Stories About May

Stories About May

Welcome to the magical world of our Top 8 Stories About May! These are the best tales handpicked for kids to enjoy whether they’re in preschool, kindergarten or elementary grade. Each story is designed to be suitable to read aloud, fulfilling your children’s bedtime reading routine online. All of our stories come in an easy-to-read English language format.

These short, delightful tales come with funny themes that will have your young ones brimming with laughter, yet they contain strong moral aspects to help them learn and grow. The lively illustrations and vivid pictures help children visualize the story, thus making reading a fun and interactive experience.

Reading these May themed stories will also introduce toddlers and older children to the events associated with the month of May, helping them learn more about the world around them. These stories will undoubtedly enrich their reading habit and, with the inclusion of moral values, will also contribute towards character building.

The Stories About May collection is available free online. To make reading more flexible and convenient, our collection is available as a downloadable pdf and you can even print it for an offline reading experience. From the captivating thrill of unexpected adventure to inspiring accounts of love and courage, every story in this collection will encourage your child’s imagination and spark their curiosity. We also have an ebook version, for children who enjoy the digital reading experience!

Reading a story is more than just a bedtime routine. It is the start of a lifelong journey in the world of words, leading your children down a path of constant learning and discovery. Our Stories About May are without a doubt a wonderful way to instigate this journey and keep your kids engaged and entertained in equal measure.

Top 8 Stories About May for kids:

  1. A Mother’s Day Reunion in the Forest: In a lush green forest, Santiago, a little snake raised by an owl named Otis, embarks on a journey to find his mother before Mother’s Day. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons from different animals in the forest. Finally, Santiago is reunited with his mother, Seraphina, and they spend a joyous Mother’s Day together. Santiago realizes that even though he grew up without a mother, he was surrounded by the love of his forest friends.
  2. Mother’s Day Mayhem: In a small town, siblings Ricky and Sienna plan to surprise their mother with a special Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed. However, they encounter mishaps along the way, creating a mess in the kitchen. When their mother discovers the chaos, she embraces them and appreciates their love and effort. They clean up together and enjoy a delicious breakfast as a family. They spend the rest of the day at the park, creating beautiful memories and ending the day with words of love and gratitude.
  3. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: In a small village, a young boy named Oliver sets out to find the perfect gift for his mother. He encounters a wicked witch who traps him for years, turning him into a frog. Eventually, a good wizard saves him, and Oliver is reunited with his mother. From then on, he cherishes every moment with her and shares the story of his adventure with his own children. The village celebrates the love of mothers every Mother’s Day, and Oliver’s journey becomes a legend of love, sacrifice, and overcoming darkness with kindness.
  4. Sunflowers and Strawberry Shortcake For Mother’s Day: In the town of Sunnyside, a girl named Lottie plans a special surprise for her mom on Mother’s Day. With the help of her friends, she creates a beautiful sunflower garden and bakes a delicious strawberry shortcake. On Mother’s Day, Lottie presents her mom with the surprise, and they spend the day together enjoying the garden and celebrating their love. This becomes a cherished tradition for Lottie and her friends, reminding them of the love and appreciation they have for their mothers.
  5. Clytie, the Sunflower Nymph: Clytie was a beautiful nymph who loved the sun. She spent her days basking in its warmth and watching it rise and set. Apollo, the sun god, was captivated by her beauty and turned her into a golden-colored flower that always faces the sun – the sunflower.
  6. The Nest of Many Colors: Mr. and Mrs. Oriole return to their summer home, eager to build a nest. They collect materials from the farm and are surprised to find colorful worsted pieces left out by two children, Ned and Kitty. With the children’s continued contributions, the orioles weave a beautiful and perfect nest that sways in the breeze. The nest is filled with vibrant colors, and the orioles rejoice over their new home. Ned and Kitty are amazed at the natural craftsmanship and decide to continue providing materials for the orioles’ nests in the future.
  7. Uncle Wiggily And Mother Goose: Uncle Wiggily wants to try something new and decides to make his own airship using toy balloons. With the help of an electric fan, he successfully lifts off and sails through the sky. However, his adventure comes to an abrupt end when Mother Goose accidentally pops his balloons with a paper of pins, causing him to crash back to the ground in front of his house. Despite the mishap, Uncle Wiggily is grateful for the soft cushions that saved him from getting hurt.
  8. The Proud Little Apple Blossom: In the month of May, a proud apple blossom encounters a plain dandelion and belittles it for its appearance and name. However, a sunbeam and children see the beauty in the dandelion, appreciating its presence and usefulness. Eventually, even the princess, who cherishes the apple blossom, recognizes the beauty of the dandelion’s feathery crown and includes it in her artwork. The apple blossom feels ashamed, realizing that beauty comes in various forms.

In conclusion, the Top 8 Stories About May have taken us on a wonderful, imaginative journey. They brought to life the beauty of spring, the magic of May flowers, the joy of May Day festivals, and many more vibrant themes that are unique to this beautiful month. The different stories, ranging from adventurous tales to wonderful animal stories empowered with great morals and life lessons, have surely enriched children’s minds, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for this time of year. To all young readers, may these stories cultivate curiosity, enhance imagination, and bring great happiness.