Stories About Picnics

Stories About Picnics

Welcome, little readers, to a delightful collection of the Top 8 Stories About Picnics. Prepare to be swept away in hilarious tales specially crafted for kids, including those at the preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grade levels. These short stories, designed to be read aloud, are a perfect addition to your bedtime reading routine or any time you want a fun adventure. Available for free online, these stories can easily be accessed as a pdf or an ebook, making it convenient for you to print and enjoy the vibrant illustrations with your children.

Delving into these tales isn’t just about entertainment; it promotes the development of active reading skills. These funny and engaging stories contain important moral lessons that children can learn and apply in their everyday lives, making them the best choice for parents looking to instil positive values in their kids. Interestingly, the theme of these tales revolves around picnics. Filled with picturesque illustrations and lively characters, these stories portray how picnics can bring people together, create precious memories, and even lead to some unexpected adventures.

Stories About Picnics are captivating for kids as they give a sense of excitement, freedom, and the joy of sharing delicious treats outdoors. They also pique children’s curiosity about nature and various outdoor activities, instilling in them an early love for the beautiful world outside. For toddlers to elementary grade readers, these stories will not only enhance their English language skills but will also lift their spirits and ignite their imaginations. Whether they read it themselves or have it read to them, they’re sure to enjoy the beautiful illustrations and the characters in these stories. So, grab your favorite cozy corner, settle in, and lose yourself in the world of picnics like you’ve never seen before!

Top 8 Stories About Picnics for kids:

  1. Little Miss Muffet’s Picnic Party: Little Miss Muffet plans a picnic party and invites all the Mother Goose children. With the help of a friendly spider, she prepares for the picnic by baking cookies and gathering food. Along the way, she helps her friends with various tasks. Despite some setbacks, the picnic party is a success and everyone has a merry and gay time.
  2. The great birthday cake mystery: Little Madison was excited for her fifth birthday party at the park. However, disaster struck when her birthday cake went missing. She later discovered that a family of birds had taken it, and instead of being upset, she was happy that they enjoyed it. The birds felt guilty and brought her presents, and she blew out the candles on a birthday cupcake they made. It’s the story of the great birthday cake mystery.
  3. Uncle Wiggily and the July Bug: Uncle Wiggily and the white cat decide to have a picnic but realize they need more friends. A July bug offers to invite their friends by flying and spreading the news. Everyone arrives and enjoys the picnic lunch. Towards the end, two foxes appear, but the brave July bug scares them away, saving the day. Uncle Wiggily plans to continue his travels the next day.
  4. How they ran away: Two little boys decide to run away to the woods to be hunters. They bring their bows and arrows, a trap, and some food. As they explore the forest, they encounter various challenges, including losing their lunch, getting lost, and one of the boys getting stuck in a tree. Eventually, they are found by a search party and returned home. The boys learn valuable lessons about the consequences of their actions and the importance of staying safe.
  5. Uncle Wiggily’s Picnic: Uncle Wiggily and the animal children are excited to go on a picnic. They prepare delicious food and head to the woods. However, just as they are about to eat, it starts to rain. The animal children find shelter and keep their lunches dry. On the other side of the woods, real children are having a picnic, but their food gets ruined by the rain. Uncle Wiggily and the animal children come up with a plan to secretly share their extra food with the real children by lowering it down from trees. The real children are thrilled to discover the surprise “fairy lunch” and enjoy a wonderful time.
  6. Letter A Story: In Alphabet Land, the letter A and its friends B, C, and D have a fun picnic in Letter Park. They bring their favorite foods and play the Animal Alphabet game, becoming closer as friends. They make a promise to have more fun days together in the future.
  7. Anne of Green Gables: The Delights of Anticipation: Marilla is upset with Anne for not coming in on time and for talking to Matthew instead of doing her sewing. Anne excitedly tells Marilla about a Sunday-school picnic and asks if she can go. Marilla agrees and offers to bake Anne a basket for the picnic. Anne talks enthusiastically about the picnic, her playhouse with Diana, and her dreams and imaginations. Marilla reminds Anne to focus on her sewing and mentions giving her cooking lessons in the future. Anne tries to hold her tongue but continues to think and talk about the picnic. Marilla worries that Anne sets her heart too much on things and may face disappointments in life. Anne disagrees, saying that looking forward to things is part of the pleasure. Marilla wears her treasured amethyst brooch to church, and Anne admires it and wonders if amethysts can be the souls of good violets. The summary also provides a link to download the full story as an ebook.
  8. Anne of Green Gables: Anne’s Confession: Marilla accuses Anne of taking her amethyst brooch, but Anne denies it. Marilla punishes Anne by not allowing her to go to the picnic. Later, Marilla finds the brooch stuck in her lace shawl. She apologizes to Anne and allows her to go to the picnic after all. Anne has a wonderful time and comes home happy. Marilla realizes that Anne is hard to understand but believes she will turn out alright.

In conclusion, all the eight picnic stories offer valuable lessons about friendship, kindness, sharing, adventure, problem-solving, and the appreciation of nature. These stories offer not only fun and excitement but also serve as great avenues to enhance kids’ understanding and love of outdoor activities like picnicking. Reading these tales will surely inspire children to enjoy their own memorable picnic adventures, enrich their imaginations, and promote their social skills. Happy reading, kids!