Stories About Wishes

Stories About Wishes

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Top 8 Stories About Wishes! These fascinating tales, carefully curated for kids, are readily available to read online. Crafted with engaging themes, these stories are perfect to read aloud, ensuring a fun-filled reading time for children of all ages – toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and those in elementary grades. Each of these stories is a short, humorous adventure filled with vivid illustrations and beautiful pictures that will make reading an absolute delight.

These aren’t just any stories, they are the best stories about wishes, a theme kids universally love! Each story comes with an important moral that children can learn and apply in their lives. Furthermore, children can interact with the content either by reading it themselves or listening to it as a bedtime story. To make it easy and accessible, these stories are offered in English and as free ebooks. The PDF format is also available for those who wish to print the stories out.

The importance of tales about wishes cannot be overstated. They not only stimulate the children’s imagination, but also inspire them to dream and give them hope. The magic of wishes coming true brings joy and excitement, nourishing their minds and hearts. Stories about wishes are capable of introducing children to the nuances of desire, patience, and fulfillment in a fun and engaging way. So, why wait? Dive in and start experiencing these delightful tales today!

Top 8 Stories About Wishes for kids:

  1. The Frogs Who Wished For A King: The Frogs, tired of their own freedom, petitioned Jupiter for a king. Jupiter threw a log into the water to appease them, but the Frogs soon realized it was useless. Then, Jupiter sent a Crane as their king, and the Frogs learned that they had made a terrible mistake. In the end, Jupiter refused to save them from their own choices.
  2. The Christmas Fairy: In a small house filled with Christmas joy, four children share their Christmas wishes. A Christmas Fairy appears to grant their wishes, but one child selflessly asks for a wheelchair for a sick girl named Bessie instead. The Christmas Fairy praises her generosity and ensures that both Bessie and the selfless child will be remembered by Santa Claus. The story emphasizes the importance of giving and kindness during the Christmas season.
  3. Diggory Delvet and The Magic Mounds: In the whimsical town of Velvet Vale, there lived Diggory Delvet, a peculiar little man who had the unique talent of digging and leaving behind perfect mounds. One day, he discovered a golden key and unlocked a hidden door to find a magical stone that granted his wish for the happiness and prosperity of the town. As a result, Velvet Vale became the happiest town, and Diggory continued to dig and make a difference.
  4. A Valentine’s Day Wish: In a zoo, all the animals are excitedly preparing for Valentine’s Day. However, Pai, the lonely red panda, feels left out as he doesn’t have any friends or family. The zookeepers notice his sadness and decide to bring in new friends for him. On Valentine’s Day, Pai is surprised to find two new red pandas in the enclosure next to his. They become fast friends, and Pai no longer feels alone. The zookeepers are happy to have made a difference in his life, and the zoo is filled with love and joy.
  5. How the Beggars Came to Town: A young prince is troubled by the poverty and suffering of the people in his kingdom. He convinces his father, the king, to let him rule for a day and uses the royal coffers to give money to the needy. Many imposters pretend to be beggars, but the prince is able to distinguish the deserving from the deceitful. At the end of the day, the prince realizes the wisdom of his father’s rule and willingly gives back his power. The kingdom is prosperous, but the prince’s compassion and willingness to help the needy is a lesson for all in power.
  6. The Wishing Table: This story is about a tailor who sends his three sons away to learn trades. The oldest son receives a magical table that can produce delicious food, but it stops working when he returns home. The second son receives a donkey that produces gold coins, but it also stops working. The third son receives a magical club that can give a beating to anyone who deserves it. He uses it to retrieve the table and donkey from an innkeeper who stole them, and they all live happily ever after.
  7. Christmas wishes: King Nutcracker’s three sons each make a special wish when Santa Claus visits. Prince Pepin wishes to have control over the weather and other annoyances, Prince Nutcracker wishes for a luck-penny to make money, and Prince Buttons wishes to marry the shoemaker’s daughter and have the spirit of Christmas with them year-round. However, Pepin’s wishes cause chaos and he eventually learns the value of happiness and family. Nutcracker realizes that money cannot buy happiness and decides to use his wealth to bring joy to his loved ones. They all live happily ever after.
  8. The Magic Corner: In a bustling town, there is a special corner where two characters, a caring Nurse and an adventurous boy named Percy, meet. One day, a magical golden bird appears and grants them each a wish. Nurse wishes for the health and happiness of the townspeople, while Percy wishes for an endless supply of books. Their wishes come true, bringing joy to the town. From then on, the corner is known for its magic, and the sound of “Tweet-tweet-tweet” echoes as a reminder of their selflessness and thirst for knowledge.

In conclusion, these top eight stories about wishes open up a world of fantasy, but also carry valuable lessons about life. They beautifully illustrate that while wishes can bring us joy, excitement, and sometimes even materialize our deepest desires, they can also lead to unexpected consequences. These tales remind kids about the importance of being careful what you wish for, while emphasizing values of contentment, gratitude and patience. After all, sometimes the most magical adventures happen not when wishes come true, but when we learn to appreciate and discover the magic within everyday life.