Stories About Trolls

Stories About Trolls

For centuries, trolls have played an enchanting role in classic fairy tales, stirring our imaginations and offering valuable lessons to young and old alike. As kids snuggle into their beds for story time, stories about trolls have been a night-time staple, teaching morals and values while providing an enjoyable read. From the famous trolls under the bridge to the less-known ones hidden deep in enchanted forests, these mythical creatures have played diverse roles in bedtime narratives, and have always had a special place in the realm of children’s literature.

In this collection, we have carefully curated eight of the best stories about trolls for children to read online. Each story is a perfect blend of fun, education, and adventure, designed to ignite young imaginations and encourage learning. Whether your child is an early years student, in preschool, kindergarten, or in elementary school, these tales promise a world of enjoyment and learning.

This free online collection includes both short, easy-to-read stories to tell your toddlers and longer, more detailed narratives that are perfect for a read aloud session with older children. These tales are beautifully illustrated with pictures that make each story more vivid and entertaining, allowing kids to engage both their auditory and visual senses.

Our stories are in English and come in multiple formats. They can be read online, or downloaded as a PDF for offline reading, making them accessible at any time. What’s more, each story also comes with a printable version, which children can colour and personalize, enhancing their creativity.

And for children who prefer to listen to stories, we also offer an audio version for each tale. This makes them ideal for bedtime or for those times when your child wants to close their eyes and let their imagination run wild.

These stories of trolls are both classic and modern. Some are based on famous tales that have been loved by boys and girls for generations, while others offer new, fresh perspectives on these fascinating characters. These are stories that will make your children laugh, think, and, at the end of the day, drift off into a peaceful sleep.

While trolls are often depicted as mischievous or even a little scary, they are invariably portrayed with a good heart. This is important as it helps children learn that appearances can be deceiving, and that kindness can come from the most unexpected places.

By immersing children in these enchanting tales, they not only enter a world of fantasy and adventure, but also learn important life lessons, making these stories an essential part of their formative years. Dive into this collection and let the trolls lead the way to a magical story time!

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or caregiver, these troll stories are a treasure trove of educational content for your EYFS, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students, combining fun and learning in the best possible way.

