Anne of Green Gables Stories

Anne of Green Gables Stories

Welcome to the Top 36 Anne of Green Gables Stories! These carefully curated tales are the best to read aloud and immerse kids of all ages in the delightful world of Anne Shirley. Short, funny, and heartwarming, these stories are perfect for children, from preschool and kindergarten to grade school and beyond. These online stories, available in English, are an excellent way to make bedtime extra special. A great way to learn and encourage the reading habit in children, they come with a moral theme which is further illustrated with colorful pictures.

The stories are specially formatted in an easy-to-read pdf version, making them absolutely free for you to download, print, and share with your young ones. Also, you would find the stories in ebook format providing an interactive environment for toddlers. The vivid illustrations and pictures in each story will surely grab their attention and stimulate their imagination, leaving a lasting impression.

Anne of Green Gables stories are significant to the world of children’s literature. The spunky and imaginative Anne who experiences many adventures in Avonlea invites young readers to explore themes of friendship, independence, and creativity. Her character resonates with children as she navigates through her adolescence learning vital lessons, making the stories an excellent tool to instill good morals and principles in kids. Furthermore, Anne’s experiences can teach kids about resilience, understanding, and love, which are fundamental aspects of personal growth. The memorable characters and their compelling tales make the Anne of Green Gables series timeless – a must-read for all children.

Top 36 Anne of Green Gables Stories for kids:

  1. Anne of Green Gables: Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Surprised: Mrs. Rachel Lynde is surprised when she sees Matthew Cuthbert, a shy man from Avonlea, dressed up and driving away from home. She wonders where he is going and why. Mrs. Rachel decides to visit Marilla Cuthbert, Matthew’s sister, to find out what is happening. Marilla reveals that they are adopting a young boy from an orphan asylum in Nova Scotia. Mrs. Rachel is shocked and expresses her concerns about the risks involved. She leaves, planning to share the surprising news with others in the community.
  2. Anne of Green Gables: Matthew Cuthbert is surprised: Matthew Cuthbert and the sorrel mare take a pleasant drive to Bright River. Along the way, they encounter a girl sitting on a pile of shingles, who turns out to be the child they were expecting to adopt. Matthew is surprised and unsure how to handle the situation, but decides to take her home to Green Gables. The girl, full of chatter and imagination, is thrilled to finally have a real home. They drive past beautiful scenery and arrive at Green Gables, where Matthew fears the disappointment that awaits the girl when she learns there has been a mistake.
  3. Anne of Green Gables: Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised: Marilla is shocked to find a little girl named Anne instead of the boy they were expecting. Anne is devastated and feels unwanted. Marilla reluctantly decides to let Anne stay temporarily while they investigate the mistake. Anne asks to be called Cordelia and shares her dream of being called by a more elegant name. Despite initial resistance, Marilla starts to warm up to Anne and allows her to stay the night. However, Marilla still believes Anne should be sent back to the orphanage. Matthew, on the other hand, is charmed by Anne and suggests they keep her. Marilla remains undecided as they go to bed, and Anne cries herself to sleep in their home.
  4. Anne of Green Gables: Morning at Green Gables: Anne wakes up in the morning at Green Gables and is captivated by the beauty of her surroundings. She longs to explore the cherry-tree, orchard, brook, and woods, but resigns herself to the fact that she may not be able to stay. Marilla, who still struggles to understand Anne, tells her to get dressed and invites her to come along to see Mrs. Spencer in the afternoon to discuss her future. Anne eagerly asks to name a geranium and a cherry-tree, showing her imaginative and joyful nature. Marilla finds Anne both interesting and puzzling, and Matthew is visibly torn about her fate. They set off in the buggy, leaving Matthew behind, and Marilla whips the horse in frustration at his silent longing for Anne.
  5. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s History: Anne shares her positive outlook on life with Marilla during a drive. She admires the beauty of nature and wonders if flowers could talk. Anne opens up about her past, from being an orphan to living with different families. Marilla begins to feel sympathy for Anne and considers letting her stay. They enjoy the scenic shore road and discuss the wonders of the sea. Anne expresses her love for the shore and asks about a nearby hotel. Anne becomes anxious, hoping they are not going to Mrs. Spencer’s place, fearing it will be the “end of everything.”
