Stories About Donkeys

Stories About Donkeys

Welcome to our curated collection of the top 18 stories about donkeys that you can find online. This rich treasury of tales is designed specifically for kids, with each story packed with fun, learning, and whimsical adventure. These stories, perfectly suitable for bedtime, come in easy-to-read English, making them ideal for children of all ages – from preschoolers and toddlers to those in kindergarten and elementary school.

Whether you’re looking for short stories to tell, or longer, classic narratives to read aloud during story time, this online collection has it all. Each story is enriched with pictures that bring the plot to life, making the reading experience even more delightful. Additionally, these tales come with valuable moral lessons, subtly woven into the narrative, to aid your children’s educational journey.

In this digital era, convenience is key. Hence, every story in our collection is available in a free downloadable pdf format. This feature ensures the tales are not just confined to online reading, but are printable too. Carry your child’s favorite stories wherever you go or convert any space into a reading nook!

Furthermore, if you’re seeking an immersive auditory experience, you’ll be pleased to know that selected stories from our collection come with audio versions for read-aloud sessions. Imagine the joy and wonder your children will experience as they drift off to sleep, accompanied by the comforting rhythms of these bedtime narratives!

To cater to diverse tastes and interests, our list includes a range of stories, from the best and most famous donkey tales to lesser-known but equally enchanting ones. Some stories are replete with fairy tale charm, while others offer good, old-fashioned story-telling delight.

Browse our handpicked collection to select the perfect donkey tale for your child’s night time story. The versatility of these stories, combined with their easy accessibility, makes them a boon for every parent in search of the best educational resources for their children.

Join us on this magical journey through our online treasure trove of donkey stories, and let’s make bedtime the highlight of your child’s day!

