The mighty waterfall and the rainbow dinosaur

Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest nestled in the mountains, there lived a community of animals by a big, powerful waterfall. There was a group of rabbits, a family of foxes, a pack of wolves, and a herd of deer, among many others. They all lived in harmony and enjoyed each other’s company.

One day a new animal arrived, a huge dinosaur named Deedee. The animals looked in awe at the huge, strong animal. She had a long neck, a strong tail and thick dark green skin. They warmly welcomed her into their community and explained their rules. The most important rule was, even though the waterfall is beautiful, don’t come near it! It’s strong and treacherous and the power of it will suck you under the water and you won’t come back up.

But DeeDee loved to explore the forest and the water and she liked to try new things. So one day, she decided to investigate the huge, powerful waterfall that flowed through the forest. She had seen the other animals drink from the cool, clear water and use it to bathe, but she wanted to see what was behind the cascading water.

Deedee was a strong and powerful dinosaur, so she wasn’t afraid of the waterfall. She walked right up to it and climbed under the stream of water. As she walked behind the waterfall, she discovered something amazing. The falling water felt like a massage for her neck and shoulders, and she stood there relaxing for a while.

The other animals had gathered around the pond at the base of the waterfall and were watching in amazement. The dinosaur was stronger than the waterfall! And as Deedee stood under the water, something magical happened. Her thick brown skin started cracking and scales were being washed away by the water. And it exposed beautiful, glittery, rainbow skin!

It turned out DeeDee’s skin wasn’t thick and dark green, she was just dirty from all the exploring and playing in the forest.

Deedee was amazed by this discovery, and the other animals were too. They had never seen anything like it before. From that day one, DeeDee the glittery rainbow dinosaur lived happily ever after, enjoying the peacefulness and harmony of the community by the powerful, magical waterfall.