Top 8 Stories About Trolls

  1. Three Billy Goats Gruff: In this story, a farmer’s three goats devise a clever plan to outsmart a mean troll living under a bridge. Despite the farmer’s warning, the goats desire the greener grass on the other side. The smallest goat tricks the troll into thinking its larger brother will come next, and the middle goat convinces the troll that the biggest goat will follow. When the troll finally encounters the largest goat, it is overpowered and knocked into the river. The other trolls hear of the incident and flee, leaving the bridge troll-free. The goats can now freely enjoy the lush grass on the other side without fear.
  2. The Travelling Companion: In this story, Johannes, a young boy who becomes an orphan after his father’s death, embarks on a journey to the wide world. Along the way, he encounters a mysterious travelling companion who possesses magical abilities. Together, they overcome various challenges, including saving a man from harm, solving riddles to marry an evil princess, and ultimately breaking a spell on the princess. The travelling companion, as it turns out, was a spirit indebted to Johannes for paying off his debt to two wicked men. After helping Johannes find happiness, the companion bids farewell, leaving Johannes and his princess to live happily ever after.
  3. The Story Of The Norse About How Everything Began: In this mythical Norse tale of creation, the world begins as a great empty expanse with a gulf between the Houses of Mist and Fire. Through a series of elemental interactions, a giant named Ymir is born, and he becomes the progenitor of two races: the evil Giant-Kings and the benevolent Gods, led by Odin. The Gods and Giants engage in a fierce struggle, resulting in the defeat of Ymir and the emergence of a new race of Giant-Kings. Using Ymir’s body, the Gods create the Earth, the sea, and the sky. They also bring light to the world by fashioning the sun, moon, and stars. Asgard, the realm of the Gods, is established above the Earth, connected by the Rainbow Bridge. The story concludes with the creation of the first man and woman, Ask and Embla, and the planting of the Tree of Life, which sustains all living things.
  4. The Tree of Swords: In this fairy tale, a wicked witch transforms a princess into a brindle cow as punishment for not being invited to her birth feast. The king and queen seek a magical pear that can restore their daughter’s human form, but it can only be obtained from a mountain of ice controlled by a three-headed troll. A poor youth agrees to retrieve the pear in exchange for the cow. With the help of two fairies and a magical belt, he overcomes the troll and obtains the pear. After feeding the pear to the cow, the princess is restored, but she initially shows arrogance and disdain towards the peasant youth. Realizing their difference in social status, the youth declines marriage and is rewarded with riches. The troll is transformed into a pear tree, and the princess learns humility and gratitude for the peasant’s bravery and selflessness.
  5. The Prince And The Princess From The Forest: In this fairy tale, a prince and his mother, the queen, face a series of challenges and misfortunes. The prince’s father, the king, passes away, leaving the queen grief-stricken. The prince tries to cheer her up and takes her to a cottage in the forest. They encounter robbers, but are saved by the prince’s magical armor and sword. They continue their journey and stumble upon another cottage where they find food. The queen, fearing for their safety, agrees to a wicked robber chief’s demand to crown him king and kill the prince. The prince is blinded and banished to the forest. He meets a princess who has been captured by robbers, and they form a bond. The princess is eventually rescued, but the prince is separated from her. Blinded and lost, he joins a group of men working for a troll. They are given a chance to win a bag of gold by answering three questions after a year. The prince hears the troll’s plans and secretly regains his sight by bathing his eyes in the dew of a special bed. When the time comes, he answers the troll’s questions correctly and earns the gold. He encounters the troll disguised as an old man, who reveals the princess’s location. The prince retrieves his magical sword and armor and, disguised as a merchant, enters his kingdom. He tricks his mother and defeats the bandit leader. He rescues the princess and they marry, ruling both their kingdoms in happiness.
  6. Soria Moria Castle: Halvor, a good-for-nothing young man, joins a skipper on a sea voyage and gets shipwrecked on a strange shore. He discovers a castle where a princess is held captive by a mean troll. Halvor agrees to help her if she feeds him and gives him a bottle of strength. With the strength, he defeats the troll and learns that the princess has two sisters also held captive by trolls. Halvor rescues them as well and falls in love with the youngest princess. However, he must return home, promising to come back. Halvor disguises himself and visits his parents, but they don’t recognize him until his true identity is revealed. He convinces them to tell others about his success and visits a neighboring farm where he was mistreated. He then reveals his adventure and the princesses, breaking the princesses’ advice not to speak of them. They disappear, and Halvor, heartbroken, sets out to find the youngest princess and her castle, using magical boots to keep up with the west wind. Along the way, he encounters an old couple who consult the moon and the wind to guide him. Finally, he reaches the castle, and at the wedding ceremony, his ring identifies him as the hero who rescued the princesses. Halvor and the princess marry, living happily ever after.
  7. The Blue Belt: a beggar woman and her son come across a magical blue belt that grants the boy incredible strength. They encounter a troll who offers them shelter but plots to get rid of the boy. However, the boy’s strength allows him to defeat the troll and become the master of a group of lions. The troll sends the boy on dangerous tasks, but he overcomes each challenge with his strength and the help of the lions. Eventually, he rescues a princess held captive by the troll and falls in love with her. The boy and the princess plan to visit her father, but the boy’s mother betrays him by taking away the belt, rendering him powerless. The troll attempts to kill him, but the lions save him and defeat the troll. The boy disguises himself as a dancing bear to find the hidden princess and succeeds. They spend a night together, but the boy returns to his bear disguise the next morning. The king takes the bear back to the palace, unaware that it is the princess’s husband. The boy reveals his true identity and asks for the princess’s hand in marriage. Eventually, the king agrees, and they live happily ever after, with the lions protecting them.
  8. The Lost Years: Once upon a time, a wise and caring king ruled over a prosperous kingdom. The peace was shattered when small trolls began kidnapping people, spreading fear across the land. Desperate to protect his subjects, the king enforced strict measures, depriving them of joyful activities. The king made a deal with an evil wizard who provided a potion to make people invisible to trolls, but its effects were short-lived. Blaming those who hadn’t taken the potion, the king banished them. The cycle continued, and the kingdom suffered. On his deathbed, the king realized the true value of life’s simple pleasures and regretted the restrictions he had imposed. A fairy appeared, granting him one last chance to experience the joys of life. The king passed away peacefully, and the kingdom embraced a life free from fear, cherishing every moment.

In conclusion, these eight troll stories provide an engaging and educational adventure for children of all ages. Crafted for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, this free online collection blends the best of classic and modern tales to ignite children’s imaginations, enhance their learning, and help them fall asleep with enchanting bedtime narratives. With options to read, download, print, or listen, these tales make story time versatile and enjoyable. Whether your child prefers to read along, listen to the audio, or color the printable PDF versions, these troll stories promise to be a memorable part of their childhood, leaving them with precious lessons and unforgettable memories of night-time reading.