  6. Anne of Green Gables: Marilla Makes Up Her Mind: Marilla and Anne visit Mrs. Spencer to inquire about a boy they were supposed to adopt, but there was a mix-up, and they were given Anne instead. Mrs. Blewett, a neighbor, offers to take Anne, but Marilla hesitates and decides to consult Matthew. They bring Anne back home, and Marilla eventually agrees to let her stay. Matthew is excited about having Anne, while Marilla is unsure but willing to try her best to raise her. They reflect on the unexpected turn of events and prepare for the challenges of raising an orphan girl.
  7. Anne of Green Gables: Anne Says Her Prayers: Marilla scolds Anne for being untidy and not saying her prayers. Anne explains that she didn’t think about her clothes and that she never learned to pray. Marilla realizes that Anne’s religious education must begin immediately, and Anne attempts to say a prayer but struggles with the words. Marilla plans to teach Anne a prayer the next day and decides to send her to Sunday school. Marilla reflects on the challenges ahead but resolves to do her best.
  8. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s Bringing-up Is Begun: Marilla keeps Anne in suspense about her future at Green Gables, giving her tasks to keep her busy. Eventually, Marilla reveals that they have decided to keep Anne, but she must be a good girl. Anne is overjoyed and cries with happiness. They discuss what Anne should call Marilla, and Marilla insists on being called by her first name. Anne shares her dreams and imaginations with Marilla, who tries to keep her grounded. Marilla instructs Anne to learn the Lord’s Prayer, and Anne excitedly studies it. They talk about Diana Barry, a potential bosom friend for Anne, and Marilla warns her to behave well. Anne continues to dream and imagine, finding joy in her fantasies. She dreams of being a bee, talks about her previous imaginary friends, and imagines her room as a luxurious space. Finally, she drifts off into daydreams.
  9. Anne of Green Gables: Mrs. Rachel Lynde Is Properly Horrified: Anne has been at Green Gables for two weeks before Mrs. Lynde arrived to see her. Mrs. Rachel had been sick with the flu and was curious about Matthew and Marilla’s new orphan. Anne has been exploring the surrounding area and has made friends with a spring, a bridge, and the trees. When Mrs. Rachel arrives, she makes comments about Anne’s appearance, causing Anne to lose her temper and storm off. Marilla scolds Anne and tells her she must apologize to Mrs. Rachel. Anne refuses and is sent to her room to think about her behavior. Marilla is troubled by the situation and finds it hard not to laugh at Mrs. Rachel’s reaction.
  10. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s Apology: Marilla tells Matthew the whole story of Anne’s behavior and how she still refuses to apologize to Mrs. Lynde. Matthew takes Anne’s side and suggests that she should be punished but not too harshly. Marilla insists that Anne stay in her room until she apologizes. Anne spends her time imagining and reflecting on her behavior until Matthew goes to her and encourages her to apologize. Anne agrees and goes to Mrs. Lynde, apologizing sincerely. Mrs. Lynde forgives her, and Anne feels relieved. Marilla is surprised to find herself laughing over the situation and hopes that Anne will control her temper in the future. Anne returns home with a newfound appreciation for Green Gables and a sense of happiness.
  11. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s Impressions of Sunday-School: Marilla shows Anne three new dresses she bought for her. Anne is not pleased with them as they are plain and not fashionable. Marilla insists that the dresses are practical and refuses to make any with puffed sleeves, which Anne desires. Anne goes to Sunday school wearing one of the plain dresses and feels out of place among the other girls with puffed sleeves. She daydreams during the lesson and recites a sad poem to the teacher. Anne shares her observations about the minister’s sermon with Marilla, who secretly agrees with her but cannot reprimand her.
  12. Anne of Green Gables: A Solemn Vow and Promise: Marilla is upset with Anne for wearing a hat adorned with flowers to church. Anne is confused by Marilla’s reaction, but apologizes. Marilla then tells Anne that Diana Barry, a potential friend, has come home and suggests they visit her. Anne is nervous about meeting Diana, but they quickly become friends and make plans for the future. Anne is overjoyed and shares her happiness with Matthew, who gives her some chocolate sweeties. Marilla reflects on how much Anne has become a part of their lives.
  13. Anne of Green Gables: The Delights of Anticipation: Marilla scolds Anne for being late and not doing her sewing, but Anne is excited about a Sunday-school picnic. After begging Marilla to go, she worries about not having a basket for the picnic. Marilla offers to bake her a basket, and Anne is grateful. Anne then talks animatedly about the picnic, her playhouse with Diana, and her dreams and imaginations. Marilla tells her to stop talking and focus on her sewing. Anne spends the rest of the week anticipating the picnic, and when it finally gets announced, she gets filled with excitement. Marilla warns Anne about setting her heart on things, but Anne believes that looking forward to things is part of the pleasure. Marilla wears her prized amethyst brooch to church, which Anne admires. Anne wonders if amethysts can be the souls of good violets.
