for a missing otter, guided by a mystical piping sound. They find themselves in a sacred place where they encounter a divine figure who brings them peace and joy. The experience leaves them tired but content, and they return to their journey with a sense of awe and wonder.
  8. The Wind In The Willows: Toad’s Adventures: Toad is imprisoned in a dungeon and despairs of ever being set free. The gaoler’s daughter, feeling sorry for him, suggests a plan for his escape. Toad agrees and is disguised as a washerwoman. He manages to board a train, but soon realizes that he is being pursued. With the help of the kind-hearted engine-driver, Toad jumps off the train and hides in a wood. Although he is now alone and without money, Toad finds comfort in his freedom and the thought of eventually returning home.
  9. The Wind In The Willows: Wayfarers All: The Water Rat feels restless as summer comes to an end and the birds start to migrate south. He encounters a field-mouse who is busy preparing for winter and a swallow who is making plans to return to the south. The swallow’s tales of exotic adventures inspire the Rat, and he decides to join the bird and explore the world beyond his familiar river. However, before he can leave, the Rat experiences a strange episode and falls into a state of despair. His friend, the Mole, helps him recover by engaging him in conversation about the joys of the changing seasons and the comforts of home. Eventually, the Rat finds solace in writing poetry and begins to feel better.
  10. The Wind In The Willows: The Further Adventures Of Toad: The story follows Toad as he wakes up in a hollow tree and sets off on his journey, enjoying his freedom. He encounters a barge-woman who offers him a lift in her barge and tells him that Toad Hall is nearby. They make a deal, but Toad ends up crashing the barge into a pond. He then steals a motor-car, but is eventually chased and falls into a river. Toad is exhausted and clings onto a hole in the riverbank, where he is rescued by his friend, the Water Rat.
  11. The Wind In The Willows: Like Summer Tempests Came His Tears: The Rat, Toad, Mole, and Badger come up with a plan to retake Toad Hall from the stoats and weasels. They discover an underground passage that leads into the hall, and they plan to surprise the enemy when they are gathered for a banquet. Mole tells the stoats a false story to keep them off guard. The animals prepare for the battle, and the Badger takes a nap before the action begins. Toad shares his adventures with Mole while they wait. They download the ebook to read offline or print.
  12. The Wind In The Willows: The Return Of Ulysses: The animals, led by the Badger, successfully defeat the weasels and reclaim Toad Hall. Toad, initially disappointed that there will be no speeches or songs at the banquet, realizes the error of his ways and promises to be a changed Toad. The animals celebrate their victory and continue to live in peace and happiness.

In conclusion, “The Wind in the Willows” is a captivating classic that brings to life the adventures and friendships of a group of animal characters – Mole, Rat, Badger, and the unpredictable Toad. Through their various escapades, children are introduced to valuable life lessons about loyalty, courage, humility, and the joy of homecoming. The vivid imagery and lyrical descriptions make this tale an enchanting read for kids, opening up their imagination to the magic of nature. By offering a vibrant tapestry of emotions, humor, and the art of storytelling, this novel remains eternally charming and engaging for young readers exploring online literature.