The Unstoppable Bus Driver

It was a busy day for Kofi, the Ivorian bus driver. He had been driving his old bus from village to village all day, picking up passengers and helping them get where they needed to go.

As he pulled into the last village of the day, Kofi saw a man waiting by the side of the road with a dozen goats. The man asked if he could bring his goats on the bus, and Kofi, being the kind and generous man that he was, agreed.

But as the man loaded the goats onto the bus, Kofi realized that the bus was already full. There was no more room inside, so he asked the man to put the goats on the roof. The man hesitated at first, but Kofi reassured him that the goats would be safe up there.

As they set off on the last leg of their journey, the road started to get a little bit rough. Kofi had to navigate around potholes and mud puddles, and before long, the bus got stuck in the mud. Kofi asked the passengers to help him push the bus out, and together, they all put their backs into it and managed to get the bus moving again.

Just when they thought they had overcome all the obstacles, the bus suddenly broke down. Luckily the passengers were patient and understanding. They sat together and sang while Kofi got help from a mechanic who happened to be on the bus.

With the help of the mechanic, Kofi was able to fix the bus and get it running again. But as they drove on, they encountered one more challenge – a flooded road. Kofi knew they couldn’t turn back now, so he asked the passengers to help him build a bridge of wood to get across and they did.

Despite all the obstacles they faced, Kofi and his passengers never lost their sense of cooperation and teamwork. They worked together to overcome each challenge, and in the end, they all arrived safely at their destination.

Kofi was tired but satisfied as he dropped off the last passenger and headed home. He knew that he had a long day of driving ahead of him the next day, but he was grateful to have such wonderful passengers who were always willing to help him out.