  14. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s Confession: Marilla’s precious brooch goes missing and Anne is the last person to have seen it. Marilla accuses Anne of taking it and lying about it, but Anne insists she didn’t take it. Marilla punishes Anne by not allowing her to go to a picnic. Later, Marilla finds the brooch caught in her shawl and realizes she was wrong. She apologizes to Anne and allows her to go to the picnic. Anne has a wonderful time and Marilla learns a lesson about trusting Anne.
  15. Anne of Green Gables: Diana Is Invited to Tea with Tragic Results: Anne invites her friend Diana to tea, but things take a disastrous turn when Anne accidentally gives Diana currant wine instead of raspberry cordial. Diana becomes intoxicated and Anne fears their friendship is over. Mrs. Barry, Diana’s mother, is angry and refuses to let Diana play with Anne. Anne tries to apologize, but Mrs. Barry rejects her. Anne is heartbroken and believes that there is no hope for reconciliation.
  16. Anne of Green Gables: A New Interest in Life: Anne sees Diana beckoning to her from outside and rushes to her, hoping her mother has relented, but Diana sadly tells her that her mother still forbids them from being friends. Anne is devastated but grateful that Diana still loves her and promises to never forget her. They have a tearful farewell, and Anne returns home, consoled by the romantic parting. The next day, Anne receives a note and a gift from Diana, who still loves her but is not allowed to play with her. Anne is initially upset, but she replies warmly, declaring her undying friendship. Anne and Gilbert continue their rivalry in school, and while Anne struggles with geometry, she remains determined to learn.
  17. Anne of Green Gables: Anne to the Rescue: When the Canadian Premier visits Prince Edward Island for a political tour, it unexpectedly affects the fortunes of Anne Shirley at Green Gables. While most of the townspeople attend the political rally, Anne and Matthew are left to themselves. Anne, dealing with her struggles in geometry and her love for reading, is interrupted by her friend Diana, who urgently needs Anne’s help with her sick sister. Anne uses her knowledge of treating croup to save the day, impressing the doctor and Mrs. Barry. Later, Anne reconciles with Mrs. Barry and enjoys a lovely afternoon with Diana. Anne reflects on the joys of being treated as a grown-up and determines to always be kind and respectful to young girls.
  18. Anne of Green Gables: A Concert a Catastrophe and a Confession: Anne of Green Gables asks her guardian Marilla if she can go see her friend Diana, who has an important message for her. Marilla reluctantly allows Anne to go, but with a time limit. Anne returns excitedly, sharing that Diana’s mother has invited her to stay overnight for Diana’s birthday and attend a concert. Marilla, however, forbids Anne from going, believing it to be inappropriate. Anne’s disappointment is eventually resolved when her kindred spirit, Miss Barry, agrees to stay longer and invites Anne to visit her in the future.
  19. Anne of Green Gables: A Good Imagination Gone Wrong: In this excerpt from the story, Anne of Green Gables, Anne and her friend Diana imagine a haunted wood near their home. Anne’s imagination runs wild with stories of ghosts and spirits, but Marilla refuses to believe in such nonsense and sends Anne through the wood to prove it. Anne must face her fears and learn to be content with less imaginative places.
  20. Anne of Green Gables: A New Departure in Flavorings: Anne is sad about saying goodbye to her teacher, Mr. Phillips, even though she didn’t actually like him. She explains to Marilla that all the girls cried because Ruby Gillis started crying, and Anne couldn’t help but join in. However, Anne’s mood brightens when she meets the new minister and his wife, Mrs. Allan, who Anne quickly becomes fond of. Anne gets excited about hosting them for tea and bakes a cake, but it turns out to be a disaster when she accidentally flavors it with liniment instead of vanilla extract. Despite the mishap, Mrs. Allan reassures Anne and they have a pleasant evening. Anne reflects on the fact that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes yet and reassures Marilla that she never makes the same mistake twice.
