Ogre Stories

Ogre Stories

Welcome to our fantastical collection of the Top 10 Ogre Stories for kids! Let your children immerse themselves in an enchanting world of funny, short tales, all focusing on the unique theme of ogres. These best stories are perfect for preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary, and grade level kids. They can be enjoyed as a read aloud bedtime story or a self-reading adventure. The joy of reading these stories online is priceless, and what’s more, they are all free. Kids from different age groups will certainly enjoy these stories in English, each one adorned with beautiful illustrations and vivid pictures that truly bring the ogres to life!

These stories are not just entertaining, they also incorporate wonderful morals that children can learn from. In a truly engaging way, our ogre-themed stories promote valuable lessons about life, friendship, and values. But why ogres? Ogre stories, aside from being entertaining, teach kids that appearances are not everything and that true character is what truly matters. They have a unique charm, often funny yet insightful, making them a significant part of children’s literature.

Besides, who wouldn’t love the idea of being on a thrilling adventure with these unusual yet fascinating ogres? Whether you want them in a PDF, eBook, or even print format, we have got you covered. As an ideal bedtime reading for toddlers or an engaging daytime reading material for older kids, our Top 10 Ogre stories promise to transport your child to an imaginative world of fun, learning, and morals. So, grab a story now and let the reading begin!

Top 10 Ogre Stories for kids:

  1. Prince Roul’s Bride: In a far-off land, an ogre and his wife lived by the ocean in a cave on a white rock. The ogre would prey on passing ships while the sailors escaped. Meanwhile, a prince named Roul fell in love with a poor girl named Leta. When the king arranged a marriage for Roul with a princess, he refused and eloped with Leta. Chased by the king’s servants, they reached a cliff where Leta used a fairy’s powder to transform the ocean into dry land and the ogre’s cave into a castle. They lived happily ever after while the ogre and his wife were turned into statues.
  2. The Blue Castle: In a far-off country, a witch steals a baby princess after the king refuses to give her a bag of gold. The king and queen search for their daughter, but she cannot be found. They offer a reward for anyone who can retrieve her, and a poor peasant boy volunteers. With the help of an enchanted horse, he confronts the witch and breaks her spell, saving the princess. The princess is reunited with her parents and the peasant is rewarded with a palace, while the prince and princess get married.
  3. The Ogre: In the land of Marigliano, a boy named Antonio, who was often called useless by his mother, takes a job as a servant for an ogre. The ogre allows Antonio to visit his home and gives him a magical donkey that produces precious stones when he says a certain word. However, the donkey is switched with a worthless one by a deceitful innkeeper. Antonio is scolded by the ogre and returns to his service. He is granted another visit home with a tablecloth that produces treasures. The innkeeper once again steals the magic item, but Antonio uses a magical stick to make the innkeeper return his stolen goods. Antonio successfully brings the treasures home and is reunited with his family.
  4. The Three Sisters: Once upon a time, there was a woman with three daughters. The youngest, Nella, was born with good luck and had many talents. Nella secretly married an enchanted prince, who made a crystal passage to visit her. But her jealous sisters broke the passage, causing the prince to get injured. Nella disguised herself as a beggar and learned that the only cure for the prince’s wounds was the fat of the ogre and ogress. She killed the ogre and ogress, used their fat to heal the prince, and revealed her true identity. They got married, and Nella had her sisters thrown into an oven as punishment.
  5. The King’s Son and the Ogress: A prince goes hunting with his Vizier and gets separated from the group. He finds a lost princess and helps her, only to discover she is actually an ogress planning to eat him. The prince prays for help, and the ogress leaves. He returns to his father and exposes the Vizier’s treachery. The king punishes and kills the Vizier. No title of the story is mentioned.
  6. The Ogre in the Woods: This is a story about a young boy who gets lost in a wood while gathering nuts. He stumbles upon a cottage inhabited by an ogre and his wife who plan to eat him. With quick thinking and the help of a friendly dog, the boy manages to escape and find his way back home to his worried parents.
  7. Summer: In this story, the narrator describes different activities and experiences that make summer enjoyable. They talk about making cowslip balls, visiting the hawthorn tree, watching rabbits in the field, finding wild orchids and thistles, sheep-washing and shearing, haymaking, and saying goodbye to summer as the season transitions into autumn. The story captures the essence of summer and the joy it brings.
  8. Nicko and the Ogre: There once was an ogre who ate all the fish in a river and kept the townspeople from fishing. A young man named Nicko sought the help of a witch, who revealed that the secret to getting rid of the ogre was known only to a mermaid. Nicko disguised himself as a fish and swam to the mermaid, offering to give her a shiny coat in exchange for the secret. The mermaid explained that the only way to defeat the ogre was for a mortal to marry her. Nicko agreed and they went to the bottom of the river to meet her father, Father Neptune, who gave his blessing and helped transform the ogre into a rock in the river. Nicko and the mermaid, who turned out to be a princess, got married and lived happily ever after.
  9. Prince Hassan and the Ogre: A prince gets lost while hunting and ends up in a cave with a terrifying ogre. The ogre challenges the prince to bring him something he can’t swallow, or else he will be eaten. The prince tries three times, but the ogre manages to swallow everything. On the fourth day, the prince decides to sacrifice himself instead of bringing an old woman to be eaten. The ogre is about to eat the prince when the Chief Baron of the Fairies appears and punishes the ogre. The prince’s act of kindness transforms the old woman’s life, and he learns a valuable lesson.
  10. The Ogre of Rashomon: Long ago in Kyoto, there was a terrifying ogre at the Gate of Rashomon who would seize anyone who passed by. General Raiko and his brave knights decided to investigate the rumors. Watanabe, one of the knights, went to the gate and encountered the ogre. After a fierce battle, Watanabe managed to cut off the ogre’s arm. But when an old woman came to see the arm, she revealed herself as the ogre and escaped with her arm. Despite this, the ogre never troubled Kyoto again, thanks to Watanabe’s bravery.

In conclusion, the Top 10 Ogre Stories for kids to read online offer an incredible mixture of adventure, mystery, and life lessons. These tales present both humorous and frightening ogres, showcasing the importance of cunning, bravery, and kindness. The interactive, rich narratives not only fuel imagination but also teach kids about values, decision making, and empathy towards others. From enchanted lands to magical quests, these stories weave the raw thrill of fantasy and the warmth of moral lessons that keep us turning pages, making them a must-read for young, curious minds.