Stories From Arabia

Stories From Arabia

Welcome to the Top 6 Stories From Arabia, a delightful collection of enchanting tales specially curated for kids, children, and youngsters who love bedtime stories to read online. This fascinating compilation is available for free in various formats such as pdf, downloadable, printable, and even as an audio for an engaging learning and educational experience. Our short yet captivating tales, with pictures and easy-to-understand English, are perfect for a fun and enjoyable story time!

These famous Arabian stories cater to the interests of both girls and boys, and are designed to hold the attention of toddlers in their early years, preschool, EYFS, kindergarten as well as elementary students. Be it a night time classic or a read-aloud escapade during the day, our stories come with an added moral, encouraging kids to gain valuable lessons applicable to their daily lives.

These longer bedtime stories from the wonderful world of Arabian folklore promise an experience filled with fantasy, adventure, and excitement – the perfect recipe to ensure a good night’s sleep! With their rich history and diverse cultural background, Stories from Arabia will also expose children to values and traditions from different regions, making it an educational and enriching experience. Dive into our amazing collection and relish the unforgettable moments you’ll cherish during your story time adventures!

Top 6 Stories From Arabia for kids to read online:

  1. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: The story is about two brothers, Ali Baba and Kassim, in Persia. Ali Baba discovers the hideout of fort thieves who have a wealth of treasures and becomes wealthy. However, Kassim and the leader of fort thieves die, and Ali Baba’s family is targeted by the thieves for revenge. Fortunately, Ali Baba’s maid, Morgiana, manages to save the family by killing the thieves. Finally, Ali Baba is grateful to Morgiana and allows her to marry his son.
  2. Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp: This is a story about Aladdin and his magical lamp. Aladdin lived in poverty until a wizard claiming to be his uncle took him on a magical adventure. Aladdin discovered a lamp with a genie inside and used its power to become wealthy and marry a princess. However, a mean wizard stole the lamp and the princess, causing Aladdin to use his wit and the power of the lamp to get them back and live happily ever after.
  3. The Three Princes And The Princess Nouronnihar: In this Indian folktale, a sultan’s three sons all want to marry his beautiful niece, Nouronnihar. The sultan sends them on a quest to find the most unique and valuable item, and whoever succeeds can marry her. The eldest prince buys a magic carpet, the middle prince an ivory tube that lets him see faraway people, and the youngest prince a plastic apple that supposedly possesses healing powers. Together, they use these items to rescue Nouronnihar from sickness. To determine which prince should marry her, the sultan sets a bow-and-arrow challenge, and the prince who shoots furthest wins. Despite controversy and tension, the winner turns out to be the middle prince, and he and Nouronnihar are happily married.
  4. Sinbad the Sailor: In this story, Sinbad the Porter visits the house of a rich merchant and meets Sinbad the Sailor. After complaining about the unfairness of life, Sinbad the Sailor tells him the story of his seven remarkable travels. Sinbad the Porter receives a large amount of gold after each story and doesn’t have to work hard anymore. The two Sinbads become friends and live happily ever after. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  5. The Silent Princess: This is the story of a Turkish prince who throws a ball at an old woman and is cursed to fall in love with the silent princess. After becoming seriously ill, he is given permission by his father to search for her. He eventually arrives at her palace and, with the help of a nightingale, manages to get her to speak three times, leading to their marriage and a happy ever after. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  6. The King’s Son and the Ogress: A King’s son, on a hunting trip with his father’s Vizier, chases a wild beast and gets lost. He stumbles upon a weeping damsel who he offers to help. She turns out to be an ogress, and he overhears her plan to eat him. Scared, he prays to God for help, and the ogress departs. He returns home and tells his father of the Vizier’s nefarious actions, and the King executes him. An ebook download link is available.

In conclusion, the Top 6 Stories from Arabia are a delightful and enriching collection of tales that allow children to embark on a magical journey into the rich cultural heritage of the Middle East. These stories, filled with legendary heroes, magical creatures, moral lessons, and captivating adventures, not only enchant and entertain young readers but also broaden their understanding of the diverse customs, traditions, and values of Arabian society. By exploring these timeless narratives, kids will appreciate the power of storytelling in uniting people, encouraging empathy, and nurturing a love for both learning and imagination.