Stories About Sisters

Stories About Sisters

Welcome to the Top 15 Stories About Sisters, a delightful collection of stories perfect for kids of all ages! Our selection of classic and contemporary tales caters to preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students and is suitable for all children, whether they’re boys or girls. These stories are not only fun and captivating, but also educational, fostering a love for learning and supporting early years development. Each story, narrated in easy English, is perfect for bedtime or night time reading and comes complete with beautiful illustrations and pictures to further engage your little ones.

The stories are available to read online for free and can be downloaded as a printable pdf, so you can enjoy sharing them with your children at any time. We have also included audio for an enhanced story time experience, ensuring that children can listen to these wonderful tales while developing their listening skills. Our collection covers a range of themes and lengths, from short to longer stories, ensuring that there is something for every young reader’s preference.

Stories About Sisters focus on the unique bond shared between siblings and the importance of family ties. These narratives are infused with morals and values such as love, compassion, understanding, and teamwork that kids can learn from as they grow up. With this enchanting collection of fairy tales, classic stories, and timeless tales of adventure, children will be swept away into the magical world of sisterly love and friendship. Join us as we embark on a journey of imagination and wonder, where sisters triumph through challenges together, making bedtime a memorable experience for your little ones!

Top 15 Stories About Sisters for kids to read online:

  1. One Eye, Two Eyes and Three Eyes: The story is about a girl named Two Eyes who is mistreated by her family because she has two eyes like normal people. A wise woman gives her a goat that provides food whenever she needs it, but her jealous sisters discover the secret and their mother kills the goat. When Two Eyes buries the goat, a beautiful tree grows in its place that bears golden apples. Two Eyes is able to pick a branch for a knight who takes her to his castle and they get married. Later, she forgives and helps her mistreating sisters who come begging for food.
  2. Cinderella: The story is about a kind and beautiful girl named Cinderella, who is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. However, she receives help from a magical hazel tree and a little bird that grants her wishes. When the prince throws a three-day ball to find a bride, Cinderella is forbidden from attending, but with the help of the little bird, she goes and captures the attention of the prince. She flees at midnight and loses a glass slipper in the process, which the prince uses to find her and make her his wife. The story ends with Cinderella and the prince living happily ever after.
  3. Mother Holle: This story is about a hardworking girl who falls into a well and ends up in the home of Mother Holle. She works hard and is rewarded with gold dust before returning home. Her lazy sister tries the same thing but is punished with tar for her laziness. The story teaches the importance of hard work and the consequences of laziness.
  4. Snow-white and Rose-red: In this fairy tale, two sisters named Snow-white and Rose-red live with their mother in a cottage near a forest. One winter evening, a bear knocks at their door, and despite their initial fear, they befriend him and allow him to spend the winter with them. The bear eventually reveals that he is actually a prince who was cursed by a wicked dwarf and needs to retrieve his treasure from the dwarf’s cave. Snow-white and Rose-red help the prince, and in the end, both sisters marry a prince and live happily ever after.
  5. Sisterly Love in a Snowglobe: This is a story about a little girl named Lily who loses her sister Daisy in a tragic accident. Lily is devastated and angry, and isolates herself from everyone. Her parents give her a snowglobe that Daisy had left for her, which contains memories of their time together. Lily finds comfort in reliving those memories whenever she shakes the snowglobe, but eventually realizes that her sister will always be with her in her heart. She learns to cope with her grief and moves forward, knowing that Daisy is her guardian angel.
  6. Sick Day Fun with Ruby: The story is about two twin sisters, Rosie and Ruby. Rosie wakes up feeling sick and has to stay in her room while Ruby wants to spend time with her. Ruby sets up a tea party and puts on a show for Rosie outside her window. They spend a few days having fun together until Rosie gets better and they are reunited. They learn that even when they are apart, they can still have fun and spend time together. The story emphasizes the strong bond between siblings and how they support and care for each other.
  7. Blanca and Rosalinde: The story is about an old woman who is rewarded by a sorceress after being kind to an old mother. Her daughters are given gifts, with the eldest becoming a queen and the youngest marrying a farmer. The eldest becomes unhappy in her new position and seeks solace with her sister, who lives a simple life on the farm. Eventually, the sorceress reappears and reveals that the eldest was made queen as a punishment. The sorceress grants the queen’s wish to be free from the palace and allows her to spend the rest of her days with her sister on their farm.
  8. The Twelve Dancing Princesses: The story is about a king with twelve daughters who sleep in a locked room, but their shoes are worn out every morning. When several princes try to solve the mystery and fail, an old soldier comes across an old lady who tells him the secret to follow the princesses to an underground castle. He does not drink the wine they give him and pretends to sleep, then follows them with an invisible cloak. He discovers the princesses’ secret and tells the king, marrying the eldest daughter and inheriting the throne.
  9. The Ram: This story is about a king who loves his youngest daughter the most but becomes angry with her when she shows him disrespect. He orders his guards to kill her, but they leave her in the forest instead. She meets a talking ram who was cursed by a fairy and falls in love with him. He turns out to be a king, and they get married. When she attends her sisters’ weddings, her father recognizes her and begs for forgiveness. She becomes the queen, and the talking ram goes to the gate of the palace to see her. She sees him too late, and he dies from a broken heart. The story teaches that setbacks can occur even when you have what you always wanted, and it’s important to keep your word.
  10. King Lear: The story is about King Lear, who plans to divide his kingdom amongst his three daughters. However, he first asks them to express their love for him, and while two daughters profess an extravagant love, his youngest daughter Cordelia merely promises duty and loyalty. Incensed, King Lear banishes Cordelia and divides his kingdom between the other daughters. Ultimately, Cordelia becomes queen of France, while Lear’s remaining days are filled with misery and mistreatment by his daughters until they ultimately turn against each other in a deadly struggle for power. The tragedy ends with the deaths of Lear and Cordelia.
  11. Diamonds and Toads: The story is about two sisters, one kind and gentle, and the other rude and arrogant. The kind sister encounters a fairy disguised as a poor woman who gifts her the ability to have flowers and diamonds come out of her mouth when she speaks while the rude sister encounters the same fairy and is cursed to have snakes and toads come out of her mouth. The kind sister is forced to do all the work of the family as opposed to her sister, who is spoiled. The prince discovers the kind sister, falls in love with her, and marries her because of her ability to produce diamonds. The rude sister, on the other hand, is so hateful and spiteful that everyone left her, and she died alone.
  12. Kate Crackernuts: This is a story about a jealous queen who wants to ruin her stepdaughter’s beauty. She sends the girl to collect eggs from a henwife without eating anything, but the princess cheats and eats food. The henwife tells her a cryptic message to relay to her stepmother, who locks her in the kitchen the next day. When the princess goes to the henwife’s, nothing happens. On the third day, the queen goes with the princess, and the princess loses her head at the henwife’s. The queen is satisfied, but the sick prince falls for the princess, and they have to solve fairy riddles to heal him. The prince’s brother marries the princess’s sick sister, and they all live happily ever after.
  13. The Lily Sisters: The story follows three little sisters who live together in a beautiful palace owned by a Great King and are taught to do loving work by their kind nurse called Dame Nature. However, one of the sisters is always discontented and hangs her head and sulks when other children try to play with her. Eventually, the Great King rewards the two good little lily sisters with white robes and golden crowns while the naughty sister fades away. Visitors congratulate them on being crowned, including a little girl named Ruth, who tells the story of Easter, of the wonderful work the Great King’s Son did for the people of the beautiful palace.
  14. The Three Sisters: The story follows Nella, the youngest of three sisters who is born under good luck. She falls in love with an enchanted prince who creates a crystal passage to secretly visit her. Her jealous sisters discover the secret and break the passage, causing the prince to become mortally wounded. The king searches for a cure and promises half the kingdom or the hand of his son in marriage to anyone who can save him. Nella disguises herself as a beggar and hears an ogress say that their fat can cure any wound. She ends up killing the ogress and uses their fat to heal the prince. When he refuses to marry her, she reveals that Nella is actually her and they get married. Her sisters are thrown into an oven as punishment for their jealousy and evil deeds.
  15. The Quarrel of the Months: In this story, Mother Earth gets her twelve children ready for the New Year. Each month argues that they are the most important. January believes she is important as the first month of the year, February thinks she’s the most beautiful, while March prepares the way for spring. All twelve months argue until Mother Earth reminds them that they are all equally important. They each have their unique contributions to make the year perfect, and she loves them all equally.

In conclusion, these Top 15 stories about sisters showcase the essence of love, friendship, and togetherness as siblings navigate through life’s joys and challenges. These tales reveal the remarkable bond that sisters share, teaching kids to cherish and support their siblings. By reading these stories online, children learn valuable lessons about empathy, understanding, cooperation, and the importance of family. These heartwarming tales of sisterly love will inspire kids to be better siblings, friends, and human beings, as they carry these messages with them throughout their lives.