The Flooded Cave

Once upon a time, there was a caveman family who lived in a cold cave. They had to walk a long way to get water, and life was hard. One day, the oldest son of the family went on a journey to find a better place for his family to live. He found a beautiful, big cave with lots of water. He ran home and told everyone the good news.

Everyone was very happy, except for the youngest and wisest son. He was worried that the water in the new cave was rainwater, and if it rained heavily, the cave could flood and the family might drown. He tried to tell his family about his concerns, but they didn’t listen. So, the family moved to the new cave.

The youngest son stayed alert and watched the water levels when it started raining. He could see that the water was rising in the cave. He tried to tell his family again, but nobody listened to him.

Then one day, the sky turned dark and it began to rain very hard. The youngest son knew that the cave would flood, so he tried to get his family to leave. But nobody would listen to him. They were too comfortable in the new cave.

So, the youngest son came up with a plan. He hid in the cave and started making scary noises. His family was so scared that they ran out of the cave as fast as they could. They were able to escape just before the cave flooded.

But the youngest son didn’t make it out in time. When the family returned to their old cave, they noticed that the youngest son was missing. The next day, they went back to the flooded cave and found his drowned body.

The family was very sad and said to each other, “It was irresponsible for him not to get out of the cave in time”, and they just went on with their lives.