Top 18 Stories About Donkeys

  1. The Town Musicians of Bremen is a heartwarming tale about four aging animals—a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster—who leave their unsatisfying lives behind and embark on a musical adventure to Bremen. Along the way, they encounter challenges and find solace in each other’s company. When they stumble upon a house occupied by robbers, the clever animals scare them away, securing their own safety and a cozy place to rest. Realizing they have found a new home, the Bremen Town Musicians decide to stay, enjoying a lifetime of happiness together.
  2. The Wishing Table tells the story of a tailor’s three sons who set out to learn trades. The eldest son receives a magical table that can produce food, while the second son obtains a donkey that excretes gold coins. However, their magical gifts stop working on the journey home. The youngest son, apprenticed as a carpenter, discovers the truth and uses a powerful club to retrieve his brothers’ stolen treasures from an innkeeper. With the extraordinary table and donkey restored, the sons return home to their father, ensuring a life of prosperity and happiness for all.
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream follows the entangled lives of Hermia, Lysander, Helena, and Demetrius in the enchanted forest near Athens. Hermia’s father wants her to marry Demetrius, but she is in love with Lysander. When the young lovers escape to the forest, they encounter mischievous fairies and magical flowers that cause love spells to go awry. Oberon, the fairy king, and his queen, Titania, reconcile after a quarrel, and the misplaced affections of the lovers are eventually rectified. In the end, they all return to Athens, where the four couples are happily married, and the fairies continue to dwell in the forest, ensuring harmony and mirth.
  4. Eeyore Loses A Tail And Pooh Finds One: Eeyore, the old grey donkey, feels downcast and sad, questioning the state of his existence. When Winnie-the-Pooh stumbles upon him, he notices that Eeyore’s tail is missing. Pooh offers to help and embarks on a quest to find Eeyore’s lost tail. Seeking guidance from Owl, Pooh gets tangled up in Owl’s long-winded explanations and sneezes. However, they ultimately decide to issue a reward for the tail’s return, with Christopher Robin assigned to write the notice. Pooh, feeling nostalgic, returns Eeyore’s original tail, bringing joy to his friend. Proud of his accomplishment, Pooh sings a little song about finding the tail.
  5. The Ogre: In the land of Marigliano, there lived a poor woman named Masella, who had six daughters and a simple son named Antonio. One day, Antonio’s mischief became too much for his mother, and he ran away from home. He stumbled upon an ogre in a cave who offered him a job. Antonio served the ogre for two years, living an idle and indulgent life. However, he grew homesick and was allowed to visit his family. The ogre warned him not to lose a magical donkey and a tablecloth and to be cautious with his words. Unfortunately, Antonio fell into the traps of a cunning innkeeper who stole his treasures. When Antonio returned to the ogre, he scolded him but eventually granted him another chance. On his third visit home, Antonio used a magical stick to punish the wicked innkeeper and reclaim his stolen belongings. Finally, Antonio and his family enjoyed the riches provided by the donkey and tablecloth.
  6. The Wolf And The Donkey: encountered each other in a pasture, with the Wolf eyeing the Ass as his potential prey. Sensing danger, the clever Donkey pretended to be lame and asked the Wolf to help him with a thorn in his foot. Fearing that the thorn might harm him while devouring the Donkey, the Wolf agreed to assist. As the Wolf approached, the Donkey swiftly kicked him away and made his escape. Nursing his wounds, the Wolf admitted his mistake, realizing that his skill as a predator was no match for the Donkey’s cunning.
  7. Eeyore Has A Birthday And Gets Two Presents: Eeyore, the melancholic donkey, laments his sad state near a stream. Pooh Bear comes across him and wishes him a happy birthday, unaware of Eeyore’s gloomy disposition. Eeyore receives a balloon from Piglet, but it bursts. Pooh presents Eeyore with a Useful Pot, which Eeyore finds perfect for his balloon. As Eeyore happily plays with his balloon and pot, Christopher Robin reflects on the gifts he had given Eeyore for his birthday.
  8. The Animals And The Plague: In a time of plague, the animals gather to find a solution. The Lion suggests that the most guilty among them should be sacrificed to appease the gods and end the suffering. The Lion confesses to his greedy actions, but the Fox cleverly defends him, praising the Lion’s consumption of sheep and dismissing the shepherds. The Fox cunningly shifts the blame from the Lion to the humans, portraying them as unworthy masters. By doing so, the Fox manipulates the situation and avoids his own guilt, leaving the Lion to realize the deceit and injustice of the council’s plan.
  9. The Donkey In The Lion’s Skin: After finding a discarded Lion’s skin, a Donkey decides to wear it and play tricks on other animals in the forest. He successfully scares them away, relishing in his newfound power. However, his joy leads him to let out a bray, exposing his true identity. A clever Fox, who initially ran away like the rest, realizes the deception and confronts the Donkey, mocking him for his foolish mistake. The story serves as a reminder that pretending to be something you’re not can often lead to embarrassment and expose one’s true nature. 
  10. The Donkey, The Fox And The Lion: In this story, a Donkey and a Fox were close friends who often shared their meals together. When they encountered a fearsome Lion, the Donkey was terrified, but the Fox assured him that he had a plan to save them both. The Fox approached the Lion and proposed leading the Ass into a pit where the Lion could devour him. The Lion agreed, unaware of the Fox’s betrayal. The Fox then convinced the Ass to follow him into the pit, but when the Lion realized the treachery, he immediately attacked and killed the deceitful Fox. The story serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of betrayal and the importance of recognizing true friends from those who only seek personal gain.
  11. Christopher Robin Gives A Pooh Party: Christopher Robin plans a special party to celebrate Pooh’s heroic act of saving Piglet from a flood. He sends Owl to invite everyone to the party, but Pooh becomes anxious, wondering if the other animals remember the reason for the celebration. As the party begins, Eeyore gives a gloomy speech, believing he is not deserving of the attention. However, when Pooh opens his present—a special pencil case—he is overwhelmed with joy. After the party, Pooh and Piglet reflect on their daily outlooks, realizing they both seek excitement and wonder. Christopher Robin asks them what happened the next morning, but they are unsure. Christopher Robin leaves, taking Pooh along, and the sound of Pooh’s bear bumping up the stairs can be heard.