  21. Anne of Green Gables: Anne is Invited Out to Tea: Anne, feeling excited, tells Marilla that she has been invited to tea at the manse. Marilla tries to dampen Anne’s enthusiasm, but Anne is overjoyed and worried about behaving properly. The next day, despite Matthew’s prediction of rain, the weather is fine and Anne has a wonderful time at the tea. She recounts the experience to Marilla and expresses her desire to be a minister’s wife. Anne also mentions that a new female teacher named Miss Muriel Stacy has been hired in Avonlea. Anne eagerly awaits the start of school.
  22. Anne of Green Gables: Anne Comes to Grief in an Affair of Honor: Anne gets into trouble again when she dares to walk along the ridgepole of Mr. Barry’s kitchen roof. Despite her friends’ warnings, she attempts it and ends up falling, breaking her ankle. Anne spends the next seven weeks recovering from her injury, but finds solace in the kindness of her friends and the anticipation of the new lady teacher at school.
  23. Anne of Green Gables: Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves: Matthew, a shy and unobservant man, is struck by the difference between Anne and her classmates during a school practice. He realizes that Anne is always dressed plainly compared to the other girls. Determined to give her something special, he goes to buy her a dress but becomes flustered by a female clerk. With the help of a neighbor, he finally gets a beautiful dress for Anne with puffed sleeves. Anne is overjoyed and wears the dress to a successful concert, leaving Matthew and Marilla proud of her. They start considering her future education.
  24. Anne of Green Gables: The Story Club Is Formed: After the excitement of a concert, Anne and her friends at Avonlea school return to their regular routines. Trifling frictions arise among the students, but overall, work in Miss Stacy’s class goes smoothly. Anne and Diana start a story club where they write and share stories with moral lessons. Their club gains recognition when one of their stories is praised by a respected adult. Anne dreams of growing up to be like her role model, Mrs. Allan, despite her occasional forgetfulness and mischief. Marilla encourages Anne to focus on her work rather than daydreaming.
  25. Anne of Green Gables: Vanity and Vexation of Spirit: Marilla is walking home and feeling the joy of spring. However, when she arrives home, she discovers that Anne, who was supposed to have tea ready, is missing. Marilla is disappointed and irritated, but eventually finds Anne in her room with green hair. Anne explains that she bought hair dye from a peddler, hoping to get rid of her red hair, but it turned out green instead. Marilla decides to cut off Anne’s hair, and Anne feels miserable and ashamed. She vows to be good and not care about her appearance. Despite the haircut, Anne’s classmates are not aware of the true reason for her drastic change in appearance.
  26. Anne of Green Gables: An Unfortunate Lily Maid: In this story, Anne and her friends decide to act out the story of Elaine from Tennyson’s poem. They use a flat to drift down the pond, but it starts to leak and Anne is left stranded. Gilbert comes to her rescue, but Anne refuses to forgive him for past insults. Despite the adventure, Anne reflects on the lesson she learned about being too romantic. Her adoptive father, Matthew, encourages her to keep a little bit of romance in her life.
  27. Anne of Green Gables: An Epoch in Anne’s Life: Anne brings the cows home from the pasture and enjoys the beauty of the evening. She meets Diana, who has exciting news. Anne guesses various things, but eventually learns that she and Diana have been invited to go to town to stay with Aunt Josephine for the Exhibition. Anne is thrilled but worried that Marilla won’t let her go. However, Marilla agrees, and Anne and Diana have a wonderful time in town. They visit the Exhibition, go to a concert, and enjoy the city life. Finally, they return home to Green Gables, and Anne is grateful for the experience but also happy to be back.
  28. Anne of Green Gables: The Queens Class Is Organized: Marilla is tired and thinking about getting new glasses. Anne is curled up by the fire, daydreaming. Marilla looks at Anne with an affection she rarely shows and reflects on her deep love for her. Marilla then tells Anne that Miss Stacy wants to organize a class for students studying for the entrance exam into Queen’s. Anne is thrilled and grateful. The Queen’s class is formed, and Anne and Gilbert Blythe’s rivalry continues. The winter passes with studies, and Anne is excited for the summer vacation. Miss Stacy announces that she will be returning the next year, which delights Anne. Mrs. Rachel compliments Anne’s growth and Marilla reflects on how Anne has matured. Mrs. Rachel comments on Anne’s looks and compares her to other girls. Anne and her friends anticipate a fun summer ahead.
