Stories About Snakes

Stories About Snakes

Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of snakes with our exceptional collection of the 10 best stories about snakes for kids. Perfect for children of all ages – toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students alike, these tales are an exciting addition to bedtime routines. Reading these stories aloud will certainly make your little ones fall into a peaceful slumber, all while learning valuable lessons about one of mankind’s most recognized natural adversaries.

This compilation of famous snake tales, accessible for free online, encompasses short, simple narratives that are easy to tell, as well as longer, classic tales that will captivate both boys and girls. Each story, carefully crafted for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), is educationally rich, ensuring it is apt for the learning journey of preschool and kindergarten students, as well as those in the early elementary years. The morals embedded within these tales provide insights into good values, subtly teaching children about bravery, wisdom, and respect for all creatures.

Recognizing the appeal of visual aids for kids, our selection is packed with beautifully illustrated stories that come with vibrant pictures, making the reading experience more enjoyable and easier for children to comprehend. What’s more, each tale is available in printable pdf format, allowing children to revisit their favorite narratives anytime, even offline.

Our collection also includes free download options for audio versions of these stories. Not only do these facilitate the improvement of English listening skills, but they also enhance story time by making it interactive and engaging, especially when read aloud. This is a fun-filled approach to help children develop their linguistic skills.

The world of snakes is intriguing and full of wonder. These stories, while acknowledging that snakes are often perceived as enemies of mankind, strive to present a balanced view. They unravel the mystery surrounding these creatures, highlighting their essential role in maintaining ecological balance. Whether your child delves into the adventures of classic fairy tales or enjoys the suspense of famous snake folklore, they will learn to appreciate these creatures and the intriguing world they inhabit.

These captivating snake stories are readily available online for free, offering a unique way to enrich night-time story sessions. So, get ready to weave a world of wonder with these tales and let your kids embark on an exciting learning journey filled with fun, education, and memorable bedtime experiences.

Top 10 Stories About Snakes:

