Stories About Wisdom

Stories About Wisdom

Welcome to the Top 15 Stories About Wisdom for children to enjoy at bedtime! This special collection is designed for kids to read online and is available as a free PDF download, with printable options perfect for learning and educational purposes. Each short story in this captivating collection is accompanied by stunning illustrations and pictures, making it easy for young readers to follow along and enjoy. These stories are tailored to suit both boys and girls, and are the best audio companions to brighten up story time, whether it’s night time or during the day.

The importance of Stories About Wisdom cannot be overstated, as they are not just classic fairy tales or generic bedtime stories. These tales offer valuable life lessons and morals that children can easily understand and apply to their own lives, making them fun and enriching reads. Specially crafted for pre-schoolers, kids in their early years, kindergarten toddlers, and elementary students (eyfs), these stories provide a delightful opportunity for little ones to learn the importance of wisdom while having a good time. So, cuddle up, settle in for a cozy sleep, and enjoy our collection of the Top 15 Stories About Wisdom at bedtime or during a relaxing read-aloud session with your loved ones. Happy reading!

Top 15 Stories About Wisdom for kids to read online:

  1. The Thorny Road of Honour: The article talks about the thorny road of honor that great historical figures like Socrates, Ferdowsi, Joan of Arc and Salamon de Caus had to take in their lives. It highlights how they faced ridicule, rejection, accusations, and even death. Yet, they persevered to achieve their dreams and inspire others with their wisdom, writings, inventions, and bravery. The article encourages readers to take the thorny road of honor themselves, knowing that their glory may not be recognized in their lifetime but could last forever. The article also offers a downloadable eBook (PDF) for those who want to read offline or print the story.
  2. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, a father boasted that his daughter would marry a great man due to her inherited wisdom. Many suitors came, but she refused them all as they had small minds. The young men of the village vowed to bring her sorrow. They asked Whirlwind, a great man, to help them, leading to him banished. Whirlwind’s best friend, Rain, followed him. The two left for many months, causing chaos across the land due to the absence of wind and rain. The birds were called upon to search for them, and Sparrow was successful. The wanderers returned the next day, relieving the land of its suffering, and Sparrow was promised protection from the Chief.
  3. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: A boy named Timmy is spoiled and never satisfied with his material possessions. Santa Claus visits Timmy on Christmas Eve and takes Timmy with him to deliver gifts to poor families. During their journey, Timmy sees the joy and gratitude of the poor families who receive the gifts. Timmy’s attitude changes, and he learns how to appreciate what he has and how to share with others. Upon their return home, Timmy becomes a kind and caring child, and Santa is pleased with Timmy’s change of heart.
  4. A Wise Old Horse: This is a story about a horse named Solomon who was turned out into a field to graze, but then disappeared. The owner and stable boy found that the gate to the field had been lifted off its hinges and they suspected a thief had taken Solomon. However, they found teeth marks on the gate that suggested Solomon had let himself out and gone to see the blacksmith who had recently pinched Solomon’s hoof while putting on a shoe. The blacksmith understood what Solomon wanted him to do through his actions, took off the shoe, and put it back on correctly. Solomon then went back to the field and returned to grazing, proving he was a wise old horse.
  5. The Dwarves and the Elves: Odin observes the cruelty of Giants towards shepherds and animals and the mischievous behavior of Dwarves towards farmers. He calls out the Dwarves and Light Elves to his palace and reprimands them for their wrongdoings. He banishes the Dwarves to work in the underground mines and allows the Light Elves to live among the flowers. Odin appoints Frey, the genius of clouds and sunshine, as the schoolmaster for the Light Elves and he teaches them all about fruits, flowers, and birds. Finally, the story provides a link to download an ebook version of it.
  6. The Eatyoup: The story is about wise Dicky Duck who almost gets caught by Mr. Fox in the forest after he flaunts his knowledge to the predator. Dicky Duck escapes and warns his fellow farmyard animals about the “Eatyoup animal” he met. However, he learns to be more cautious and suspects that it was actually Mr. Fox. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is available for offline reading or printing.
