Stories About Vengeance

Stories About Vengeance

Welcome to an exciting online selection of the Top 7 Stories About Vengeance! These well-crafted, short tales have been chosen as some of the best stories for kids to indulge in at bedtime. We’ve cultivated this collection with kids, children, toddlers, and even preschool and kindergarten grade students in mind. Written in engaging English language, these stories come with comical illustrations and pictures that can be read aloud to inject a fun element in reading time.

Reading these stories about vengeance serves a profound purpose. While the theme might seem heavy, these are tales simplified for children and weaved with a hint of funny that children find intriguing. Not only are they bound to keep the child absorbed, but the moral at the end of each story also helps kids learn valuable lessons about understanding, forgiveness, and the consequences of vengeance. Each story is elegantly crafted for easy comprehension for young readers, which makes them perfect for both independent reading and as read-aloud stories for bedtime.

All our stories are free to access and read online. Additionally, they are also available in user-friendly pdf format that can be easily downloaded and printed out for offline reading. We also offer an ebook version for handheld reading devices. Our illustrated stories are sure to grasp the interest of early grade and elementary school students in their journey of learning and reading. Discover the charm of these vengeance tales that subtly guide kids into understanding the complexities of emotions and actions in a lighter vein!

Top 7 Stories About Vengeance for kids:

  1. The Rose-Tree: This story is about a girl with beautiful golden hair who is mistreated by her evil stepmother. The stepmother chops off her hair, cooks her heart, and serves it to her husband. The girl’s brother saves her heart and buries it under a rose tree. A white bird with a beautiful voice sings a song about the girl’s tragic fate, and in return for gifts, helps expose the stepmother’s wickedness. The bird ultimately causes the stepmother’s demise by dropping a mill stone on her.
  2. The Tempest: This story is about Prospero, the Duke of Milan, who was betrayed by his brother Antonio and left stranded at sea with his young daughter Miranda. They end up on an enchanted island where Prospero, who has become a powerful wizard, frees the spirits trapped there. Years later, when Prospero’s enemies sail by the island, he creates a storm and reunites with his enemies, eventually forgiving them. Meanwhile, his daughter falls in love with a prince named Ferdinand, and they get married. Prospero regains his duchy and lives a happy life, while the freed spirit Ariel is free to wander and sing.
  3. The Revenge of the Fireflies: The Fireflies felt hurt when the Goblins didn’t invite them to play because they didn’t need their light. So, the Fireflies hatched a plan to get revenge by pretending to set the Goblins’ homes on fire. The Goblins were scared and had to sleep under leaves, realizing the value of the Fireflies’ friendship. From then on, the Goblins always invited the Fireflies to their activities.
  4. The Revenge of the Gnomes: One evening, the Fairies threw a party and didn’t invite the Gnomes. The Gnomes overheard and were angry. The party was beautiful, but the Goblins spoiled the food and ruined the tablecloth. The Gnomes captured the Goblins and demanded ice as ransom. The Fairies worked all night to make the ice and rescue the Goblins. The Goblins demanded breakfast, but the Fairies punished them with sparks from their wands. The Goblins ran away, fearing the Fairies would expose them.
  5. The Flute: In ancient Yedo, a man’s beloved wife dies, leaving him with their daughter, O’Yoné. He remarries a wicked woman who despises O’Yoné and eventually kills her. When the man returns from a trip, O’Yoné’s spirit reveals her fate, and the man avenges his daughter’s death before embarking on a pilgrimage with her flute close to his heart.
  6. The Twins with the Golden Stars: Once upon a time, there were three beautiful sisters. Each made a promise to a prince they met in the forest. The youngest sister’s promise came true when she had two golden-haired sons. However, an evil empress stole the twins and replaced them with puppies. The twins eventually transformed into fish and were discovered by a fisherman. They grew quickly and revealed their true identities to their father, the emperor. The wicked empress was punished, and the youngest sister was reunited with her husband.
  7. The Knight of the Bright Star: Prince Lorenzo, who was once a wealthy prince but became poor due to his father’s defeat, sets out on a journey to seek his fortune and avenge his family. He is given a magical star by his mother, which dimmed when he became selfish and focused on pleasure. Realizing his mistakes, he helps others and finds true happiness. Eventually, his father’s soldiers find him and promise to restore his kingdom. Through his journey, Prince Lorenzo learns the importance of selflessness and the consequences of selfishness.

In conclusion, the top 7 stories about vengeance offer a captivating exploration of themes of retribution and justice, spun with child-friendly wisdom and charm. Apart from delivering adrenaline-spiked narratives, these tales effectively communicate the vital lesson that vengeance often leads to a never-ending cycle of conflict. They emphasize the importance of forgiveness, kindness, and understanding as favorable alternatives. Through entertaining plot twists and intriguing characters, these stories aim to impart these moral lessons, leaving young readers more informed and considerate individuals.