Stories About Widows

Stories About Widows

As the stars twinkle and the night time unfolds, many children eagerly await the magical words, “Once upon a time…”. Stories have been an integral part of childhood since time immemorial, igniting the spark of imagination in the early years of our lives. As the day ends, the ritual of bedtime stories starts, an essential practice that has transcended generations. For the fun-loving girls and boys, these tales turn into a sleep charm, whisking them off to a world full of adventure and mystery, right from the comfort of their bedrooms. Welcome to our collection of the 7 best stories about widows for kids to read online. 

This handpicked selection includes tales that are not just entertaining, but also educational, offering a glimpse into the life of a character that often goes unexplored in children’s literature – the widow. Each story is infused with a unique moral lesson, making them excellent resources for learning during the formative preschool, kindergarten, and elementary years.

Facing the world as a widow can be challenging, a reality that may be difficult for children to fully understand. These stories weave a narrative of resilience and strength, making them ideal for introducing this complex topic in an age-appropriate manner. In this collection, you’ll find a balance of short, easy-to-digest stories perfect for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and toddlers, as well as longer, classic tales that older children can delve into.

These stories are available in English and are presented in different formats to cater to varied reading preferences. For those who enjoy the feel of a book in their hands, there are printable, PDF versions available for free download. For children who love to listen to stories, we have audio versions ready for story time or to be read aloud. What’s more, each story comes with beautiful illustrations, making them engaging and easy to follow for young readers.

This collection, therefore, serves as an excellent tool for boys and girls alike to learn about empathy, kindness, and perseverance, all while falling into a peaceful slumber. From famous fairy tales to good, original narratives, this collection is a treasure trove of bedtime stories that will inspire and entertain your children. So tuck your little ones in, open up these magical tales, and let the journey into the captivating world of stories begin!