  7. Robinson Crusoe: Building the Boat: The protagonist has stopped scanning the sea for ships and is focusing on making his life on the island easier. He has built himself a dwelling and starts making necessary things like a chair and a table. He starts to keep a diary of his daily activities and wishes to escape the island. He tries to repair a dinghy but fails and then decides to make a canoe, which takes him three months. He tries hard to get the canoe into the water but eventually gives up, realizing that all the good things of this world are only as good for us as we can use them.
  8. The Worthy One: After a King dies, his four sons quarrel over the crown. The King’s advisors and wise old men devise a test to see who is the most worthy to become King. They ask the princes to list their father’s crimes, and whoever knows and confesses the most while avoiding them themselves is the Worthy One. The first three princes list increasingly more crimes, but the fourth refuses to speak ill of his father out of respect for him. The advisors and wise men embrace the fourth prince, declaring him the Worthy One and the new King.
  9. Horaizan: The story tells of two wise men, Jofuku from China and Wasobiobe from Japan, who both search for something that will alleviate the word written on their hearts. Jofuku sets out to find the herb of immortality to please the tyrannical ruler of China who asks for it in exchange for sparing Jofuku’s life, but ultimately finds the Island of Eternal Youth where he forgets about his previous troubles. Wasobiobe, on the other hand, accidentally ends up on the same island and eventually becomes homesick, wanting to return to the word on his heart, “humanity”. He convinces a crane to take him back to his homeland, but upon his return, he realizes that he has grown old and dies in the arms of a poor fisherman.
  10. The Lost Half Hour: The story is about a foolish boy named Bobo who is taken from his home by Princess Zenza because of his stupidity. He is then given the task of finding a lost half-hour and embarks on a journey through various lands and meets different people. With the help of Father Time’s magic clogs, he finally finds the lost half-hour and saves Tilda, the kitchen maid, from a dragon. Bobo and Tilda get married and live happily ever after.
  11. Solomon and the Bees: This is a story about King Solomon’s wisdom and his encounter with Queen Sheba. The queen visits Solomon’s kingdom to test his knowledge and tricks him with two wreaths – one made of real flowers and the other artificial. King Solomon impresses the queen by noticing the bees that are attracted only to the real flowers, proving his wisdom. The story concludes with the message that there are valuable lessons to be learned from the world around us, even in the smallest details.
  12. The story of Thomas Jefferson: This story is about Thomas Jefferson, a curious boy from Shadwell who loved to learn and explore. He grew up to become a founding father of the United States and a symbol of freedom and democracy. His many accomplishments, such as writing the Declaration of Independence, becoming the governor of Virginia, the first Secretary of State, and the third President of the United States, left a lasting impact on the nation’s history. Jefferson’s love for science, architecture, and inventing new things inspired him to design his own beautiful home and to found the University of Virginia. His ideas about individual rights and equality have influenced people all around the world.
  13. The Rescue of Red Top: This story tells of a cow named Dagros who is known for her wisdom and leads her herd to the best places to graze. One day, one of her fellow cows, Red Top, falls down a ravine and Dagros goes to find help. She runs up and down the hills until two men come to rescue Red Top. The men reward Dagros for her intelligence by giving her a large branch from a rowan tree.
  14. Judge Owl’s Cleverness: Mr. Raccoon suspects that Mr. Crow stole his spoon and consults with Mr. Fox, who suggests they bring it to Judge Owl. After Jimmy Crow denies taking the spoon, Judge Owl identifies the thief by revealing that the thief would be missing tail feathers. Mr. Crow is caught red-handed and flees to retrieve the spoon while being watched closely. In the end, Mr. Raccoon praises Judge Owl’s cleverness, and Mr. Fox agrees that he is a very wise bird.
  15. The Quarrel of the Months: In the story, Mother Earth’s twelve children argue over who is the most important month of the year. Each sister presents arguments in their favor, but Mother Earth finally tells them that they are all important, as each month brings its own unique contributions and qualities that make the year complete. Hoping to be the first to show off their contributions, January departs the story, smiling with happiness and love. Downloads are available for an ebook (PDF) version of the story.

In conclusion, the Top 15 Stories About Wisdom offer valuable life lessons and morals that children can carry with them as they grow. These tales, filled with engaging characters and thought-provoking situations, encourage young readers to reflect on the importance of being wise, humble, and compassionate in their lives. As kids explore the wisdom held within these stories, they discover the power of knowledge, understanding, and making informed decisions, ultimately helping them become educated, well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to the world.