Stories from Norway

Stories from Norway

Norway is a land of stories. For centuries, Norwegian children have grown up listening to tales of trolls and dragons, of heroes and heroines. These stories have been passed down from generation to generation, and are still being told today.

There are many different types of Norwegian stories for children. Some are scary, some are funny, and some are just plain weird. But all of them are enjoyable, and will give children a glimpse into a different world.

One of the most popular Norwegian storytellers is Asbjørnsen and Moe. This duo collected and wrote down many of the folktales that were being told in Norway at the time. Their work is still hugely popular today, and their stories have been translated into many different languages.

If youre looking for a Norwegian story to read to your child, Asbjørnsen and Moes collections are a great place to start. But there are many other great Norwegian storytellers out there, so dont be afraid to explore. Who knows, you might just find a new favourite.

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