  12. The Donkey And The Load Of Salt: A merchant and his Donkey were returning home from the seashore with a load of salt. While crossing a river, the Donkey intentionally fell, causing some of the salt to dissolve. Seeing how much lighter the load became, the Donkey was pleased. The next day, the merchant loaded the Donkey with salt again, but this time the Donkey purposely fell into the water to shed the burden. The merchant, infuriated by the Donkey’s trickery, returned to the seashore and loaded the Donkey with heavy baskets of sponges instead. When the Donkey repeated his act at the ford, he was left to drag himself home with a burden even heavier than before, regretting his deceitful actions.
  13. The Donkey Carrying The Image: A sacred image was being paraded through the streets, placed upon a Donkey adorned with splendid decorations. A grand procession of priests and attendants followed, and as the Donkey walked along, the people in the crowd bowed and showed reverence. The foolish Donkey, thinking the honor was directed towards him, became filled with pride and vanity. He halted and brayed loudly, assuming the accolades were meant for him. However, the Donkey’s driver, realizing the foolishness that had overtaken the animal, began to beat him relentlessly with a stick, reminding him that the honor was bestowed upon the sacred image, not the Donkey himself.
  14. The Lion and The Donkey: A Lion and a Donkey joined forces for a hunting expedition. They spotted a group of Wild Goats that had taken refuge in a cave and devised a plan to capture them. The Donkey was to enter the cave and frighten the Goats out, while the Lion would be waiting at the entrance to strike them down. The plan worked flawlessly as the Donkey created a tremendous commotion, causing the terrified Goats to flee the cave straight into the clutches of the Lion. The Donkey emerged from the cave, feeling proud of his accomplishment and boasting about how he made the Goats run. However, the Lion, aware of the foolishness and cowardice of the Donkey, remarked that even if he hadn’t known the Ass, he would have been frightened by the noise as well.
  15. Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition To The North Pole: One fine day, Pooh Bear ventured to the top of the Forest to see if his friend Christopher Robin was interested in bears. Along the way, Pooh came up with a new song but got stuck on the second line. Determined to figure it out, he sang and pondered until he reached Christopher Robin’s doorstep. There, he discovered that an adventure was about to unfold, and he prepared himself for anything. Christopher Robin explained that they were going on an expedition to discover the North Pole. Pooh, curious about what the North Pole looked like, eagerly joined the expedition, along with Piglet, Rabbit, Kanga, Roo, Owl, and Eeyore. As they journeyed, Pooh sang a song, and they encountered various obstacles, including Roo falling into a stream. With Pooh’s quick thinking and a pole he found, Roo was rescued. Christopher Robin then declared that Pooh had discovered the North Pole. Eventually, they returned home, and Pooh enjoyed a little something to celebrate his accomplishment.
  16. The Lion And The Donkey: One day, as the majestic Lion made his way through the forest, the other animals respectfully cleared a path for him. However, a Donkey couldn’t resist mocking the Lion as he passed by. Though the Lion felt a surge of anger, he chose to ignore the foolish remark and continued his dignified stride. Refusing to dignify the Ass with a response or any aggression, the Lion displayed wisdom and restraint in the face of provocation.
  17. Donkeyskin: Once upon a time, a princess found herself trapped in a difficult situation when her father, the king, became obsessed with marrying her. Seeking refuge with her godmother, a good fairy, the princess was given impossible requests to present to the king. However, to her dismay, the king managed to fulfill each one. Eventually, the princess escaped disguised in a donkey’s skin and found work on a farm, where she alternated between wearing beautiful dresses and her donkey skin. Fate led a prince to discover her true beauty, and after a series of events, they were united in marriage with the blessings of the king and queen. With the help of the fairy, the princess found happiness and a happily ever after.
  18. The Lad Who Went To The North Wind: In this tale, a young Lad encounters the powerful North Wind, who repeatedly snatches away the meal the Lad is carrying. Determined to confront the North Wind, the Lad embarks on a journey to his house. The North Wind offers the Lad a cloth that can conjure any food, but the innkeeper switches it with an inferior one. Disappointed, the Lad returns to the North Wind, who then gives him a ram that can produce golden ducats. However, the innkeeper again replaces it. Undeterred, the Lad confronts the North Wind once more and receives a magical stick that can be commanded to strike. When the innkeeper tries to deceive him again, the Lad commands the stick to beat him until he promises to return the cloth and the ram. With his rightful possessions, the Lad returns home triumphant.

In conclusion, the captivating assortment of the top 18 donkey stories to read online is an invaluable resource for parents and educators alike. Each tale is thoughtfully chosen for its educational content, compelling narrative, and moral value. These stories, sprinkled with delightful illustrations, are easily accessible and can be enjoyed in various formats – whether read aloud, downloaded as a pdf, printed for offline reading, or even listened to as an audio book. There’s truly something for every child’s preference, promising to make each bedtime story session an eagerly awaited event. From preschoolers and toddlers to kindergarten and elementary school students, this collection opens up a world of imagination, adventure, and learning for children. It’s a reminder of the timeless charm of storytelling, its ability to shape young minds, and its power to impart life lessons in a subtle and enjoyable manner. So why wait? Embark on a magical journey with your child today, exploring the enchanting world of donkeys through these remarkable stories. Sleep times will be transformed into memorable, heart-warming experiences, nurturing a lifelong love for reading in your child.