Stories About Endangered Animals

Stories About Endangered Animals

Dive into a world of wonder, where the wild roams free and each creature plays a crucial role. Welcome to our captivating collection of the 8 best stories about endangered animals for kids to read online. These engaging narratives, designed for bedtime reading or to be included in learning curricula, are perfect for early years foundation stage (EYFS) students, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school students.

Endangered animals, those majestic creatures at risk of disappearing from our planet, are the heroes of our tales. Learning about them is not only educational but also a crucial step towards instilling a sense of responsibility in children. Through stories that are fun, easy, and appealing, kids are introduced to the importance of these animals and their significance in maintaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Our collection, crafted in simple English language, comes alive with beautiful, printable pictures, offering both girls and boys a visually stimulating journey through diverse habitats. Parents and educators can freely access these stories online, download them in pdf format or use the read aloud feature available on our website. These tales, available in both short and longer formats, are perfect for a quick night time read or a leisurely story time exploration. Each story also features an audio version, catering to various reading abilities and preferences.

Whether you’re a father looking for a good bedtime story to help your child fall asleep, a preschool teacher hunting for an educational resource that aligns with the moral values you wish to impart, or a mother hoping to make story time a learning adventure, these stories are designed to meet your needs. Famous and lesser-known tales alike aim to foster a love for nature and a greater awareness of our endangered fellow inhabitants. So, let’s spark curiosity, inspire respect for all life forms, and encourage future generations to champion the cause of these precious animals, one story at a time.

