Stories About Pride

Stories About Pride

Welcome to our fantastic collection of the Top 14 Stories About Pride, specifically curated for kids to read and enjoy online. These engaging bedtime tales are perfect for children, ranging from preschoolers to elementary students. The stories are available in various formats, including PDF, free to download, and printable so your little ones can enjoy them in any way they prefer. Our collection contains educational and entertaining short stories that are easy to read and understand, with fun illustrations that help engage young readers. Parents can access the best audio files to make story time even more exciting. These timeless, classic tales are available in English and suitable for girls and boys alike, ensuring a fun-filled learning experience.

One of the essential reasons to introduce the topic of pride in stories for children is to teach them the value of self-esteem and the importance of humility. Stories About Pride can help them gain an understanding of the concept from an early age and it’s important role in life. These tales often come with important moral lessons about the consequences of excessive pride and the rewards of being humble.

So, whether you’re a parent searching for the perfect bedtime story for your toddlers or a teacher looking for an engaging lesson for kindergarten and early years students, our collection of Stories About Pride is sure to delight and educate young minds. Let your children fall asleep with a positive message, or start their day with an inspiring tale. We hope you and your kids enjoy this journey of learning and exploring the world of Pride through these wonderful stories. Happy reading!

Top 14 Stories About Pride for kids to read online:

