Stories About Squirrels

Stories About Squirrels

Welcome to our exclusive collection of the 11 best squirrel stories for kids to read online. These tales, handpicked from famous storybooks and treasured folklore, bring to life the engaging world of squirrels in a fun, enlightening, and educational way. Whether you’re seeking a good bedtime read or an interesting daytime story, these short, easy-to-read narratives will be a perfect choice.

Reading aloud to your children at night has never been this exciting! Each of these squirrel stories is available for free download in a printable pdf format and in an audio version too. This means that you can enjoy story time whether you are cuddling up together with a book before bedtime, on a long car ride, or just during a cozy afternoon indoors.

Engage early years and preschool children with colourful illustrations that accompany these squirrel stories. Boys and girls will love the vibrant pictures that make these tales even more captivating. Plus, the audio versions are perfect for those longer car journeys or when your little ones simply want to listen and imagine.

Our curated collection features classic fairy tales, modern short stories, and longer narratives that are sure to appeal to kindergartners and elementary students alike. The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) compatible stories are perfect for toddlers who are just starting to explore the joy of books.

These delightful stories revolve around the fascinating behaviour of squirrels as they scamper around, hoard their food for the fall, and interact with their environment. In addition to being fun, these stories provide a window for kids to learn about nature and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it.

The stories we’ve chosen are not just entertaining, but also come with a moral at the end. By reading or listening to these tales, children can learn valuable lessons about sharing, bravery, friendship, and more, which they can apply in their everyday lives.

So, snuggle up with your little ones, select a story from our curated collection, and journey into the enchanting world of squirrels. It’s the perfect way to end a day, promoting sleep with a delightful dose of learning, entertainment, and a warm, comforting bedtime routine. Ready to embark on an adventure with these furry friends? Let’s get started!

Top 11 Stories About Squirrels:

