Stories About Knights

Stories About Knights

Knights have always held a special place in our collective imagination, symbolizing courage, honor, and chivalry. Their historical significance extends beyond their essential roles in medieval battles, as they were also figures of moral authority, upholding the values of their time. In this article, we have curated a collection of the 11 best stories about knights, specifically designed for kids of all ages – from toddlers, preschoolers, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), and kindergarten students, to elementary students. We believe that these stories will offer children a unique blend of fun, education, and inspiration.

Our selection includes classic tales as well as lesser-known ones, offering a diverse range of bedtime and night time stories. Whether you are looking for short, easy-to-tell stories for a quick bedtime read, or longer, more involved stories for extended story time, this collection has it all. Some stories come with beautiful, colorful pictures that make reading a visual treat, while others have audio versions, perfect for listening at bedtime or during a quiet afternoon.

These knight stories, available for free online reading or as a downloadable PDF, can be a great way for children to learn English and enhance their language skills. Additionally, they can stimulate children’s imagination and foster a love for history, while imparting essential moral values. The collection has something for everyone – girls and boys alike will find a character or a plotline that resonates with them.

All of these stories are printable, meaning that they can easily be turned into a physical book. This can be a fun project for kids, helping them to engage with the stories on a deeper level. Moreover, reading aloud from these printables can be a wonderful bonding activity for parents and children, promoting a love of reading from an early age.

These stories about knights are more than just fairy tales. They represent the power of good, the importance of perseverance, and the virtues of bravery and kindness. We hope that these tales will not only help children fall asleep but also inspire them with noble ideals.

Join us on this adventure into the world of gallant knights, fair maidens, and mighty castles, and let the magic of these stories transform bedtime into a memorable and enjoyable learning experience.

Top 11 Stories About Knights:

