African folktales

African folktales

Welcome to Ririro’s treasure trove of African folktales! Our collection is a captivating blend of stories, myths, legends, and fables, designed to capture the imagination of kids worldwide. KS1 and KS2 elementary students will delight in these enchanting tales that teach valuable moral lessons while sparking curiosity about African folklore. Explore our vibrant online library, where you can read, listen to audio renditions, or download PDF versions of these timeless tales.

Discover the captivating world of Anansi the spider, a trickster figure who weaves his way through many African stories. Our collection features a variety of Anansi tales, alongside stories of other memorable animals, such as snakes and leopards. From “Why The Elephant Has Small Eyes” to “The Leopard And The Ram,” these animal tales offer valuable lessons and insights into human nature and the world around us.

Ririro’s African Folktales not only features animal stories but also dives into the realm of monsters, myths, and legends. Our collection includes age-old stories that have been passed down through generations, as well as contemporary retellings that maintain the essence of African storytelling. Love, friendship, and bravery are just a few of the themes explored in these stories, providing children with valuable life lessons while entertaining and inspiring their young minds.

In addition to the timeless tales, Ririro’s African Folktales also highlights cultural traditions, such as the Nigerian New Year’s custom called the Forgiveness Walk. This beautiful practice teaches children about the importance of forgiveness, love, and unity, instilling essential values in our young audience.

Ririro’s African Folktales invites you and your children to embark on a magical journey through the rich world of African storytelling. Our online library offers a variety of formats, including short stories, audio narrations, and downloadable PDFs, to cater to your preferred reading or listening style. So join us, and let the wonder of African folktales enchant and inspire you and your children today!