Stories About Pets

Stories About Pets

Welcome to the Top 22 Stories About Pets for kids to read online! This amazing collection is filled with fun and educational bedtime stories that will engage both children and parents alike. These stories are designed for boys and girls to read or be read to. They are tailor-made for preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, and toddlers. In addition, they are perfect for early years and eyfs kids. All the stories within this delightful collection are available for free with captivating audio, beautiful illustrations, and easy-to-follow narratives. You can either read them online or quickly download the PDFs to print and read anytime.

Each tale in this collection has been handpicked for their appeal to kids, ensuring a great bedtime or story time experience. Our top 22 pet stories come with moral lessons that will make learning enjoyable and leave an unforgettable impression on young minds. These stories take the listener on a journey filled with adventure, excitement, and – of course – our lovable pets. The stories are available as read-alouds, allowing parents and siblings to bond together over story time, or as longer, classic tales for those ready for more independent reading.

Pets play an essential role in our lives and that can be reflected in the stories we share with our children. Stories about pets can teach children about compassion and responsibility, while also nurturing their love for animals. In addition, they can create a sense of wonder and connection to animals, helping children appreciate the diverse world around them and understand their place protecting and caring for all creatures. These timeless stories grasp the essence and tenderness of the bond we share with pets, create a calming environment for sleep, and make a lasting impact on children’s hearts that will stay with them throughout their lives.

So, cuddle up and get ready to embark on a journey filled with pets, adventures, and life lessons! This fantastic collection of good, classic fairy tales will make bedtime or storytime fun, memorable, and educational. Happy reading!

Top 22 Stories About Pets for kids to read online:

  1. The Monkey And The Cat: In this story, a Cat and a Monkey who are great friends are attempting to figure out a way to get to some chestnuts roasting on a fire. The Monkey tricks the Cat into pulling out the chestnuts, which he then proceeds to eat. The Cat burns her paw and is left with nothing. From this point on, the Cat decides to keep her distance from the Monkey. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available to read offline or print.
  2. What happened Christmas eve: On Christmas Eve, Jessie and Fred try to catch Santa Claus. They see strange objects on the rooftop of cousin Nellie’s house and believe it’s Santa Claus. Later, a big, white cat carrying a tiny kitten in her mouth comes to their doorstep, and Dad brings them inside. The next day, Santa Claus gives them presents, and Fred is delighted to find a kitten on his new sweater. Everyone wishes each other “Merry Christmas.” An ebook of the story is available for download.
  3. Max’s Quest for Attention: The story is about Max, a happy dog who loves spending time with his family. However, his family becomes too busy with their work and screens, neglecting Max. Max decides to misbehave and break things to get their attention. In the end, Max teaches his family the importance of spending time with loved ones and they vow to never let work get in the way of their happiness again. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  4. The Magical Sleepover with Bobby: The story is about a little boy named James who is afraid to go to bed every night. His parents try everything to help him, but nothing seems to work until their pet dog, Bobby, comes to James’ rescue. Together, they go on a dream adventure to the moon and James wakes up the next morning feeling brave. From that day on, James is no longer afraid of the dark, and he and Bobby snuggle up every night before bed.
  5. The pet dinosaur: A skilled hunter named Ogg finds a huge egg while hunting for food. As he prepares to cook it, a baby dinosaur hatches from it. Ogg, unsure of how to care for the creature, feeds it and names it Diego. Despite their language barrier and Ogg’s ignorance of dinosaurs, the two become close friends and search for Diego’s parents. Eventually, Diego grows into a huge and powerful dinosaur, but he never forgets Ogg and they remain friends until the end of their days. An ebook download is available.
  6. The Fantail Pigeon: A little white fantail pigeon feels useless compared to the other animals on the farm who can all do something useful – except for her. She seeks the advice of the wise old owl in the hollow tree, but his advice ends up being unhelpful. Feeling sad and unimportant, she hides away until the old drake on the farm shows her that she simply forgot to make the best of what she can do, which is to be pretty and have a lovely white tail. The pigeon puts her feathers in order and begins to greet her owner again, feeling much happier.
  7. Pearl and her pigeons: The story is about a little girl named Pearl who received two white pigeons from her brother, Freddie. She loved playing with them, but didn’t want to keep them caged, so she often let them fly away and play with other birds. They would come back to her and even perch on her head. Pearl was delighted when one of the pigeons laid two white eggs, and she would watch the mother-pigeon patiently teaching their little ones to eat. She cared for them by feeding them with crumbs and sparkling water to bathe in.
  8. Nero at the Bakery: A baker takes pride in his freshly baked bread and sells a loaf to a little girl. As she leaves, a big shaggy dog named Nero walks into the bakery with a basket in his mouth. The baker realizes Nero is there to buy a loaf of bread and he places the money in the drawer, which Nero surprises him by barking. The baker gives Nero the bread and the dog leaves, eventually delivering it to a woman’s house. The little girl tells her family about the clever dog’s visit to the bakery.
  9. How Patty Gave Thanks: The story is about a group of animals in a barn who are happy and comfortable on a cold November night. They discuss how a little girl named Patty came to visit them earlier in the day. Each animal describes how Patty had thanked them for the things they provided, such as milk, rides, and wool. Patty’s grateful heart brings joy to the animals and reminds everyone about the importance of being thankful for what they have. The story ends with the animals settling down for the night, content and grateful for Patty’s kind words.
  10. The Story of Miss Moppet: The story tells about a kitten named Miss Moppet who hears a mouse and tries to catch it. The mouse makes fun of her, and Miss Moppet jumps late and hurts herself. Then, the mouse comes out and gets closer to her, but Miss Moppet suddenly attacks the mouse and ties it up in a duster. However, the mouse escapes when Miss Moppet wasn’t looking. The story is available for download as an ebook or printable PDF.
  11. The “Go-Sleep” Story: A group of animal friends, including a dog, two cats, three bunnies, four geese, and five chicks, all want to say goodnight to Baby Ray before going to bed. They visit the porch where they hear Ray’s mother telling the same story about animals checking to see if Ray is asleep. Finally, they all find Ray sleeping and return to their beds. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  12. Christmas in the Barn: In this story, Johnny is eagerly waiting for Christmas with his family. He sees a wagon with two Christmas trees outside and wonders why there are two. Realizing his mom must have bought one, he decides to use it as a Christmas tree for his pets in the barn. He gathers food and treats for each animal and decorates the tree. The animals happily enjoy their Christmas breakfast and Johnny plays a song on his new trumpet to signal the end of the celebration. His family and pets wish him a Merry Christmas.
  13. Jet The Cat: The story is about a cat named Jet who initially had a bad temper and dislike towards other cats and people visiting their house. However, Jet’s nature changed when he befriended a lonely and friendless cat, Tramper. Through their friendship and companionship, Jet became a better and kinder cat. The story teaches the value of friendship and how it can bring positive changes in one’s behavior and attitude.
  14. Dot The Kitten: This is a story about a cute and gentle white kitten named Dot who loved spending time with her grandma while she knitted. Dot longed to play with the ball of yarn that her grandma was using, which would often make her run after it with all her might. Although Dot had not yet caught any rats, she was content to play and enjoy her time with her grandma until one day she would be experienced enough to catch them. An ebook (PDF) is available for offline reading or printing.
  15. Why dog and cat are enemies: A man and his wife owned a lucky ring, but didn’t know its value and sold it for a small sum. As a result, they began to grow poor and had no food to feed their dog and cat. The two animals took matters into their own hands and decided to retrieve the ring to restore their owner’s good fortune. The cat caught a mouse to gnaw a hole in the chest where the ring was kept and brought the ring back to their owners, who were grateful. The cat was praised, but the dog was scolded for not helping. As a result, the dog grew angry at the cat, and ever since then, cats and dogs have been enemies.
  16. The Wonderful Dog and the Miraculous Cat: The story is about an old wizard who was banned from his school by the head wizard. He finds a cottage to live in and buys a highly educated dog and cat from a farmer. Eventually, the dog and cat leave to see the world and meet an enchanted king who needs their help. They go to the castle of the evil wizard who originally enchanted the king and get caught, but manage to fight back with their skills. The old wizard then saves the day by using a spell to destroy the castle, which lifts the spell on the king. Everyone celebrates and the animals end up returning home to the wizard.
  17. Dr. Dolittle and His Pets: This story is about a kind-hearted doctor named John Dolittle who loves animals and keeps many pets. His love for animals becomes a problem when patients begin to avoid his house because of the animals, causing him to lose income. Despite his financial struggles, he continues to care for his pets and is still beloved by the children and animals in his town. Eventually, he sells off his possessions to make ends meet.
  18. Dr. Dolittle has more financial problems: The story is about Doctor Dolittle, who acquires pets and takes care of animals who come to see him. His sister, Sarah, leaves him after complaining that the house is too crowded and the animals are too much trouble. The animals start doing housework to help themselves and make money by selling vegetables and flowers. However, they face difficulties in winter as most of the vegetables are gone and they have very little money. Nonetheless, the doctor remains optimistic and believes that being happy is more important than money.
  19. Kuratko, the Terrible Chick: The story is about an old couple who desired to have a child or a chick, and finally, they got one. Grandmother petted and spoiled Kuratko, the chick, without caring about her husband’s warnings. Kuratko grew up to be a greedy and terrible chicken who devoured everything, including the old couple, a washerwoman, soldiers, and a cat. Kotsor the cat scratched Kuratko’s stomach, and everyone came out, including the old couple. Finally, the old couple gave Kuratko to Kotsor as a meal, and Kotsor had a delicious dinner.
  20. A Barnyard Talk: A group of farm animals argue about which one is the most important and clever, each claiming to be responsible for something vital. The farmer overhears and reminds them that they are all important and helpful in their own way. The story ends with the animals content and satisfied, no longer arguing.
  21. Little Gustava and her animals: A little girl named Gustava enjoys a sunny morning on her porch with animal friends who come to share her bread and milk. She feeds her gray cat, a little brown hen, and her white doves. Even a little Scotch terrier called Rags joins in. Gustava invites two birds she sees outside, but they are too shy to join. Gustava’s mother brings her another bowl of bread and milk and smiles at the sight of her daughter and her animal friends. Gustava loves to spend time with her animal friends, and they make her breakfast all the more enjoyable.
  22. Edith and the Bees: A little girl named Edith wants to pick flowers for her sick friend but is stung by a bee. Her father takes her to learn about bees from a kind man who keeps them in hives, and she discovers the different types of bees and their responsibilities in the hive. She is grateful to the bee for giving her something interesting to share with her friend and gets to see her friend Tommy. The story ends by providing a link to an ebook version that can be downloaded.

In conclusion, the Top 22 Stories About Pets offer a delightful and heartwarming collection of tales that not only captures the essence of the magical bond between children and their pets, but also teaches important values such as friendship, responsibility, empathy, and teamwork. Each story introduces unique animal characters and their adventures, providing endless entertainment for young readers as they discover the joys and challenges of caring for their furry, feathered, or scaled companions. With captivating illustrations and memorable characters, these stories will leave a lasting impact on kids, inspiring them to cherish their relationships with their pets and to treat all animals with love and kindness.