Stories About March

Stories About March

As the frigid winds of February give way to the hopeful whispers of Spring, the month of March brings with it a unique charm. It’s a transitional time symbolizing the end of winter and the awakening of spring, filled with anticipation and marked by international celebrations like Women’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day. To celebrate this month of change and promise, we have carefully curated a collection of the 7 best children’s stories centered around March, each sprinkled with its unique flavor of adventure, learning, and fun.

Designed for kids and loved by children across the globe, these tales are perfect for story time, especially as bedtime stories. Easy to read and teeming with colorful illustrations, these stories are available free online for your convenience. Each story in our selection has been chosen for its educational value, engaging plot, and vibrant illustrations that make story time a captivating experience for young minds.

These children’s stories are available in English and come in various formats to suit your child’s preferences. You can download them as a printable PDF, ideal for those nights when an old-fashioned bedtime story is the order of the day. The option to read aloud these stories comes with an audio accompaniment, perfect for those learning to read or simply wanting to enjoy a good tale before sleep.

Our collection includes famous classic tales that have stood the test of time, along with some lesser-known gems. From short, fun narratives perfect for younger children to longer, more complex stories for older kids, this list has something for everyone. With an array of famous fairy tale characters and enchanting new heroes, these stories are sure to ignite the imaginations of both girls and boys.

While each narrative promises a good night’s sleep, they also serve as moral compasses subtly teaching kids about kindness, bravery, honesty, and other virtues. From the comfort of your home, immerse your children in these magical stories and create unforgettable memories this March.

So, parents, prepare for story time, gather around, and create a wonderful world of imagination for your little ones with our splendid selection of stories. Take this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your children while providing them with an enriching, educational, and entertaining experience. Let’s march into the magic of storytelling together!

Top 7 Children’s Stories About March

  1. Sunshine And Her Siblings: In this tale, Mother Nature’s mischievous children cause chaos and mischief while she takes a nap, leaving the responsibility of maintaining order to her eldest daughter, Sunshine. With the help of her kind sisters and the return of their powerful brother, Northwind, they restore harmony to the world by creating a beautiful winter wonderland. However, when Sunshine’s misbehaving brothers, Rain and Eastwind, wreak havoc upon waking, she must find a way to subdue them before their actions bring disaster. With resilience and determination, Sunshine manages to calm her troublesome siblings, allowing Spring to arrive with its rejuvenating magic. When Mother Nature finally awakens and sees the efforts of her children, she commends Sunshine’s dedication and rewards them all with a joyous spring celebration. This heartwarming story teaches children the importance of cooperation, responsibility, and the transformative power of nature’s seasons.
  2. The Little Plant: In this children’s story, a little seed named Sprout awakens in a magical garden, guided by the loving whispers of sunshine and raindrops. Filled with curiosity and courage, Sprout breaks through the soil and discovers a vibrant world of colors and wonders. As it grows and befriends the garden’s inhabitants, Sprout becomes an integral part of the garden’s beauty and learns the transformative power of embracing life’s adventures. This heartwarming tale encourages children to embrace their potential, explore the world around them, and find their place in the grand symphony of life.
  3. The Indian Legend Of The Trailing Arbutus: In this legend of the arbutus flower, set near Lake Superior, an old man in a winter-stricken lodge receives a visit from a beautiful maiden. As they share stories and smoke tobacco pipes, they reveal themselves as powerful beings, Manito and the maiden with the breath of spring. Eventually, the old man falls asleep and transforms into a small mass of water and leaves, while the maiden blesses the ground with her virtues, creating the arbutus flower. From that day forward, the arbutus grows only where the maiden stepped, adorning the world with its delicate beauty and serving as a reminder of the maiden’s visit and the rejuvenating power of spring. This legend celebrates the origin of the arbutus flower and teaches children about the wonders of nature and the importance of cherishing the gifts it brings.
  4. Mother Nature’s House Cleaning: In this delightful children’s story, Mother Nature prepares for the arrival of Spring with the help of her three little helpers: March, Baby April, and May. March, with his roguish charm, assists Mother Nature in cleaning up the world after King Winter’s departure. He whistles to the East Wind to bring rain and wash away the dirty snow, and then calls upon the West Wind to sweep away the cloud cobwebs and let the sun shine through. With the aid of the South Wind, March awakens the seeds, prompts trees to bud, and summons the returning robins. Mother Nature expresses her gratitude for March’s assistance throughout his thirty-one days and promises to call upon him again for future cleaning endeavors. This whimsical tale showcases the importance of each season’s role in the cycle of nature and teaches children about the beauty and rejuvenation that comes with the arrival of spring.
  5. Daffy-Down-Dilly: In this heartwarming children’s story, a little daffodil named Daffy-down-dilly teaches a young girl named Lily valuable life lessons about kindness, gentleness, and embracing the beauty of nature. As Daffy-down-dilly imparts her wisdom, Lily grows into a loving and modest child, sharing her newfound virtues with others. The meadow where Daffy-down-dilly resides transforms into a magical place as the villagers are inspired by Lily’s kindness and begin to appreciate the beauty and messages of love found in nature. This enchanting tale reminds children of the importance of being gentle, kind, and open to the wisdom of the world around them.
  6. The Twelve Months: In this classic tale, a wicked stepmother and her spoiled daughter, Holena, mistreat Marushka, the kind and beautiful stepdaughter. They make Marushka do all the housework while Holena enjoys a life of idleness. Despite their cruelty, Marushka’s goodness and beauty continue to blossom. When Holena demands violets, strawberries, and apples from Marushka in the middle of winter, Marushka seeks the help of the Twelve Months, who miraculously grant her wishes. However, when Holena ventures to the mountain herself, she meets a chilling fate. Marushka, on the other hand, inherits the cottage, garden, and cow, and eventually marries a loving farmer, living happily ever after. This story teaches children the values of kindness, hard work, and the consequences of wickedness, while showcasing the triumph of goodness in the face of adversity.
  7. Spring On The Farm: In this story, children embark on a delightful journey through a farm filled with adorable baby animals. Farmer John prepares for a special event where visitors can witness the wonders of new life during spring. From playful lambs and snuggly piglets to chirping chicks, children discover the joys of the season and the hard work involved in farming. As they interact with the animals and learn fascinating facts, the children develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and renewal that spring brings. This heartwarming tale captures the magic of the farm and leaves the children eager for the next springtime adventure.

In conclusion, the month of March is not just about welcoming Spring but also a great time to engage your children in enriching, educational and entertaining activities. With our curated list of the 7 best children’s stories, it becomes more than just bedtime story reading—it becomes a journey of discovery, learning, and bonding. These tales, accessible in printable PDFs or enjoyable read-aloud formats, are sure to add a magical touch to your nighttime routine, embedding moral values while sparking curiosity and creativity in your children. So, make the most of this special time, and immerse your kids in the magic of these beautifully crafted narratives, ensuring a memorable March filled with adventure, learning, and joy.