Top 7 Stories About Widows

  1. Snow-White And Rose-Red: In a humble cottage lived a widowed woman with her two daughters, Snow-white and Rose-red. The girls were as kind and gentle as the two rose-trees in their garden. One day, a friendly bear sought shelter at their door and became a regular visitor, playing and sharing their home. When spring arrived, the bear revealed he must leave to protect his treasures from wicked dwarfs. Later, Snow-white and Rose-red encountered the same dwarf in distress twice, helping him by cutting his tangled beard. Ungrateful as he was, the dwarf departed, leaving behind a bag of gold and pearls. On another occasion, the girls saved the dwarf from an eagle’s clutches. Eventually, they discovered the bear was a cursed king’s son, and upon his transformation, they married him and his brother, sharing the treasure and living happily ever after.
  2. The Adventures Of Florian: In a tale of adventure and enchantment, Isabella, a noble girl left impoverished after her father’s death, disguises herself as a boy named Florian and seeks employment in the city. Drawn into the service of the feared wizard of the Black Rock, Florian proves his courage and loyalty over the years. When Florian decides to leave, the wizard bestows three magical gifts upon him. Florian later joins Prince Florizel on a quest, but their journey takes a perilous turn when an evil witch turns their companions to stone. Florian, protected by a golden bird charm, rescues Florizel from the witch’s clutches. Although Florian is transformed into a hare, with the help of the wizard and a twist of fate, he is restored to his true form as Isabella, and the prince proposes marriage. With their friends and family reunited, Isabella and Florizel live happily ever after.
  3. Mother Holle: In a story of contrasting sisters, a widow’s lazy and ugly daughter is favored by her mother, while the beautiful and diligent daughter is mistreated and burdened with all the household chores. One day, while trying to clean blood from a coil that had fallen into a well, the diligent girl finds herself in a meadow. She helps a talking oven and apple tree, and eventually comes across the home of Mother Holle, an old woman with a kind offer of work. The girl diligently carries out her tasks and is rewarded with a rain of gold. However, the lazy sister attempts the same journey but fails to show the same dedication. Instead, she faces consequences for her laziness and returns home covered in sticky tar. The tale teaches the value of hard work and the consequences of laziness.
  4. The Bear In The Forest Hut: In a tale of contrasting characters, an old man and woman each have a daughter. The old man’s daughter is kind and gentle, while the old woman’s daughter is wicked and mean. The stepmother forces the kind daughter out of the house, leaving her in the forest. The daughter stumbles upon a hut and encounters a bear, who sets her tasks to complete. With the help of a mouse, she fulfills her tasks and survives the bear’s test. The bear reveals himself to be a king under a spell, and he rewards the girl with riches and a golden carriage. The wicked stepsister attempts the same journey but fails, ultimately meeting her demise. The old man’s daughter marries the king and lives happily ever after.
  5. The Lost Half Hour: In a kingdom, the foolish youngest son, Bobo, is taken in by Princess Zenza for his entertaining foolishness. While at the castle, Bobo befriends Tilda, a kind kitchen maid. One day, Princess Zenza laments losing half an hour, and Bobo volunteers to find it. Embarking on a journey, Bobo encounters various eccentric characters, including a man who lost his reputation and another who lost his patience. He eventually reaches Father Time’s castle, where he cares for the horses of the hours. After a year, Father Time rewards Bobo with a box containing the lost half-hour. Armed with newfound wisdom, Bobo resolves the troubles of those he encountered, including the king whose daughter was stolen by fairies. Bobo returns to Princess Zenza’s palace, only to discover that Tilda has been taken by a dragon. Using the regained half-hour, Bobo saves Tilda, forgives Princess Zenza, and marries Tilda, living happily ever after.
  6. Batch And The Dragon: Batcha, a shepherd, witnesses a peculiar phenomenon as snakes gather near a cliff and open a hidden cave using a leaf. Intrigued, Batcha enters the cave, discovering a treasure trove guarded by a sleeping king snake and hundreds of other snakes. Unable to find his way out, Batcha spends the night. Upon awakening, he witnesses the awakening of the king snake and hears them speak of a significant event about to occur. The snakes exit the cave, and Batcha follows, but is trapped when the rock closes. The king snake demands a triple oath from Batcha not to reveal the secret of the cave. Eventually released, Batcha realizes that he has slept through the winter and rushes back to his wife. However, an encounter with a wizard reveals Batcha’s broken oath, and the shepherd is taken back to the cave. A dragon emerges, carrying Batcha on its back and soaring through the sky. In desperation, Batcha calls upon a skylark to deliver a message to God for help. God intervenes, saving Batcha and returning him to his wife, where they are joyfully reunited.
  7. The Lad Who Went To The North Wind: In this story, an old widow’s son encounters the North Wind while fetching meal from the safe. The North Wind repeatedly snatches the meal from him, frustrating the young man. Determined to confront the North Wind, he embarks on a journey to the North Wind’s house. The North Wind offers him a magical cloth that can provide food upon command. However, when the lad stays at an inn, the deceitful landlady switches the cloth with an ordinary one. Disappointed, the lad returns to the North Wind, who then gives him a ram that can turn anything into golden ducats. Again, the innkeeper replaces the magical ram with an ordinary one. Frustrated, the lad confronts the North Wind once more, who offers him a stick that can deliver beatings on command. The lad uses the stick to make the innkeeper return the cloth and the ram. Finally, the lad returns home with his rightful treasures.

In conclusion, this rich and thoughtfully curated collection of the 7 best stories about widows offers a meaningful way to engage children in the exploration of a difficult topic. These tales, ranging from short and simple to longer and more complex, are excellent resources for children of all ages – from toddlers to elementary students. Available in diverse formats including printable PDFs, free online reads, audio versions, and read-alouds, they meet varied reading preferences. As the day concludes and the night time emerges, these stories, full of life lessons, will transform into the perfect companions for your child’s bedtime. Each tale, told with sensitivity and warmth, invites your little ones into a world where they can learn about empathy, resilience, and the enduring spirit of humanity. So let the magical journey of learning and exploration continue, one bedtime story at a time!