Stories About Revenge

Stories About Revenge

Welcome to the Top 10 Stories About Revenge, a wonderful collection specially curated for kids to enjoy during their bedtime story sessions or any time they want to dive into an exciting world of tales! This collection is available for children to read online, as a free pdf download, and even in printable format for easy sharing and learning. These short, educational stories are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, including toddlers and those in their early years foundation stage (EYFS).

Featuring famous bedtime stories with engaging pictures, this easy-to-read collection is sure to entertain and engage both girls and boys. In addition to being entertaining, these tales also come with a moral that helps children learn valuable life lessons. The stories vary from classic fairy tales to good old-fashioned revenge stories full of fun and excitement. Our Top 10 Stories About Revenge are also available in audio format, making story time and read aloud sessions with your kids more enjoyable and interactive.

The importance of Stories About Revenge lies in their ability to showcase the consequences of one’s actions and teach children essential life lessons about forgiveness, empathy, and the concept of “an eye for an eye.” While enjoying these tales, kids will learn that seeking revenge may not always be the best course of action and that forgiveness can often lead to a happier resolution. These stories are captivating, adventurous, and will make bedtime memorable for children, taking them on a fantastic journey before they drift off to sleep. So let’s dive into this exciting collection and see where the stories of revenge will take us, and what lessons we can learn from them!

Top 10 Stories About Revenge for kids to read online:

  1. The Elephant and the Tailor: The story is about an elephant in South East Asia who is treated poorly by a tailor, and in revenge, the elephant throws dirty water all over the tailor and ruins his fabrics. The story teaches a lesson about treating everyone, especially elephants, with kindness and respect. Another story is told about an elephant who saves a child from harm, even though the sitter treating him badly. The downloads include an ebook PDF version of the story to read offline or print.
  2. Battle of Frogs and Mice: The story is about a big party hosted by King Puff-jaw, ruler of the land of the Frogs. During the party, a little frog reports seeing strange little men from the forest, who turn out to be the prince of Mice and his companions. After a mishap with a water snake, the mice declare war on the frogs, leading to a fierce battle. With the help of the lobster army, the frogs emerge victorious, and peace is eventually restored between the two kingdoms. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Rose-Tree: In this story, a girl with beautiful golden hair is cruelly mistreated by her stepmother, who cuts off her hair and cooks her heart in a pot. Her little brother, who loves her dearly, manages to bury her heart under a rose tree. When the tree blossoms, a white bird with a beautiful voice sings a song about the girl’s tragic fate, prompting three men to give the bird red shoes, a gold watch, and a mill stone in exchange for singing the song. The bird uses these items to seek revenge on the stepmother and help the girl’s brother and father.
  4. The Scorpion and the Tortoise: In this fable, a scorpion and a tortoise agree to travel together and cross a river. The tortoise swims with the scorpion on his back, but halfway across, the scorpion reveals his intention to sting the tortoise. The tortoise sinks his back, shaking the scorpion off into the water. The moral of the story is that trusting those who have proven themselves untrustworthy can invite harm and betrayal.
  5. The Tempest: Prospero, Duke of Milan, entrusted his duchy to his brother Antonio, but Antonio seized the duchy with the help of King Alonso and forced Prospero and his daughter onto a small boat at sea. A loyal courtier secretly gave them provisions and books before their boat washed up on an enchanted island ruled by the witch Sycorax. Prospero freed the good spirits, made them his subjects, and studied magic. Years later, when Alonso and Antonio sailed by his island, Prospero caused a storm, revealed his survival, and arranged for his daughter to marry Alonso’s son. After forgiving his enemies and freeing the magical spirit Ariel, Prospero returned to Milan.
  6. The Revenge of the Fireflies: In this story, the Fireflies and the Goblins were good friends until the Goblins didn’t invite the Fireflies to their romp in the forest. The Fireflies were angry and decided to take revenge by covering the Goblins’ rocks with their bright lights, creating the illusion of a fire, and scaring the Goblins. When the Goblins realized what had happened, they suspected that the Fireflies took revenge on them. From then on, they invited all the Fireflies to their romps to avoid any ill feelings.
  7. The Revenge of the Gnomes: In this story, the Fairies had a party and invited the Goblins, but they forgot to invite the Gnomes. The Gnomes overheard the Goblins talking about the party and were angry that they weren’t invited. The Queen and her Fairies had a beautiful party, but the Goblins were very greedy and rude, ruining everything. After chasing them away, the Fairies had to make amends with the Gnomes and learn the importance of not forgetting others.
  8. The Rose Elf: This is a story about a tiny elf who lived inside a beautiful rose in a garden. One night, when he couldn’t enter his rose because it had closed, he ended up witnessing a tragic event where a man was killed by his lover’s angry brother. The elf tried to comfort the grieving girl and found solace in a new rose. He also discovered that every flower has a soul that knows about the events in the garden. The Flower Souls sought revenge by killing the angry brother, and the Bee Queen sang about the power of the flowers and the elf’s story.
  9. The White Doe: This story is about a queen who gets her wish for a daughter granted by fairies, but a crab punishes her for not acknowledging the fountain fairy. As a result, the princess is locked away from sunlight until she is fifteen. A prince falls in love with her portrait and plans to marry her, but the evil deeds of jealous bridesmaids cause confusion and heartbreak. With the help of a fairy, the princess is transformed into a white deer by day, and she is finally able to meet the prince. They fall in love and get married, and the story ends on a happy note.
  10. The Green Cat: In this story, Old Witch Betto is angry that she was not invited to a village fête. She sends down heavy rain to spoil the decorations and dampen everyone’s mood. Hans, who was supposed to marry Gretchen during the fête, sets off on a quest to stop the rain. He meets a talking frog who helps him find the dwarf guarding the green cat. The green cat scares Witch Betto, and she turns into a rock. The rain stops, the fête goes on, and Gretchen and Hans get married. The prince and princess, who were also under Witch Betto’s spell, are released from their curse, and Hans tells this story to his children years later.

In conclusion, the Top 10 Stories About Revenge offer a thrilling, memorable, and captivating reading experience for kids. These stories provide valuable lessons on the consequences of revenge and the importance of forgiveness, empathy, and understanding. Although the tales are filled with excitement and unexpected twists, they ultimately showcase the power of kindness and compassion in overcoming adversity. By exploring these vivid tales, young readers can not only satisfy their curiosity for adventure, but also learn essential life lessons that will help them grow into empathetic and wise individuals.