The lonely crawler

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the jungle, there lived a creepy crawler named Cockroach. He had been around since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and had seen it all. From the birth of the first flowers to the rise and fall of the great empires, Cockroach had been there, scurrying along in the shadows, watching it all unfold. He liked to scurry along the ground, searching for food and shelter among the leaf litter and fallen branches

Cockroach was a hardy creature, able to survive the harshest of conditions. He could go months without food or water, could withstand the most toxic of chemicals and wasn’t bothered extreme temperatures. He was the ultimate survivor, and nothing could bring him down. Though he had to learn to avoid predators such as birds and lizards, but he had done so successfully.

But despite his resilience, Cockroach was lonely. He had outlived all of his kin, and was the last of his kind. He had no one to share his stories with, no one to listen to his tales of the past.

One day, while exploring a dark and damp cave, Cockroach stumbled upon a strange creature. It was small and delicate, with soft, translucent wings. It was a moth, and it was the first living being Cockroach had seen in ages.

Overjoyed, Cockroach struck up a conversation with the moth, and soon the two became fast friends. Cockroach shared his stories of the past with the moth, and the moth listened in wonder. For the first time in eons, Cockroach had someone to share his memories with.

As the years passed, Cockroach and the moth explored the world together, encountering all manner of strange and wondrous creatures. They saw the rise of another great empire, and watched as they built great cities and tore down the jungle. They witnessed the birth of the industrial revolution and the dawn of the nuclear age. They moved together from the jungle to the city and lived happily in a damp, dark basement. They survived attacks from screaming old ladies with cans of stinky fume and from professional pest control. Nothing could break them down.

But they were kind of sad that nobody realized how amazing they were. Despite their reputation as dirty and disease-ridden pests, cockroaches play an important role in their ecosystem as decomposers, breaking down dead plant and animal matter. Moths are also important, as pollinators, because moths go out at night when many other pollinating animals are fast asleep.

But through it all, Cockroach and the moth remained best of friends, and their bond only grew stronger with each passing year.

In the end, when the moth’s time came to an end, Cockroach was there by his side, watching as his dear friend took its last breath. And as he scurried away into the shadows, Cockroach couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude. For in the end, it was his friendship with the moth that had given his long, lonely life meaning.