Stories From Norway

Stories From Norway

Welcome to the Top 18 Stories From Norway, a magical collection of tales specially crafted for kids, children, and young readers! This treasure trove of bedtime stories is available for you to read online, and the downloadable PDF versions ensure easy access, making it perfect for kids of all ages. These free, printable stories come with captivating pictures to help spark the imagination of young minds, and the easy-to-understand language makes them a perfect choice for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students up to EYFS.

As one of the world’s most famous storytelling traditions, these Norwegian tales are designed to entertain and educate, weaving together magic, heroes, and moral lessons that linger long after story time is over. From classic fairy tales to longer, more intricate sagas, Norway’s rich history comes alive with each engaging tale, suitable for both girls and boys. The carefully curated selection of audio stories ensures that even toddlers and early readers can become immersed in the enchanting world of Norwegian folklore.

Let your child’s imagination soar as they delve into this fun collection of stories, perfect for cozying up with your little one (or allowing them to explore on their own) during a quiet night time read. Story time with your child is a cherished bonding moment and with this wonderful assortment of Norwegian stories, each learning and educational experience will be filled with laughter, love, and lessons that will stay with them throughout their journey into adulthood.

So, join us as we dive into the enchanting realm of Stories From Norway and watch your child fall in love with these timeless tales that will ignite their imagination, support their personal development, and transport them to a world of wonder and adventure. Happy reading!

Top 18 Stories From Norway for kids to read online:

  1. Soria Moria castle: The story is about a lazy young man named Halvor who sets out on a sea voyage with a skipper but ends up stranded on a strange land. He rescues a princess who was held captive by a troll and promises to save her two sisters, both held captive by trolls in different castles. He fulfills his promise, marries the youngest princess, and stays with her for a while until he becomes homesick and wants to visit his parents. The princesses give him a ring that would allow him to wish his way back and forth but warns him not to speak of them. However, when he returns and unknowingly speaks of them, he loses them and his quest to find them leads him to Soria Moria Castle, where he ends up marrying the youngest princess.
  2. The History of the Mistletoe: The story describes how the Norse goddess Frigg tried to protect her son Baldur by getting every object in the world to swear not to harm him, except for mistletoe. The trickster god Loki saw an opportunity to kill Baldur and fashioned a dart from mistletoe, which was used to kill him. Frigg was devastated and made a vow that mistletoe would only be used as a symbol of love and peace, and people still exchange kisses under mistletoe during the holiday season as a reminder of the love and peace that the plant represents. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Dwarves and the Elves: Odin observes the foolishness and wickedness of humans, dwarves, and elves on Earth and calls them to the Hall of Justice. He punishes the godless and mischievous dwarves to live underground and work in mines, while the light elves are allowed to live aboveground amongst flowers with Frey and Freya as their instructor. Frey promises to teach the light elves about plants and animals. You can download the story as an eBook.
  4. The Princess on the Glass Hill: This story is about a farmer who owned a meadow that mysteriously became stripped bare every year on St. John’s Eve. He sent his three sons to figure out what was happening, but only the youngest, called Assepasser, succeeded. He used his tinderbox to tame a horse that was stealing the grass, leading him to win the hand of the king’s daughter and half the kingdom. The story is available as a downloadable PDF.
  5. The spring fairy and the frost giants: In the story, the Frost Giants wanted to capture Iduna, the Spring Fairy, and her magic golden apples that kept everything in the valley of Spring fresh and fair. They planned to get help from Loki, the Prince of Mischief, who visited Iduna often to refresh himself with one of her life-giving apples. Loki tricked Iduna and took her and her basket of apples to the frozen North. The people of Asgard asked Loki to bring back Iduna, and he did so using his magic. The Storm Giant followed them, but Loki won the race and Iduna was back.
  6. Buttercup: In this story, an old woman and her son, Buttercup, encounter a witch who tricks Buttercup into getting into a bag. The witch intends to cook Buttercup, but he foils her plans by tricking her instead. In the end, Buttercup defeats the witch and her family, takes their gold and silver, and lives a wealthy life with his mother.
  7. The Blue Belt: The story is about a beggar woman and her son who find a blue belt that gives the boy incredible strength. They end up at the house of a troll who tries to kill the boy but fails due to his strength. The troll sends the boy to face dangerous lions and his brothers, but the boy overcomes them with his strength and wit. He eventually finds his love, a princess, who is hidden away by her father. The boy pretends to be a talented bear and discovers where the princess is hidden. The princess and the boy marry, and they live happily ever after, backed by the protection of the eleven lions.
  8. Three Billy Goats Gruff: Three goats live near a bridge under which a troll dwells. The goats crave the greener grass on the other side, but the troll threatens to eat them if they cross. The goats come up with a plan to trick the troll, each using their size and intelligence to outsmart him. In the end, the largest goat defeats the troll and the goats can easily cross the bridge to enjoy the delicious grass. The story highlights the importance of intelligence in overcoming obstacles.
  9. The story of the Norse about how everything began: This story tells of how the world was created through the birth of the giant Ymir and the efforts of the gods to shape the earth, sea, and sky. From the sons of Ymir came a race of giants who clashed with the gods, but in the end, the giant Ymir was defeated, and the gods built their home in Asgard. They also created the first man and woman named Ask and Embla, and planted the Tree of Life, which sustained the earth and all its creatures.
  10. The Building of the Wall of Asgard: In this story, the gods of Asgard need a wall for protection from the giants, and a stranger offers to build it, asking for the sun, the moon, and Freya in exchange. The gods initially agree, but when they realize the stranger is a giant, they try to backtrack. Loki suggests letting the giant finish the wall but making the deadline so tight that he can’t complete it. The giant works hard, and his horse works even harder, with only one stone left to place on the final day. But Loki, who has transformed into a mare, lures the horse away, preventing the giant from finishing the wall. The gods are relieved, but Odin feels uneasy about the subterfuge.
  11. The Friendly Playmate: Four children have a berry feast on a hillside when they meet a friendly brown pig who eats berries from their birch bark cup. Later, as they played with pine cones, the pig shook the tree to get more, and they saw him off when he went to eat ant eggs. Excitedly, they described the animal to their parents, but when their father followed the tracks, he realised their friendly playmate was actually a brown bear. Luckily, the bear was good-natured, and the children enjoyed the tale for years to come.
  12. Little Bear Cub: The story is about a restless Little Bear Cub who is not content with being just a bear and wants to explore the world beyond the forest. He dresses up as a human and tries to impress the king and princess by dancing, but his real identity is soon revealed when he starts eating honey like a bear. As a result, he is rejected and chained, unable to roam freely. The moral of the story is to be content with who you are and not try to be someone else.
  13. Emborg And The Animals: A young girl named Emborg ventures out on her own to buy a birthday present for her mother. Along the way, she meets several friendly animals who gift her with items such as milk, cheese, and eggs. As she collects these gifts, she realizes that even the animals can be kind and generous. Eventually, a horse arrives to help her carry everything back home to her grateful mother.
  14. Mikkel Fox And Bamsa Bear: The story is about Bamsa Bear who discovers Mikkel Fox’s den and tries to trap him inside by piling heavy rocks at the entrance. Mikkel Fox, however, tricks Bamsa and beats him with a stick so he can escape, causing Bamsa to return home humiliated. Mikkel Fox taunts him for not using his intelligence and for underestimating the fox’s craftiness.
  15. The Cat And The Goat: The story is about Little Miss Puss Cat who met an old goat on the road while feeling sad and mewing. The goat asked her multiple times about the reason for her sadness, but Miss Puss Cat didn’t answer and continued mewing. Eventually, she becomes angry and starts hissing and screeching at the goat, which scares him and makes him run away in comical zigzag movements. Miss Puss Cat forgets about her sorrow and starts laughing at the goat’s behavior. The story ends with the idea that only cat-sorrow can be forgotten because of a funny encounter with an old goat.
  16. Waiting For Spring: The story is about a group of cows on Solberg Farm who are eager to get out of the barn and start grazing on the green grass and drinking from the brook. Though they hear some sounds outside, it’s not until the mistress of the farm arrives that they are finally let out, one by one. The mistress selects the oldest cow, Dagros, to wear a new bell and lead the herd up to the forest pasture. As they run, the cows enjoy the fresh air and young green grass, excited for spring and the upcoming summer.
  17. The Rescue of Red Top: The story is about a wise cow named Dagros who knows the best spots for grazing and avoiding insects. When Red Top falls down a ravine, Dagros goes to get help from nearby men. They rescue Red Top and reward Dagros for leading them to her.
  18. The Candy Pig: The story is about a girl named Kaisa who received a beautiful candy pig as a gift during Christmas. As time passed, Kaisa started to eat the candy pig little by little until she devoured the entire thing. However, after her sweet feast, she experienced terrible pain in her stomach and learned the hard way that moderation is key when it comes to candies. The story emphasizes the importance of self-control in indulging in sweets.

In conclusion, the Top 18 Stories from Norway offer a delightful and engaging way for kids to explore the rich and vibrant tales from Norwegian culture. These stories provide a glimpse into the captivating world of Norse mythology, legendary heroes, and magical creatures, imparting valuable life lessons and sparking imagination. Reading these tales will not only entertain young readers but also help them appreciate the diverse literary heritage of Norway, fostering a love for storytelling and promoting cultural understanding. So join us on this exciting journey through these enchanting stories and discover the magic and charm of Norway’s rich folklore.