Stories About Ambition

Stories About Ambition

Welcome to our curated collection of the seven best stories about ambition for kids to read online. This diverse and exciting array of stories has been chosen specifically with the goal of sparking curiosity, creativity, and ambition in our younger readers – the little boys and girls who bring such joy to our lives.

With bedtime fast approaching, we understand that parents and caregivers are always on the lookout for educational, short, and fun stories to tell. Now more than ever, the necessity for accessible resources that can be easily downloaded or printed has skyrocketed. Our selection offers a convenient, free, and efficient solution to this need. Each of our chosen tales is available in multiple formats: online text, printable PDF, and an engaging audio version for story time or read-aloud sessions.

From the early years, through preschool and kindergarten, to elementary students, it is essential that our children’s learning journey be sprinkled with inspiring stories that champion ambition. Even toddlers can start absorbing these invaluable lessons as a part of their EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) learning.

Reading about ambition helps children understand that it’s okay to strive for their dreams, fostering a mindset of aspiration and resilience. It highlights the fact that achieving goals often requires hard work, determination, and an unwavering belief in oneself. Additionally, ambition goes hand in hand with innovation, a valuable skill in our ever-evolving world.

Our selection includes a mix of classic and modern tales, famous and less-known stories, longer and shorter reads, all with beautiful pictures. From ambitious princesses in enchanting fairy tales to determined young scientists in contemporary narratives, these tales are a testament to the power of dreams.

Besides being interesting and captivating, each story carries a potent moral lesson that can stimulate meaningful bedtime conversations. These tales will allow your child to fall asleep filled with visions of what they could one day achieve, all while understanding the values of perseverance and commitment that come with ambition.

So, get ready for a wonderful night time adventure with these fun, easy-to-read English stories. Whether you’re a parent seeking a good read for your child’s sleep time, or an educator looking for an engaging tale for story time, this collection is the perfect resource.

Join us in exploring these narratives of ambition, as we aim to inspire our future generation to believe in their dreams, reach for the stars, and always aim high. Your next best bedtime story is just a click away!

Top 7 Stories About Ambition

  1. The Story Of Honey And Sunny: In this enchanting tale, the author paints a picture of a once beautiful country that has been consumed by silence and gloom due to a bewitchment. The King, unable to bear any noise, banishes his crying baby princess and her laughing mother to a distant village. As the country grows quieter, devoid of laughter and joy, the trees cease to rustle, the birds stop singing, and even the frogs no longer croak. However, the little princess, named Sunny, grows up in the jolliest village imaginable, unaware of her royal heritage. One day, filled with ambition and a desire to find her own prince, Sunny sets off into the world. Along her journey, she encounters a sad little man who explains the plight of the country she left behind. Sunny’s laughter breaks the silence and begins to lift the bewitchment, leading to a joyous reunion with her parents and the restoration of happiness to the land. Ultimately, Sunny realizes that being a princess in a stuffy palace is not as fulfilling as a simple life under a chocolate tree with her true love, Honey, the gardener’s son. They marry and live happily ever after, surrounded by the beauty of their garden and the magical flowers from Fairyland.
  2. Cinderella: In this classic fairy tale, a kind and beautiful girl named Cinderella is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters after the death of her mother. Despite her hardships, Cinderella remains true to her mother’s words and never complains. With the help of a magical hazel tree and a little white bird, Cinderella receives a magnificent dress and attends a royal ball where she captures the heart of the prince. She flees before her identity is revealed, leaving behind a glass slipper. The prince searches for the girl whose foot fits the slipper and eventually finds Cinderella, recognizing her as the one he has been searching for. They marry and live happily ever after. The story teaches the values of kindness, resilience, and the belief that good deeds are rewarded.
  3. The Story Of The Fisherman And His Wife: In this cautionary tale, a poor fisherman catches a talking flatfish who claims to be an enchanted prince. Out of kindness, the fisherman releases the fish back into the sea. When he tells his wife, she becomes greedy and starts making increasingly extravagant wishes. Each time, the fish fulfills her desires, turning their shack into a cottage, then a castle, and finally making her an empress and even a pope. Unsatisfied, she demands to become like God. The fish grants her wish by returning them to their original poor condition. The story serves as a warning against greed and the consequences of never being satisfied with what one has.
  4. The Discontented Pendulum: In this fable, an old clock in a farmer’s kitchen suddenly stops working, causing confusion among its parts. The pendulum reveals that it is tired of ticking and expresses its discontent with its monotonous existence. The dial plate and other components argue with the pendulum, highlighting the value of its role and the relative ease of their own tasks. Eventually, they convince the pendulum to resume its duty, emphasizing that despite the overwhelming number of ticks it has to perform, it only needs to execute one at a time. With renewed purpose, the clock resumes its operation, and the farmer notices that his watch has gained half an hour. The fable teaches the importance of perseverance and finding contentment in fulfilling one’s responsibilities, even in the face of weariness or monotony.
  5. The Too-Ambitious Spider: a spider enters a storeroom through a small crack in the door, excited to make it his new home. He observes the broken mirror, the chair with a missing seat, and the table with a missing leg. Determined to fix them, the spider diligently weaves intricate webs to mend each item, creating a sense of pride and comfort. However, his efforts are repeatedly destroyed by a maid who cleans the room. Frustrated, the spider eventually realizes that trying to imitate human possessions brings more disappointment than satisfaction. He decides to retreat to a corner and build a web like any other spider, finding contentment in simplicity and avoiding futile battles. The fable teaches the lesson that it’s wiser to embrace one’s natural strengths and accept the limitations of one’s own nature rather than striving to imitate others.
  6. The Champions Of The Ice: In a snowy mountain village, a group of young friends who loved playing ice hockey formed a tight-knit team led by the brave and determined Sebastian. When they heard about a major ice hockey tournament, they decided to enter and showcase their skills. Through hard work and determination, they advanced to the championship game against the league’s strongest team. Despite a scoreless game, Sebastian’s leadership kept their spirits high. Inspired, they gave it their all in the final minutes and scored the winning goal, emerging as champions. The friends celebrated their victory, and Sebastian’s talent caught the attention of a scout, propelling him to become a renowned hockey player. They remained champions and continued their joyful friendship on the ice for years to come.
  7. Elfstedentocht Or The Eleven Cities Tour: In the province of Friesland, the Dutch eagerly anticipated the Elfstedentocht, a magical ice skating tour held on natural ice covering nearly 200 kilometers and passing through 11 towns. While not everyone could participate, there was a young prince who dreamt of skating the tour ever since hearing his grandfather’s tale of the legendary “hell of 63” where only 69 skaters out of 10,000 finished due to extreme weather conditions. Year after year, the prince practiced his skating skills, and on his 18th birthday, the Elfstedentocht was finally announced. With unwavering determination, he skated through challenges and crossed the finish line, fulfilling his dream and becoming a source of pride for the nation. Though the tour has not been held for 25 years, Dutch skaters keep the dream alive by participating in the alternative Elfstedentocht on the Weissensee in Austria.

In conclusion, our handpicked collection of the seven best stories about ambition offers an engaging way to nurture a mindset of aspiration, resilience, and innovation in children. From the convenience of online access to the charm of printable PDFs and captivating audio read-alouds, these stories provide an excellent learning resource for children of all ages – from toddlers to elementary students. This diverse range of bedtime tales invites children to embark on an educational journey while preparing for sleep, instilling important moral values and a sense of ambition. As your kids drift off to dreamland, they will carry with them the inspiring tales of determination, hard work, and dreams coming true. So, take this opportunity to turn story time into a launchpad for their ambitions, and let the power of these stories fuel their journey towards a future full of potential.