Stories About Tigers

Stories About Tigers

Welcome to the Top 11 Stories About Tigers for kids to read online! These fantastic and entertaining tales are perfect for children who love bedtime stories. Our collection features a wide range of stories, available in PDF format for free download, making it easily accessible for kids everywhere. Reading these stories online will not only provide your little ones with hours of enjoyment, but it will also contribute to their learning and education through captivating and easily understandable content.

Our printable, short stories are accompanied by captivating illustrations, making them even more fun and engaging for your children. We’ve also included audio versions, so you can enjoy listening to these enchanting tales with your kids during story time or read-aloud sessions. These stories, available in English, are suitable for both boys and girls of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary students, and even kids in their early years (EYFS).

The stories in this collection are not only enjoyable, but they also come with important moral lessons for children to learn. From classic fairy tales to famous bedtime stories for children, you’ll find the best collection of tiger stories right here, each with unique themes that will leave a lasting impact on your child’s heart and mind. Nighttime stories can be an enjoyable way for kids to unwind and relax before they drift off to sleep.

Let your children join in on the fun by exploring these amazing stories that have been carefully selected and tailored to provide a memorable and educational experience for their developing minds. Trust our incredible selection of tiger stories to leave your kids asking for more, eager to learn, and excited about story time, helping them foster a lifelong love of reading.

Top 11 Stories About Tigers for kids to read online:

  1. Kanan, the boy in the jungle: The story is about Kanan, a boy who was raised by a group of okapis in the jungle after he got lost there as a baby. Kanan loved exploring the jungle and learning its secrets. However, Titan, a fierce tiger, did not like him and ordered him to leave the jungle. Kanan and his friends Bailey and Poppy showed their worth when they saved Titan from a fire, and the tiger realized Kanan was not a threat. They all made peace and worked together to make the jungle a safe place for all creatures and plants. You can download the ebook version of the story from the link provided.
  2. How Anansi tied Tiger: The story tells of Anansi, a spider, who goes fishing and catches a basket full of fish. On his way home, he meets Tiger who demands to know what Anansi has in his basket. Anansi lies and says it’s empty, but Tiger later discovers the basket full of fish and demands they be given to him. Anansi tricks Tiger by tying his hair to a fruit tree, then leaves his rival behind. Tiger is eventually killed by a hunter. An ebook download link for the story is provided.
  3. Part 5: My Father Meets Some Tigers: A father starts to explore a jungle and gets lost in it. He becomes scared upon hearing whispery noises and thinks something is following him. He ends up in a clearing surrounded by seven tigers who intend to eat him. The father distracts the tigers with chewing gum, which he tells them is a special kind that will grow more gum. The tigers become so focused on the gum that they forget about eating the father and he is able to escape.
  4. The Tiger and the Fox: In a forest where jackals and foxes lived, a Tiger came and began killing them one by one. So they decided to take turns being eaten, and on the Fox’s turn, he tricked the Tiger into believing that there was another Tiger in the area. He led the Tiger to a well, where the Tiger saw his own reflection and jumped in, thinking he saw another Tiger. The Fox then told the others that he killed the Tiger and showed them the well. They were all happy about it. The story shows how wit and intelligence can overcome strength and size.
  5. How the Son of a Raja Married Princess Labam: This is a story about a prince who falls in love with Princess Labam after hearing about her from talking parrots. The prince travels through the jungle and encounters different creatures who promise to help him in the future. When he finally reaches Princess Labam’s home, he must complete three impossible tasks set by the king to marry her. With the help of the creatures he met on his journey, the prince completes the tasks and marries the princess, living happily ever after.
  6. The cowardly lion and the hungry tiger: In the Palace of the Emerald City, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger guard Princess Ozma but feel useless as no one is ever naughty in her presence. They decide to prove their worth by causing chaos and eating a fat baby and tearing a person to pieces. However, when they come across a lost baby and a woman who has hurt herself trying to save it, the beasts show their kindness and carry the woman and baby back to their home. They realise it is better to be kind and hungry than to be cruel and ruthless.
  7. How the Tiger Got His Stripes: In this story, a tiger owns a farm that needs clearing and offers an ox as payment to any animal that can do the job. The monkey, the goat, and the armadillo try but fail, and the rabbit, despite being laughed at for his size, wins the job and works hard until the tiger goes hunting and leaves his son to supervise. The rabbit tricks the son into giving him the ox before it’s due and goes to eat it. The tiger follows him and eats the whole ox, making the rabbit angry. Later, the rabbit tricks the tiger into locking himself up, pretending all animals need fortifications, and leaves him there. When the tiger asks others for help, they tell him to ask the one who got him in there to help him get out, and eventually he gets out with deep cuts from the sticks.
  8. Why the Tiger and the Stag Fear Each Other: A stag and a tiger both search for a place to build a home. They end up building their houses next to each other unknowingly, and when they discover each other they argue over whose house it is. They decide to live together and take turns hunting for food. Neither of them trusts the other and they can’t sleep, so they both run away in fear. Their abandoned houses remain standing until they eventually fall down.
  9. How the Monkey and the Goat Earned Their Reputations: This story is about a tiger and a goat who go on a journey to visit the tiger’s friend and encounter obstacles along the way. The tiger outsmarts the goat and tricks him into doing dangerous tasks while ensuring his own safety. Later, the tiger is caught by his host for killing a lamb, but tries to blame the goat. The goat is beaten and gains a reputation for being easily tricked. In contrast, when the tiger invites a monkey on a journey, the monkey outsmarts the tiger and watches him carefully at night. The tiger is caught again for killing a lamb, but this time the monkey is proven innocent and the tiger is beaten.
  10. How the Monkey Got a Drink When He Was Thirsty: This is the story of how a mischievous monkey teases a tiger by singing a song about having the tiger’s bones in his guitar, prompting the angry tiger to chase him. The monkey outwits the tiger by hiding in a hole, pretending his leg is a stick, and disguising himself with honey and leaves to get a drink from the waterhole without being caught. After using tricks to get water for a while, the monkey eventually discovers a way to get water without having to use them.
  11. Sunev: This is a story about a beautiful girl named Sunev who is turned into a tiger by an old witch named Zitna. Sunev finds friends in the forest who help her and eventually Venus, the goddess of beauty, restores her back to her original form. Meanwhile, Zitna presents her own daughter to the Prince of Esor in hopes of securing her future. Eventually, Sunev is found by the Prince’s servants and chosen to be his wife, while Zitna’s daughter marries a noble lord who fell in love with her. It is revealed that Sunev was Venus’ godchild, and she helps ensure both girls’ happiness.

In conclusion, the Top 11 Stories About Tigers offer young readers a thrilling and engaging journey into the world of these majestic creatures. These stories not only introduce children to the enchanting kingdom of tigers and their fascinating habits but also instill valuable life lessons, such as courage, compassion, and friendship. With a blend of adventure, humor, and heartwarming moments, these tales are sure to captivate and inspire young minds, cultivating a love for reading, wildlife, and conservation.