  1. The Snake Prince: an old woman who is desperately poor finds herself with only a handful of flour and no money. As she goes to the river to bathe, she discovers a deadly snake in her brass pot. Thinking it is a kind of mercy, she decides to take the snake home to be bitten and end her troubles. However, when she empties the pot, a magnificent necklace falls out instead. She sells the necklace to the king and receives a generous sum of money. Later, the king and queen discover that the necklace has transformed into a baby boy. They raise the child as their own. Years later, when the prince marries a princess, she insists on learning his secret. Reluctantly, he reveals that he was once a snake. Upon hearing this, he disappears into the river, leaving the princess heartbroken. She follows instructions given by the prince and manages to summon the queen of snakes, who promises to return the prince to her the next day. The prince indeed returns, and they live happily ever after, becoming king and queen and ruling prosperously.
  2. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi: is a short story by Rudyard Kipling about a brave and clever mongoose named Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. He is adopted by a British family living in India and becomes their loyal protector. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi’s main adversaries are two cobras, Nag and Nagaina, who threaten the safety of the family and their garden. With his quick wit and agility, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi outsmarts and defeats the cobras, saving the family from harm. The story highlights the courage, loyalty, and resourcefulness of the mongoose and delivers a message of the importance of bravery and protecting loved ones.
  3. Uncle Wiggily And The Mushroom: Uncle Wiggily, a kind-hearted rabbit, embarks on a journey with his friend, the prickly porcupine. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and dangers. With the porcupine’s help, Uncle Wiggily survives an encounter with a snake and finds comfort in their companionship. They enjoy a meal together in a mushroom-filled area and continue their journey. Later, they face another threat from a chasing snake, but Uncle Wiggily is saved by a growing mushroom that lifts him out of harm’s reach. The snake is scared away by a passing policeman, and Uncle Wiggily safely returns to the ground. Grateful for their friendship and shared adventures, Uncle Wiggily and the porcupine decide to continue their journey together, anticipating new adventures ahead.
  4. Batcha And The Dragon: Batcha, a shepherd, witnesses a peculiar sight of snakes gathering at a cliff. Curious, he follows them, discovering a hidden cave filled with riches and a sleeping kingsnake. However, when Batcha tries to leave, he finds himself trapped inside. Hours later, the snakes awaken, and the kingsnake leads them out. Batcha tries to follow, but the cave closes on him. The kingsnake strikes a deal with Batcha, promising to release him if he swears not to reveal the cave’s entrance. Batcha is set free, only to realize that he has slept through the winter. He returns home to his angry wife and encounters a wizard who forces him to break his oath. As a consequence, Batcha is taken on a wild ride atop a dragon. In desperation, he calls upon a skylark to deliver a message to God, who saves him and returns him to his home. Despite his wife’s initial anger, Batcha is relieved to be back and grateful for his newfound appreciation for the familiar.
  5. The Farmer And The Snake: a Farmer comes across a frozen Snake in his field and decides to warm it up in his bosom. Once the Snake recovers, it bites the Farmer, causing him to realize that his act of kindness was repaid with betrayal. As he nears death, the Farmer warns others to learn from his fate and not to show compassion to those who are untrustworthy.
  6. The Porcupine And The Snakes: a Porcupine seeks a new home and finds a cave occupied by a family of Snakes. Despite the Snakes’ initial kindness, they soon realize that the Porcupine’s quills cause them discomfort. Politely, they ask him to leave, but the Porcupine refuses and escorts them out instead. The Snakes are forced to find a new home in order to protect themselves. The story highlights how the Porcupine’s refusal to leave results in the displacement of the Snakes. 
  7. The Jungle Potluck: In a lush jungle, a group of animal friends organizes a potluck dinner to celebrate their friendship. Mick, the clever monkey, brings a fruit salad, Leo, the brave lion, makes a chocolate pie after considering the antelope’s invitation, Ella, the friendly elephant, prepares a peanut and banana stew, and Sam, the clever snake, changes his plan and brings coconut cocktails. The friends gather under a banana tree, surrounded by beautiful flowers and glowing worms. The potluck is a success, and everyone enjoys the delicious food while bonding and making new friends. They end the night by the campfire, singing and sharing stories, grateful for their enduring friendship.
  8. The Story Of The Three Beggars: In a tale of twists and turns, a merchant named Mark shows his disdain for the poor. When three beggars seek shelter at his home, Mark’s daughter, Anastasia, convinces him to let them stay. Little does Mark know, the beggars possess magical powers. As they plan the fate of a newborn child, Vassili, Mark’s malicious intentions are revealed. However, fate intervenes, and Vassili ends up in the care of monks. As he grows up, Vassili’s talents shine, and he encounters Mark once again. Mark tries to manipulate Vassili, but the young man outsmarts him with the help of three beggars turned friends. Vassili embarks on a journey and uncovers secrets from the Snake King, a river ferryman, and a wise old oak tree. Ultimately, Vassili finds success, happiness, and love, while Mark is condemned to an endless cycle of ferrying people across the river as punishment for his greed.
  9. The Box Of Flames: In a far-off country, a poor peddler named Joga encounters a mysterious girl who buys a ring from him and directs him to the King for payment. Skeptical but determined, Joga convinces his wife, Damar, to accompany him on the journey. Despite Damar’s doubts, they reach the palace and inform the King of the ring’s sale. The King leads them to a box of streaming flames, which contains the exact payment Joga requested. Intrigued by other items in the box, the King takes them to a tower where a beautiful girl lies under a spell. With the help of the emerald and a drop of red liquid, the King frees his wife and shares the tale of the box’s power. Grateful, the King rewards Joga and Damar with gold, and they return home, forever wondering about the girl who bought the ring.
  10. A Mother’s Day Reunion In The Forest: In a lush green forest, a young snake named Santiago, raised by a wise owl named Otis, embarks on a journey to find his long-lost mother before Mother’s Day. Along the way, Santiago learns important lessons from various forest creatures, including the significance of teamwork from beavers, the value of hard work from ants, and the beauty of transformation from butterflies. Finally, Santiago meets a wise tortoise who guides him to his mother’s burrow near a lake. The joyful reunion takes place on Mother’s Day, and Santiago presents his mother with a bouquet of wildflowers. From that day forward, Santiago and his mother share a bond while cherishing the lessons learned from their forest friends.

In conclusion, these carefully selected snake stories for kids are more than just exciting bedtime tales; they are powerful educational tools that demystify these misunderstood creatures. Designed for children of all ages, from toddlers to elementary students, these tales, replete with engaging pictures and fun audio versions, provide an immersive reading experience. With the printable PDF versions of these stories at your disposal, night-time reading will become a journey of exploration into the intriguing world of snakes, helping children learn about these creatures beyond their reputation as mankind’s natural enemies. From short, simple tales to longer, classic narratives, each story in this free online collection offers a blend of entertainment and learning that will instill a love for reading in your kids. So, let your children slither into the fascinating world of snakes, creating unforgettable memories and learning important life lessons along the way.