The great birthday cake mystery

It was the day of little Madison’s fifth birthday party and she was so excited. She had invited all of her friends and family to the park to celebrate with her. There were games, snacks, and even a bouncy castle for everyone to enjoy.

As the party went on, Madison couldn’t wait for the highlight of the day – blowing out the candles on her big, beautiful birthday cake. She had picked out the prettiest cake she could find with colourful sprinkles and big, fluffy white frosting.

But when it was finally time for Madison to make her wish and blow out the candles, disaster struck. The birthday cake had disappeared!

Madison’s friends and family searched high and low for the missing cake, but it was nowhere to be found. Madison was heartbroken. She had been looking forward to eating that delicious cake all day.

Just when they thought all hope was lost, Madison noticed a trail of crumbs leading towards a big tree in the park. She followed the crumbs and saw something that made her heart melt.

There, in a nest high up in the tree, was a family of birds enjoying Madison’s birthday cake. They had been hungry and saw the tasty treat sitting out in the open, so they couldn’t resist.

Madison was not angry or upset when she saw this. Instead, she felt happy that the birds got to enjoy her beautiful cake. She knew that everyone, even birds, deserved a little bit of birthday cheer. So she went back to her party and played games with her friends.

But when the birds saw the sweet little girl, they felt guilty! They hadn’t realized they had taken a birthday cake. The birds quickly made a plan and all flew to different directions. The baby bird picked a big pink rose as a present. The toddler bird bought a balloon, the mother bird made a birthday cupcake and the father bird gathered the five candles he had thrown off the cake.

As Madison was playing in the park she noticed birds tweeting. Her and her family and friends saw the bird family flying down from the sky. They set all their gifts on the picnic table and chirped “happy birthday” for the girl. Madison was very grateful and happy for the big effort the birds had made. She blew out the candles on the birthday cupcake and made a wish.

And that, my friends, is the story of the great birthday cake mystery.