Stories About Survival

Stories About Survival

In the magical world of children’s literature, bedtime stories are a cherished tradition, a delightful experience designed to spark imagination and curiosity. As children drift off to sleep, stories take them on adventures far and wide, fostering a love of reading while subtly imparting valuable lessons. This is precisely why we’ve curated this incredible collection of the 10 best stories about survival, perfect for kids to read online.

These gripping tales, suitable for girls and boys alike, are ideal for story time, and aim to captivate preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students. With intriguing plots centered around survival, these stories are both educational and fun, an amalgamation of challenge, courage, and resilience, providing an enriching learning experience for children in their early years.

We’ve ensured these stories are accessible to everyone; you can download them for free online in pdf format, making them easy to read at any time. Better yet, they’re also printable. This means you can bring these tales to life beyond the digital screen, creating a physical library of adventure and excitement for your young ones.

Our selection spans a range of tales from short, easy-to-follow stories to read aloud during a quick story time, to longer, classic narratives that require a little more time to tell. Each story is paired with enchanting pictures, bringing every scene to life, and helping children visualize the narrative, thereby making the reading experience more engaging and stimulating.

For those who prefer an auditory learning experience, we’ve also included the best audio versions in English, ensuring every child can enjoy these stories, regardless of their reading level or preference.

This collection includes a mix of famous fairy tales and lesser-known stories, ensuring a good balance and variety. They’re perfect for night time reading or for story time in EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) settings and beyond.

The real charm of these survival stories lies in the subtle morals they impart. Each narrative encourages children to overcome adversity, instilling a sense of resilience and determination. As the heroes and heroines navigate through various obstacles, children learn about the importance of courage, perseverance, and resourcefulness.

So, get ready to dive into this exciting compilation of survival stories. Whether your child is just starting their reading journey as a toddler, or they are a seasoned young reader, these stories are sure to captivate, inspire, and educate. Let the magical experience of reading begin, and watch as the spark of curiosity and the joy of learning light up your child’s eyes.

Top 10 Stories About Survival:

  1. Protective Wings: In the midst of a bitterly cold winter, where birds struggled to survive, a group of compassionate pigeons defied the odds. They opened their wings and offered shelter to freezing sparrows seeking refuge. Despite the skepticism of other pigeons, the selfless ones took in the tiny birds, sharing what little warmth they had left. As the night grew colder, a man discovered the fallen pigeon on his porch and brought it inside, unknowingly saving the pigeons and their sparrow companions. The revived pigeons, each carrying a sparrow under their wings, symbolized the power of compassion and solidarity in the face of adversity, bringing hope and joy to the days ahead.
  2. The Arctic Explorer: Driven by curiosity and a thirst for adventure, a sailor embarks on an unprecedented expedition to the frozen land of the Arctic. With a skilled and determined crew, they brave treacherous seas and icy winds, breaking through frozen waters to reach their destination. Upon arriving, they encounter the Inuit, the resilient indigenous people of the Arctic, who become their guides and allies. Together, they navigate the harsh landscape, learning survival techniques and witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of the region. Despite the dangers and challenges, the sailor is filled with a profound sense of wonder and gratitude for the unforgettable journey and the spirit of exploration that defined their Arctic adventure.
  3. Arctic Squirrel Hibernation: Hannah, a young Arctic squirrel, overcomes her fear of hibernation as she prepares for her first winter sleep. With the guidance of her mother, she learns about the natural process of hibernation and how it helps them survive the harsh Arctic winter. Gathering an ample food supply and creating a cozy nest, Hannah enters hibernation, periodically waking up to regulate her body temperature. When she finally awakens in the spring, she feels a sense of accomplishment and readiness for new adventures, knowing that she can successfully endure the challenges of hibernation year after year.
  4. The Baby Snow Owl: In a cozy nest on the tundra, a baby snow owl grows under the care of its loving parents. As it explores the world around it, the time comes for the baby owl to leave the nest. Reluctant at first, it soon realizes that this step is necessary for its growth and independence. With the guidance and support of its parents, the owl develops the skills and adaptations needed to thrive in the harsh Arctic environment. It grows a thick coat of feathers and fluffy slippers to withstand the cold temperatures, and with perseverance, it learns to fly and hunt for its own food. Through these lessons and experiences, the baby owl becomes a strong and capable creature, ready to face the challenges of the arctic winter and the world beyond its nest.
  5. The Alligators’ Frozen Snouts: In the state of Oklahoma, a group of alligators prepares for their annual brumation, a period of dormancy during the cold winter months. They search for the perfect spot in the river where they can submerge their bodies while keeping their snouts above water to breathe. As they enter this frozen state, one alligator forgets to pull his tail into the water, resulting in half of his tail freezing. He eagerly awaits the arrival of spring, longing for the ice to melt and free his tail. Finally, as the ice thaws and the sun shines, the alligators awaken from their hibernation, discussing their plans for the upcoming seasons and eagerly anticipating their first meal. The alligator with the frozen tail basks in the warmth of the sun, learning a valuable lesson for the next winter.
  6. A Bumblebee Queen’s Winter Tale: In a meadow filled with wildflowers, a colony of bumblebees busily worked, pollinating plants and making the meadow flourish. However, as winter approached, the bees prepared for hibernation. Except for the new queen, who would be responsible for rebuilding the colony. The queen laid eggs before hibernating, and when she awoke in spring, she searched tirelessly for a new home. After finding a cozy cave, she built a nest and hatched her eggs. As the new bumblebees grew, they took over the responsibilities of the colony, foraging for food and continuing the cycle of life. Though the queen hibernated for months, she ensured the survival and growth of her colony, contributing to the vitality of the meadow and its inhabitants.
  7. The Snail’s Hideaway: Deep in a forest within the mountains, a special group of snails understood the importance of preparing for winter. As the foliage changed color and fell, signaling the arrival of cold weather, the snails ventured into the forest to find their underground burrows. Diligently, they dug and created cozy homes. Before slipping into a deep winter slumber, the snails sealed their doors with a slimy secretion that hardened, preserving moisture and preventing excessive dryness. With a small air hole for oxygen, they settled inside their shells and hibernated for months. During this time, they conserved energy and required no food. When the snow melted and warmth returned, the snails awakened, emerging from their homes, showcasing their innate ability to care for themselves during winter, thanks to their self-contained hibernation strategy.
  8. Bianca’s Fall Through The Ice: In a wintry land, best friends Bianca and Douglas cherished their ice skating adventures on a frozen lake. They were well aware of the dangers associated with the ice, having learned valuable lessons from experience and their mothers’ safety talks. Equipped with knowledge and preparedness, they ventured further than usual one day. Unfortunately, Bianca fell through the cracking ice, but Douglas swiftly sprang into action. Recalling her mother’s advice, Bianca stayed calm and focused on preserving her energy and body heat. Meanwhile, Douglas called for help and used a rope from his backpack to assist Bianca in pulling herself to safety. With the arrival of assistance, the friends were checked and found to be unharmed. Recognizing their luck and the importance of vigilance, Bianca and Douglas continued to embrace their love for ice skating while remaining cautious of potential dangers.
  9. The Big Flood: In the midst of a harsh winter night, Maria and her family in the Netherlands faced a devastating flood during the Watersnoodramp of 1953. Awoken by rushing water, they quickly realized the severity of the situation and climbed to the roof for safety. Amid the freezing temperatures and witnessing the destruction around them, they clung together for warmth and support. Cut off from communication, they could only watch as their farm and village succumbed to the flood. Fortunately, soldiers eventually rescued them, providing a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy. Relocating and rebuilding their lives, the family remembered the catastrophic event, passing down the story from generation to generation as a testament to the power of nature and the resilience they discovered within themselves.
  10. The Lonely Crawler: Deep within the jungle, a resilient cockroach named Cockroach had outlived all his kin and wandered through the ages alone. Despite his ability to endure the harshest conditions, he longed for companionship. One day, he encountered a delicate and curious moth, and they quickly formed an unbreakable bond. Cockroach shared his stories of the past, and the moth listened with wonder. Together, they explored the world, witnessing the rise and fall of empires, the birth of cities, and the impact of human progress. In a damp basement, they found solace and survived countless challenges. Though they were often misunderstood and underestimated, Cockroach and the moth appreciated their unique roles in the ecosystem. Eventually, as the moth’s life came to an end, Cockroach remained by their side, grateful for the friendship that had given his existence meaning.

In conclusion, our carefully curated collection of the top 10 survival stories for kids provides not just entertaining bedtime tales, but also invaluable life lessons woven subtly into each narrative. From free, printable PDFs to audio versions, these stories are designed to engage, educate, and excite children of all ages. Whether it’s the immersive pictures that make each story leap off the page, or the timeless morals they convey, these tales promise to enrich the night-time reading routine. So let’s embark on this literary adventure together, fostering a love for reading, stimulating imaginations, and nurturing resilience and courage in children — one story at a time.