  29. Anne of Green Gables: Where the Brook and River Meet: Anne had a wonderful summer, spending time outdoors and enjoying various activities. Marilla received a message from a doctor advising that Anne should spend more time outside and limit her reading. Anne returns to school for the winter and grows both physically and intellectually. She becomes quieter and less talkative, focusing on her studies and personal growth. She worries about passing her exams but is determined to try her best. Marilla, while sad about Anne growing up, encourages her to keep trying and assures her that there will always be opportunities in the future.
  30. Anne of Green Gables: The Pass List Is Out: After the end of the term, Anne and Diana feel somber as they walk home, realizing that Miss Stacy’s rule at Avonlea school has come to a close. Anne worries that she may never return to the school, but Diana assures her that it won’t be the same without their friends. Anne is anxious about her upcoming exams, especially since her lucky number is thirteen. She shares her worries with Diana, who wishes she could be there to support her. Anne reassures Diana that Miss Stacy has advised them not to study and to focus on self-care instead. Anne writes to Diana after her first day of exams, expressing her mixed feelings and sharing stories of her classmates. Three weeks later, the pass list is released, and Anne discovers that she has passed and placed first. She joyfully shares the news with her family and friends, feeling grateful and proud.
  31. Anne of Green Gables: The Hotel Concert: Anne and Diana are getting ready for a concert at the White Sands Hotel. Anne feels nervous but determined to impress. During the performance, Anne overcomes stage fright and delivers a captivating recitation. Afterward, Anne reflects on the true value of wealth and contentment.
  32. Anne of Green Gables: A Queen’s Girl: In the next three weeks, preparations for Anne’s departure to Queen’s keep Green Gables busy. Marilla surprises Anne with a beautiful green dress and Anne reassures Marilla that despite the changes, she will always be the same at heart. Anne starts her classes at Queen’s and despite feeling lonesome, she is determined to work hard and win the Avery scholarship in English. She is excited about her ambitions and the endless possibilities they bring.
  33. Anne of Green Gables: The Winter at Queen’s: Anne’s homesickness fades as she regularly visits home on weekends. She enjoys walking with her friends in the crisp autumn air. Anne also observes the blossoming friendship between Gilbert and Ruby, but secretly wishes she could have a similar friendship with Gilbert. At school, Anne forms a close circle of friends and works hard in preparation for exams. Despite the importance of the exams, Anne finds solace in the beauty of nature and the joy of the learning process. She dreams of a bright future and remains optimistic about what lies ahead.
  34. Anne of Green Gables: The Glory and the Dream: Anne and Jane walk to see the exam results. Anne fears she hasn’t won anything, while Jane believes Anne has won one of the awards. They arrive to find Gilbert Blythe being celebrated as the Medalist. Anne feels defeated until it is announced that she has won the Avery. Excited and proud, Anne returns home to Avonlea, where she plans to rest and enjoy her success. She discovers that Matthew has been unwell and Marilla is experiencing headaches. Anne reflects on her achievements and dreams for the future.
  35. Anne of Green Gables: The Reaper Whose Name Is Death: In this story, Matthew collapses and dies after reading a newspaper article about a bank failure. Anne and Marilla try to revive him but it’s too late. The community comes to offer condolences, and Anne struggles with her grief. She finds solace in nature and friendship, but also feels guilty for finding joy in the midst of her sorrow. Marilla shares a past romance with Anne and regrets not forgiving her former beau. Despite their loss, life continues with its routines and responsibilities at Green Gables.
  36. Anne of Green Gables: The Bend in the road: Marilla has visited the oculist and receives a grim diagnosis – if she doesn’t give up reading and sewing and wear her prescribed glasses, she could be blind within six months. Marilla is devastated, feeling like her life has lost all purpose. She contemplates selling Green Gables, but Anne refuses to let her do so. Anne decides to give up her scholarship to college and stay home to take care of Marilla and teach at the school in Carmody. Marilla is moved by Anne’s selflessness and agrees to let her stay. The townspeople are surprised by Anne’s decision but support her. Anne and Gilbert reconcile and become good friends. Anne finds contentment in her simple life and realizes that as long as she has her dreams and ideals, she can find happiness.

In conclusion, the top 36 “Anne of Green Gables” stories offer a delightful adventure for young readers, taking them to the charming world of Avonlea and the intriguing life of the tenacious and vibrant Anne Shirley. They become part of her exciting escapades, form deep connections with the colorful characters, and witness the heartwarming transformations of both Anne and the people around her. These tales are certainly more than just stories; they are life lessons about friendship, determination, and the joy of growing up. These narratives undoubtedly provide a rich, imaginative, and highly engaging reading experience for children.