  1. Iron Hans: Once upon a time, there was a king who sent his huntsmen into a dangerous forest to find three missing huntsmen, but they never returned. The forest became off-limits until a brave unknown huntsman offered to venture into it. He discovered a wild man trapped in a pool, rescued him, and brought him to the castle. The huntsman had a son who accidentally freed the wild man, and as gratitude, the wild man took the boy into the forest. The boy’s hair turned golden, and he left to seek his fortune. He ended up working in the palace, where he caught the attention of the king’s daughter. After various trials, he revealed his true identity as the wild man’s son, and they were married. The wild man, who turned out to be a powerful king, appeared at the wedding and bestowed his treasures upon the couple.
  2. St. George And The Dragon: In a distant time, a spiteful fairy switched a beautiful human baby with her own ugly fairy child. The stolen baby, named Georgos, was found and raised by a kind ploughman. As he grew up, Georgos desired to be a knight and served the Faerie Queen as Sir George of the Red Cross. However, he was deceived by a wicked witch named Fidessa, who convinced him to abandon his quest and join her. They encountered a tree and learned it was enchanted, but George didn’t suspect Fidessa’s true nature. Eventually, she betrayed him, weakened him with enchanted water, and handed him over to a giant. George was imprisoned until he was rescued by Una, his true love. He recovered his strength and knowledge of goodness at the House of Holiness and from an old hermit. With Una’s support, George faced and defeated a fearsome dragon, saving a kingdom. Their victory led to a joyful wedding, where Una and George were united in love and happiness.
  3. The Adventures Of Florian: Once upon a time, Isabella, a noble girl raised by her widowed mother, disguised herself as a boy named Florian to find work in the city. Florian encountered a black knight who was actually a wizard, and decided to serve him in his castle infested with demons. After several years, Florian wished to explore the world and received three gifts from the wizard: a necklace for protection, a key to open any door, and a sphere to guide him. Florian joined Prince Florizel’s company and fell in love with him. However, the wicked witch turned everyone but Florian and Florizel into stone. Florian used the gifts to find the witch’s castle, rescue Florizel, and defeat the witch with the wizard’s help. Isabella transformed back into her human form, and Florizel asked her to marry him, leading to a joyful wedding and a happily ever after.
  4. Graciosa And Percinet: In a kingdom, Princess Graciosa was beautiful and kind, while the Duchess Grognon was ugly and mean. Grognon tricked the king into marrying her by pretending to offer him wine but instead presenting him with riches. Graciosa met a fairy prince named Percinet, who loved her and helped her in her trials. Despite her father’s belief that she was dead and Grognon’s schemes, Graciosa overcame challenges with Percinet’s assistance. Eventually, Graciosa was imprisoned by Grognon, but with Percinet’s magic, she completed impossible tasks. Finally, Graciosa opened a forbidden box and was pushed into a hole by Grognon. However, she found herself in a fairy castle where Percinet was waiting, and they got married, living happily ever after.
  5. King Lear: King Lear, tired of ruling, decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters. He asks them to express their love for him, and while Goneril and Regan shower him with exaggerated words, Cordelia speaks honestly but not extravagantly. This disappoints Lear, and he banishes Cordelia, giving her share of the kingdom to her sisters. Lear goes to live with Goneril, but she mistreats him and reduces his retinue. He then goes to Regan, who also treats him poorly. Homeless and mad, Lear wanders the heath accompanied by his loyal court jester and the disguised Earl of Kent. Cordelia, now queen of France, leads an army to rescue Lear. However, Goneril and Regan’s forces defeat them. Lear and Cordelia are imprisoned, and despite the Duke of Albany’s attempts to save them, Cordelia is hanged. Lear, devastated, dies with Cordelia in his arms. Goneril and Regan meet tragic fates as well.
  6. The Adventure Of The Daughter Of The King Of Ireland: King Hettel of Denmark seeks a wife and is advised to pursue Hilda, the beautiful daughter of King Hagen of Ireland. Hagen is known for his cruelty and has killed many suitors who sought Hilda’s hand. Yarl Wate, a reckless warrior, is chosen to deliver a message to Hagen. Along with his companions, Horant and Frute, they arrive in Ireland and impress Hagen with their gifts and songs. Hilda is intrigued by Horant and agrees to go with them to Denmark. They escape with Hilda, leaving Hagen and his knights behind. Upon their arrival, a battle ensues between Hagen’s forces and the Danes. Hettel is wounded, but a truce is eventually made, and Hilda and Hettel celebrate their wedding. Peace is restored between the two kingdoms, and Hagen returns to Ireland with gifts and respect.
  7. The Princess On The Glass Hill: In a farming community, the grass in a meadow mysteriously disappears every year on St. John’s Eve. The farmer’s three sons take turns guarding the meadow, but the eldest two flee in fear. The youngest son, known as Boots or Assepasser, bravely faces the disturbance and discovers three magnificent horses with copper, silver, and gold armor, respectively, eating the grass. Using his tinderbox, he gains control over the horses and hides them. The grass in the meadow remains untouched, and Assepasser’s bravery is proven. In another kingdom, a glass hill stands with a princess and three apples at the top. Many knights fail to climb it until a mysterious knight on a beautiful horse with copper armor makes an attempt, followed by knights on horses with silver and gold armor. The princess throws apples at them, and they disappear. Assepasser, eager to witness the knights’ feat, goes to the hill alone. The following days, knights on the silver and gold horses succeed, but Assepasser remains unnoticed. Eventually, he reveals the golden apples and his true identity, marries the princess, and becomes the heir to the kingdom.
  8. The Bamboo Cutter And The Moon Child: In ancient times, a poor Bamboo Cutter found a tiny Moon Child in a bamboo stalk. He and his wife raised her as their own daughter, and she brought them happiness and wealth. As Princess Moonlight, she became famous for her extraordinary beauty, attracting suitors from far and wide. Five knights pledged their love for her and embarked on quests to bring her rare treasures. However, their attempts to impress her with fake items failed. Eventually, the emperor fell in love with Princess Moonlight but couldn’t convince her to marry him. The princess revealed her true identity as a Moon Person and was called back to the moon by her people, leaving behind her foster parents and the emperor. She gave the emperor a vial of the elixir of life, which he placed atop Mount Fuji, where it is believed to produce smoke to this day.
  9. The Ogre Of Rashomon: In ancient Kyoto, there was a terrifying ogre that haunted the Gate of Rashomon and captured anyone who passed by. The brave warrior Watanabe, known for his previous feats, decided to investigate and prove the ogre’s existence false. He went to the gate and encountered the ogre, engaging in a fierce battle. Watanabe managed to cut off the ogre’s arm but couldn’t capture it. Later, an old woman claiming to be his nurse visited and pleaded to see the ogre’s arm. Reluctantly, Watanabe showed her the arm, but to his surprise, the old woman transformed into the ogre and escaped. Despite this, the ogre was too afraid to return to Kyoto, and the city was safe once more thanks to Watanabe’s bravery.
  10. The Knight Of The Bright Star: Once there was a prince named Lorenzo who lived in poverty with his mother. His father, the King, had been killed, and their wealth was taken by the enemy king. Lorenzo yearned for vengeance and set out on a journey with his mother’s blessing and a magical star to guide him. He arrived at the City of Pleasure, where he abandoned his armor and indulged in worldly pleasures. However, he soon realized the emptiness of such a life and discovered his star had dimmed due to his selfishness. He left the city, returned to his armor, and encountered suffering, where he selflessly helped those in need. His star regained its brilliance, and news reached him that the tyrant king had died. Lorenzo and his mother reclaimed their kingdom, understanding that selfishness and vengeance dim the star of hope, while acts of kindness lead to true happiness.
  11. The Elf Knight: In a gray stone castle, Janet listens to a tale of Elf Land from her old nursemaid. The nursemaid warns her about Tam Lin, an Elf Knight who haunts the moorland. Despite the warning, Janet ventures out to see Tam Lin and meets him on the enchanted heath. Tam Lin reveals that he was taken by the Fairy Queen but longs to return to the human world with Janet’s help. He instructs her to wait at Milescross on Halloween night when the Fairy Queen and her knights ride by. Janet must recognize Tam Lin by certain signs and hold on to him despite the transformations he may undergo. Janet bravely fulfills her promise, overcoming the Fairy Queen’s enchantments and saving Tam Lin. They marry and live happily ever after.

In conclusion, these 11 handpicked stories about knights represent a treasure trove of enchanting tales filled with courage, honor, and adventure. Tailored for kids from toddlers to elementary students, they promise a delightful reading experience, be it at bedtime, story time, or any quiet moment in between. These free, printable, and easily downloadable stories—some complemented with beautiful pictures, others with engaging audio—are more than just entertaining; they are educational tools that can foster language skills, instill moral values, and ignite a love for history. So, dive into this remarkable online collection of classic and lesser-known tales, and let the spirit of chivalry and the allure of knights inspire children to dream, learn, and grow.