  1. The Forgiveness Walk: In a small Nigerian village, the day before New Year’s Eve was filled with excitement as the villagers prepared for the Forgiveness Walk tradition. Musa, who had quarrels with his best friend Aisha, struggled to ask for forgiveness due to his pride. However, after having a dream of being alone, he realized that he needed his friends and family to be truly happy. Musa went to visit Aisha during the Forgiveness Walk and they apologized to each other. They sang, danced, and played instruments, strengthening their friendship and starting the new year on the right foot. An ebook download is also available.
  2. The importance of Soup Joumou on New Year’s Day: A brother and sister named Junior and Roseline from Haitian heritage, but residing in the US, look forward to their yearly New Year’s Day tradition of preparing squash soup with their family. One year, as they eat their soup, their parents tell them the story of the Haitian tradition of soup joumou, which symbolizes freedom, resilience and pride in their heritage. From then on, every time they eat soup joumou, they recognize the importance of the tradition and the sacrifices their ancestors made to gain freedom and equality. Junoir and Roseline continue the tradition with their own families as a way to pass down their heritage. An ebook (PDF) is provided for download.
  3. The Rival Fire Fighting Planes: Two competitive fire fighting planes named Hawk and Scooper are always trying to outdo each other in saving animals and fighting fires. They take risky moves, going closer to flames to perform daring maneuvers. However, their competition leads them to get stuck in a tree surrounded by flames while trying to rescue a group of stranded animals. The rescue team saves them, and they realize their behavior was not okay. They learn to put aside their egos and work together as a team to become the best fire fighting planes in the land.
  4. Niels’ Carnival Costume: The story is about a little boy named Niels who spends all his savings on making a silver spacesuit costume with colorful stars and planets stitched on it for a big Carnival parade. On the day of the parade, Niels marches proudly with his father, showing off his costume. Unexpectedly, he wins the prize for the best costume, making him the king of Carnival. Niels realizes that it doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest or the best, as long as you have fun and be yourself. He goes home with a heart full of memories, excited for next year’s Carnival adventure.
  5. The Cinco de Mayo Celebration: A Mexican-American family in California teaches their children about the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo, explaining the historical significance of the date and instilling in them a sense of pride in their Mexican heritage. They transport themselves to a magical marketplace and discover how people celebrate Cinco de Mayo with traditional food, music and dance, but also with reverence for the bravery and determination of their ancestors who fought in the Battle of Puebla. The family returns home with a deep appreciation for the holiday and begins their own traditions of celebrating May 5th with fun activities and moments of reflection on the past.
  6. The Proud Little Apple Blossom: In this story, a proud apple blossom learns to appreciate the beauty and value of a common dandelion. While the apple blossom initially looks down on the plain little flower, a sunbeam and some children show her the wonder and joy that the dandelion brings. Ultimately, the princess even chooses the dandelion’s feathery crown as a beautiful addition to her painting of apple blossoms. The story reminds us to appreciate the simple beauty and usefulness of all things, not just those that seem most special or grand.
  7. Mikkel Fox And Bamsa Bear: The story is about Bamsa Bear who found the entrance to Mikkel Fox’s den. He collected big, heavy stones and put them into the entrance to the den to imprison Mikkel Fox inside. However, Mikkel Fox had more than one entrance, so he sneaked out and beat Bamsa Bear. Eventually, Bamsa Bear walked home quietly, realizing that strength alone was useless without cleverness, as he didn’t know how many doorways a fox had to his den.
  8. Billy Bull’s Lesson: The story is about a frog named Billy Bull who boasts about his abilities to a duck and decides to leave his pond and explore the world. However, he soon faces difficulties like thirst and being captured by a boy fishing. Madam Duck rescues him and tethers him to a lily pad, teaching him the valuable lesson that a frog should never stray far from the water. The story highlights the importance of knowing one’s limitations and staying true to one’s nature.
  9. The Disgraced Sugar-Bowl: In this story, a sugar-bowl loses its cover and the other covered dishes make fun of it for being uncovered. The sugar-bowl is upset and tries to defend itself, but it eventually learns that the uncovered dishes are actually better cared for than the covered ones. When the maid returns the cover, the covered and uncovered dishes become friends and learn to appreciate each other. The moral of the story is that every cloud has a silver lining, and sometimes a bad situation can lead to positive outcomes.
  10. The King of the Barnyard: The barnyard animals discuss having a king to settle disputes and increase dignity. The donkey becomes king with a makeshift throne and scepter, but the other animals refuse to serve as his attendants. He is left alone and humiliated, realizing that his attempt to elevate himself above the others has failed.
  11. The Talking Animals: Hulda and Nathan get lost in the woods and stumble upon a forest of talking animals. They visit various animal families who show them hospitality and proudly show off their babies. They eventually find their way out and hope to one day discover the forest again. A PDF version of the story is available for download.
  12. Mrs. Robin And The Signboard: In this story, Mrs. Robin sees a sign nailed to a tree but cannot read it. She asks Mrs. Blackbird and Billy Blue Jay to read it, but they make excuses and do not help her. She then asks Jim Crow, who claims to be able to read it, but Mrs. Robin doesn’t believe him. Finally, she asks Mr. Owl, who can only come at night, but she falls asleep waiting for him. The next day, she learns from Jack Sparrow that the sign says that no one can shoot birds in the woods. Mrs. Robin scolds Mr. Owl for not telling her earlier, but he says he only answers questions when asked.
  13. Calla Lily’s Cousin: The story is about a stately Calla Lily in a glass house who doesn’t acknowledge the wild flowers outside because she thinks they will find out that she has a distant cousin who is a common wildflower. However, the wildflower, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, is content with his life in the woods and doesn’t even know that they’re related. There is also another Jack-in-the-Pulpit nearby who resembles Calla Lily more, but both Jacks would still rather live in their natural environment than in the glass house.
  14. The Vanity Of Annie: The story is about a vain little girl named Annie who is so obsessed with her looks that she doesn’t care about others. One day, an elf appears before her through her mirror and tells her that she is too proud of her looks and must change her ways to become a better person. The elf takes away her good looks until she becomes kind and agreeable. Annie changes her behavior and becomes happy. The elf reappears and tells her she is now a pretty girl because she is kind and it’s what’s inside that matters. The story teaches a lesson about the importance of personality and character over physical appearance.

In conclusion, the Top 14 Stories About Pride for kids offer valuable lessons on the importance of humility, self-awareness, and mutual respect. These engaging tales explore the various forms of pride and their consequences, which help young readers understand the power of modesty and the significance of recognizing others’ contributions. Through relatable characters and captivating narratives, children can learn crucial life lessons that will enable them to grow into respectful and compassionate individuals. Encourage your little ones to read these enlightening stories online and watch as they embark on a journey towards developing strong values and an understanding of the true meaning of pride.