  1. The Tale Of Timmy Tiptoes: Timmy Tiptoes, a squirrel, and his wife Goody set out to collect and store nuts for the winter. However, they encounter trouble when other squirrels accuse Timmy of stealing their nuts. They imprison him in a small hole, but Timmy is rescued by a kind chipmunk who nurses him back to health. Meanwhile, Goody continues gathering nuts and inadvertently discovers another chipmunk, Chippy Hackee, living in their nut storage. Eventually, Timmy is freed, and the chipmunks reconcile. Timmy and Goody now keep their nut store locked, and the mischievous little bird continues to sing its taunting song, unaware that Timmy and Goody have resolved the misunderstanding.
  2. The Squirrel Family: In a beautiful tree in the forest, the Squirrel family lives happily together. Betty and Budge, the young squirrel siblings, enjoy playing with their cousins and living carefree lives. However, as the seasons change and winter approaches, the family realizes they need to collect enough nuts to survive the cold. Daddy and mommy Squirrel ask Betty and Budge to help, but Budge finds it difficult to work and quickly gets tired. When the time comes to collect nuts urgently, Budge goes off to play and ends up getting trapped by two boys who want to keep him as a pet. Meanwhile, his family frantically works to gather enough food. However, Budge manages to escape and returns home to a joyful reunion. Realizing the importance of hard work, Budge becomes a diligent squirrel and helps collect nuts for the winter.
  3. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin: a mischievous red squirrel, and his squirrel companions venture to Owl Island to gather nuts as an offering to Old Brown, the owl who resides there. Nutkin’s impertinent behavior and rude songs annoy Old Brown, but the other squirrels continue to bring offerings while Nutkin plays and taunts. Eventually, Nutkin goes too far and leaps onto Old Brown’s head, resulting in a scuffle and Nutkin being pinned. However, he cleverly escapes by breaking his tail and fleeing through an attic window. From then on, Nutkin retains his mischievous nature, throwing sticks and scolding anyone who asks him a riddle.
  4. The Thrifty Squirrels: In a hollow oak tree, a squirrel named Mr. Squirrel lived with his wife, Mrs. Squirrel, and their three well-behaved little squirrels. They were a careful and orderly family, always saving food for the winter. One cold winter day, a shabby and hungry rabbit named Bimny knocked on their door, seeking warmth and food. The Squirrel family welcomed him in, sharing their provisions and offering him comfort. Despite their kindness, Bimny couldn’t stay content and left to wander again, facing the hardships of the winter alone. Reflecting on their own prudence and Bimny’s plight, the Squirrel family learned the value of being both kind-hearted and thrifty. They often thought of the poor rabbit but never saw him again.
  5. The Gnome In The Boot: In a small forest, a gnome named Gizmo found himself stuck inside his boot when his ladder went missing. With the help of a friendly caterpillar, Gizmo embarked on a search for the ladder and discovered a squirrel holding it atop a tree. Instead of scolding the squirrel, Gizmo realized that they both shared the desire to gather food for their families. They decided to share the ladder and work together, fostering a newfound friendship. Gizmo learned the power of understanding and kindness, and the three friends spent their days happily in the forest.
  6. Good Night, Hibernators: In a small village on the outskirts of a vast forest, a little girl named Mira embarks on a magical journey to tell bedtime stories to the animals preparing for winter. As she ventures deeper into the forest, Mira encounters bears, bats, hedgehogs, squirrels, and badgers, captivating each group with enchanting tales that mirror their own preparations and instincts for the cold season. With her stories, Mira brings comfort and joy to the animals, ensuring their peaceful slumber. Upon returning home, Mira finds solace in the warmth of her own home, knowing that her storytelling has brought comfort to the creatures of the forest. As she drifts off to sleep, Mira’s heart is filled with contentment, grateful for the adventures and connections she has made.
  7. A Surprise: One lovely autumn day, Mr. Chipmunk discovers a pile of tempting acorns and decides to cover them and save them for spring, already having enough nuts in his storeroom for winter. Little did he know that the acorns were listening and embraced their fate, believing something beautiful would happen if they stayed still and patient. Throughout the winter, the acorns remain quiet, covered by the falling leaves, snow, and the comforting sound of the wind. When spring arrives, they awaken to a warm and sunny world, bursting out of their shells as shoots and roots, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Mr. Chipmunk, in search of his acorns, is astonished to find the growing oak trees instead. Puzzled but content, he wonders who could have placed the green wonders there, unknowingly witnessing the remarkable transformation of the acorns he had hidden.
  8. Arctic Squirrel Hibernation: Hannah, a young Arctic squirrel, feels anxious about her upcoming hibernation, unsure of what to expect during her long sleep. Seeking reassurance, she confides in her mother, who explains the natural process of hibernation for Arctic squirrels. They gather food, create a burrow, and build a nest to prepare for the winter. With newfound understanding, Hannah embraces hibernation. As the cold settles in, she curls up in her nest and falls into a deep sleep, occasionally waking to regulate her body temperature. When spring arrives, Hannah awakens refreshed and proud, ready to face the challenges of the Arctic once again. She realizes that hibernation is a vital survival mechanism, and she feels confident in her ability to endure the winters in the years to come.
  9. The Mistletoe Mystery: In a festive mountain town during Christmas, the disappearance of the town’s prized mistletoe leaves the community disheartened. Determined to find the missing decoration, a group of friends embark on a search, first exploring the houses and then venturing into the woods. To their surprise, they discover the mistletoe hanging from a tree branch, only to find a family of hungry squirrels beneath it. Realizing that the squirrels took the mistletoe for food, the friends invite the squirrel family to the town’s Christmas feast. The community rejoices as the mistletoe is returned, and the spirit of Christmas is once again alive in the town.
  10. The Brave Little Boy And The Big Slide: In a picturesque town nestled in rolling hills, a courageous little boy named Huggy sets out on a mission to conquer his fear of the big slide at the playground. With determination in his heart, Huggy climbs to the top, but his nerves start to overwhelm him. Luckily, a friendly squirrel offers words of encouragement, reminding Huggy to believe in himself. Inspired by the squirrel’s wisdom, Huggy takes a deep breath, pushes off, and slides down the intimidating slide. Overcoming his fear, Huggy experiences the thrill and joy of accomplishing something he once found scary. From that moment on, Huggy discovers the power of believing in himself and eagerly looks forward to tackling new adventures at the playground.
  11. Christmas In The Barn: young Johnny finds himself with two Christmas trees and decides to create a special celebration for his beloved pets. With creativity and thoughtfulness, he decorates the extra tree in the barn with treats and surprises for each animal. Johnny’s family joins in, and together they witness the joy and contentment of their pets as they gather around the unique Christmas tree. The festive scene is filled with laughter and merry sounds, symbolizing the spirit of Christmas and the love shared among all.

In conclusion, this collection of the 11 best squirrel stories for kids to read online is a treasure trove of learning, fun, and enchantment. With a range of stories suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and elementary students, these tales make for excellent bedtime stories or daytime entertainment. Each narrative not only promotes English language proficiency, but also cultivates an understanding of the captivating behavior of squirrels and imparts valuable moral lessons. By making these stories available for free download in both printable pdf and audio formats, we aim to make story time accessible, engaging, and enjoyable for every child, ensuring that they fall asleep enriched and dreaming of the adventures of their new furry friends.