Top 8 Stories About Endangered Animals

  1. Dembe and the Park Rangers: In the mist-shrouded mountains of East Africa, the story unfolds with Dembe, a magnificent mountain gorilla who leads his family in the lush jungle canopy. Dembe’s curiosity about the world gives way to a fierce determination to protect his loved ones as he encounters a group of poachers while foraging. With bravery and quick thinking, Dembe confronts the poachers, allowing his family to escape while alerting local conservationists and park rangers. The poachers are swiftly apprehended, and Dembe embarks on a mission to safeguard his family by leading them to safer areas and working alongside the rangers and conservationists. His unwavering dedication inspires others to stand up for the wild and protect the natural beauty of the misty mountains. Through the collective efforts of Dembe, his family, the rangers, and the conservationists, the jungle thrives, becoming a harmonious sanctuary once more. Dembe’s legacy lives on as a symbol of hope and courage, forever reminding us of the transformative power of protecting our natural world.
  2. The Elephant And The Tailor: In this story, we explore the remarkable nature of elephants, focusing on their wisdom, strength, and sensitivity to injustice. In a South East Asian city, an elephant would pass by houses, hoping to receive treats from the residents. However, a spiteful tailor would never offer anything, and one day, he even pricked the elephant with a needle. Though the elephant outwardly remained calm, it secretly harbored anger. Later, when the elephant finished drinking from the river, it cleverly filled its trunk with muddy water. Returning to the tailor’s shop, the elephant retaliated by dousing the tailor and his employees, ruining their expensive fabrics. The town laughed at the tailor, understanding that his actions were unjust. From this tale, we learn the importance of treating everyone, especially elephants, with kindness and fairness. Additionally, another story showcases the elephant’s incredible kindness, as it saved a child despite being mistreated by its sitter. The elephant’s forgiveness leads to a positive change in the sitter’s behavior. These stories highlight the remarkable qualities of elephants and the importance of treating them and all living beings with respect.
  3. Bao The Panda Bear: In the mountains of China, Bao the fluffy panda led a simple and content life. With his distinctive black and white fur, Bao enjoyed the solitude of his surroundings. Each day, he woke early, stretched, and embarked on a search for his favorite food, bamboo. Bao’s digestive system was perfectly adapted to process this fibrous plant, resulting in frequent but normal trips to relieve himself. Throughout the day, he explored the bamboo forests, crossed streams, and found new patches of bamboo to feast upon. As the sun warmed the mountains, Bao would rest under a shady tree, dreaming of his bamboo dinner. He spent his afternoons peacefully munching on bamboo and admiring the tranquil beauty of his mountain home. As night fell, Bao would retreat to the safety of the bamboo trees to sleep, listening to the soothing sound of the wind. Bao’s life was a testament to finding contentment in simplicity, appreciating the gifts of nature, and cherishing the beauty of his solitary existence.
  4. The Leopard And The Ram: In this fable, both a ram and a leopard independently decide to build houses in the same clearing. Each day, they find progress made in their absence and attribute it to helpful fairies. Eventually, they meet and decide to live together. As their sons grow up, the leopard’s son becomes curious about how the ram hunts without claws or sharp teeth. They observe each other and learn their respective hunting methods. However, when the ram slips on a slippery floor during a meal, the leopard misinterprets it as an attack and flees to the woods with his son. From that day on, leopards have made the woods their home, while rams have remained in their houses. This fable teaches the consequences of misunderstanding and the importance of open communication to avoid unnecessary conflict and separation.
  5. Why The Elephant Has Small Eyes: In the days when animals and humans were friends, King Ambo of Calabar hosted lavish parties where the Elephant always ate more than anyone else, leaving little for others. The crafty Tortoise devised a plan to teach the Elephant a lesson. Pretending to eat shrimps and kernels, the Tortoise convinced the Elephant that he was feasting on his own eyes. The greedy Elephant insisted that the Tortoise give him the same food, and in his eagerness, the Tortoise plucked out the Elephant’s eyes. Blinded and furious, the Elephant caused havoc, but the Tortoise escaped. Seeking new eyes, the Elephant convinced a flattered Worm to lend him his small eyes. However, the Elephant couldn’t return them, leaving the Worm blind and the Elephant forever burdened with small eyes as punishment for his greed.
  6. How Anansi Tied Tiger: One day, hungry Anansi the Spider decided to go fishing at the seaside. He used a basket and a large pot to catch fish, calling out to the sea for big fish to come. Anansi caught many fish, filling his pot and basket, and then scared away the big fish, making smaller fish appear. He repeated this process until he had a great variety of fish. On his way home, Anansi encountered Tiger, who demanded to know what was in his basket. Anansi, fearing Tiger, claimed the basket was empty. However, Tiger secretly spied on Anansi and discovered his lie. Anansi made excuses, but Tiger demanded the fish, devouring them while leaving only bones for Anansi. Anansi, disappointed, planned revenge and tricked Tiger by tying his hair to a fruit-tree while he slept. Anansi left Tiger stuck and went home. Later, a hunter killed Tiger, sealing Anansi’s victory.
  7. A Valentine’s Day Wish: In a big and wonderful zoo, all the animals were preparing for Valentine’s Day with excitement. Monkeys crafted valentine cards for their friends, elephants selected beautiful flowers for their loved ones, and lions snuggled together, expressing their love. However, the red panda named Pai felt sad and alone as the only one of its kind in the zoo. The zookeepers noticed Pai’s loneliness and decided to surprise him on Valentine’s Day by bringing in two new red pandas as companions. When Pai woke up to a beautifully decorated zoo and discovered his new friends, his joy was boundless. They spent the day playing and exploring together, and Pai realized the power of love and companionship. From that day on, the red panda and its new friends were inseparable, bringing happiness not only to Pai but also to the zookeepers who were glad to have made a difference in Pai’s life. The zoo became a place of love, unity, and happiness for all the animals.
  8. Dr. Dolittle And The Unique Animal (10/21): In the world of Dr. Dolittle, the Pushing Pullyu animals were extremely rare and difficult to catch due to their unique two-headed nature. Many hunters and animal keepers tried to capture them, but failed. However, the monkeys managed to find footprints and led the Pushing Pullyu animal to Dr. Dolittle’s hut. The animal was hesitant to go with them but agreed to meet the doctor. Dr. Dolittle’s friends urged him to exhibit the two-headed animal to make money, but he initially resisted, not wanting to exploit the creature. However, the doctor eventually saw the practicality of making money to pay his debts and help others. The Pushing Pullyu animal decided to go with the doctor, trusting his kindness. The animals bid farewell to the doctor, who embarked on a journey with his newfound rare pet.

As we draw to a close on our journey through the tales of endangered animals, we hope that these stories have fostered a newfound respect and understanding for these majestic creatures in our young readers. The stories, varying from short bedtime tales to longer, more detailed narratives, were intended not just to entertain, but also to educate and inspire. Whether read aloud in a preschool classroom, enjoyed during story time, or explored independently by budding young readers, our collection remains freely accessible for all. The significance of endangered animals cannot be overstated, and through these tales, we strive to impart this importance to the next generation. As we bid goodnight, may the narratives of these creatures accompany our children into their dreams, inspiring them to cherish and protect our planet’s diversity. Until our next collection of tales, let’s continue to learn, grow, and explore, one story at a time.