Stories About War

Stories About War

Welcome to our fantastic collection of the Top 12 Stories About War for kids, specially designed to be read online! These short and educational stories are perfect for bedtime or story time, with captivating illustrations to keep your little ones engaged. This amazing free collection is available in pdf formats that you can easily download and print for more convenient reading. Our stories cater to children of all ages, from early years and preschool to kindergarten and elementary students, providing both boys and girls with fascinating tales about war and heroism. Each story in our collection comes with a moral message to guide and inspire kids in their learning journey.

Stories about war have a unique place in children’s literature as they not only entertain but also educate young minds about history and the world they live in. These tales delve into experiences and emotions of individuals during wartime, helping kids to develop empathy and awareness for those who have fought for their countries. Additionally, the powerful narratives within these stories provide life lessons and inspire kids to reflect on courage, sacrifice, and the importance of peace and harmony. Whether you’re looking for a fun read aloud or a longer classic, this selection of stories about war for toddlers, EYFS, early learners, and older boys and girls will surely captivate and educate. So, gather your young ones for a thrilling ride through these famous tales with remarkable heroes, as they embark on an unforgettable bedtime adventure that will ignite their imaginations and leave them eager for more. Happy reading!

Top 12 Stories About War for kids to read online:

  1. Battle of Frogs and Mice: This is a story about a party thrown by King Puff-jaw, where a little frog reports that five strange men, who turn out to be mice, have arrived. After being invited to the party, the mice prince tells King Puff-jaw about his people’s struggles. However, on the way to the king’s castle, the mice drown due to a water snake, leading to their king proclaiming war on the frogs. The frogs lose, but with the help of the king of the lobsters, they defeat the mice and peace is restored. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading.
  2. The End of the Great Treasure War: Two best friends, Jack and Jake, find a treasure in the woods and become consumed with greed. Their families fight over it, leading to a larger battle. However, a little boy who can talk to animals and magical creatures leads them to make peace. The creatures dig tunnels beneath the treasure to make it disappear, and the humans eventually work together to put aside their differences and live in prosperity and harmony.
  3. The Trojan Horse: The story is about the Trojan War, where the Greeks built a giant wooden horse, hid inside it, and pretended to sail away. The Trojans thought the horse was a gift and brought it into the city. Later that night, the Greeks climbed out of the horse, opened the city gates, and took over Troy. Sinon, a Greek, convinced the Trojans to bring in the horse and open the gates with a false story, achieving what years of war could not.
  4. Maya the Bee in battle: The story is about a bee hive that prepares to defend itself against an old enemy, a group of hornets. Despite losing many of their soldiers, the bees emerge victorious through their unity and loyalty to the hive. The bee queen is cautious of the hornets’ request for their dead to be returned and eventually agrees to hand them over. The bees quietly mourn their losses before returning to work, carrying their pride and sorrow in their hearts.
  5. The Royal Oak: The story tells of an oak tree in Shropshire called the “Royal Oak”, which is believed to be a descendant of a tree that once served as a hiding place for King Charles II after his father was executed by parliament. Charles fled to a forest where he hid for a time before climbing up the oak tree with two friends to avoid being caught by soldiers. He eventually escaped with the help of woodcutters, disguised himself several times to avoid detection, and sailed to France. A downloadable PDF version of the story is provided.
  6. The Spanish Armada: The story tells of the Spanish Armada that sailed to attack England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Sir Francis Drake led a smaller but faster English fleet, which attacked and damaged the Spanish ships in the English Channel. Then, Drake sent burning fire-ships to scare the Spaniards away and during a hard storm, many of their ships were wrecked on the coast of England. In the end, only a few broken and battered Spanish ships managed to return to Spain, and England was saved.
  7. Bonnie Prince Charlie: The story follows Prince Charlie, the grandson of King James II, who came to Scotland with only seven followers in an attempt to win back the crown. Despite his cheerful and friendly nature, the prince and his followers were defeated by King George’s soldiers. After hiding for several weeks with the help of his poor friends, a Scottish lady named Flora MacDonald aided his escape by dressing him as her servant, Betty Burke. The prince safely reached France, and the story’s ebook can be downloaded from the website.
  8. The Adventure of the Daughter of the King of Ireland: In this story, King Hettel of Denmark sends his men to Ireland to convince the beautiful Hilda to marry him. The men face challenges such as King Hagen’s pride and cruelty, but manage to win over the Irish people with their talents and gifts. Hilda agrees to marry King Hettel, but her father, King Hagen, attacks Denmark out of anger. After a fierce battle, the two kings make peace and the wedding is celebrated for twelve days.
  9. Achilles: This is a story about Achilles, a warrior in ancient Greece who was blessed by the gods with incredible speed and strength and invulnerability except for his heel. He fought bravely in the Trojan War, but when his best friend was killed, he sought revenge and died after being hit by an arrow in his heel. Despite his death, Achilles’ legend lived on as a symbol of bravery and strength. The story also includes a link to download the ebook version in PDF format.
  10. Richard and Blondel: The story tells of King Richard I, who was imprisoned in a foreign land after a war in the Holy Land. Despite his popularity, he was taken prisoner by envious kings and could fight no more. However, his loyal friend Blondel journeyed to find him and offered hope of escape by singing a familiar song outside his prison window. Eventually, Richard was set free and returned to his own land. An ebook of the story is available for download.
  11. The frost king and the power of love: In this story, the queen and her council of nymphs are trying to figure out how to stop King Frost from declaring war on the flowers, which results in the autumn season being gloomy and full of dead flowers. Star, the queen’s lady-in-waiting, suggests going to the King alone to show him love and beauty. Although the King initially rejects her pleas, he is impressed with her garden and eventually promises to be friends with the nymphs and never destroy any more flowers. The nymphs then celebrate their victory and return home, with Star being credited for vanquishing the Frost King.
  12. Little Imagine Man: The story is about a little image man who admired a temple elephant decorated in gorgeous trappings. The image man wished to ride on the back of the elephant but never had the courage to ask until one day they were separated. The image man was taken across the ocean and later sold in a store. He was purchased and put on a shelf in a beautiful room where he met the temple elephant again. They became friends, and the elephant granted the little image man’s wish to ride on his back. They lived happily ever after in the new home together.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Stories About War provide a captivating and educational insight into the complexities of war for children, allowing them to learn about the bravery, struggles, and sacrifices made by individuals in times of conflict. These stories, while adapted for a younger audience, encourage thoughtfulness, empathy, and a deeper understanding of historical events that have shaped our world. By immersing themselves in these tales, kids can develop a broader perspective and greater appreciation for peace and the importance of resolving disputes without resorting to violence.