Stories About Dwarfs

Stories About Dwarfs

Welcome to our enchanting world of miniature wonderment! If you’ve been on the hunt for the best stories about dwarfs to read online, then your quest ends here. Our specially curated collection is a treasure trove, brimming with classic tales, fun-filled adventures, and enlightening moral stories, perfectly tailored to inspire learning and ignite the imagination of children of all ages – from toddlers and preschoolers, right up to kindergarten and elementary school students.

Why settle for ordinary bedtime stories when you can teleport your little ones to a realm of fantasy, populated with charming dwarfs? These short tales are ideal for story time, whether it’s for daytime reading or a nighttime journey into dreamland. Each story is crafted to be easy to read, making them suitable for beginners and young readers. And don’t worry, every story is available in English, ensuring language is no barrier to the enjoyment and educational benefits.

For those who enjoy a sensory reading experience, we have a selection of stories with beautiful pictures to captivate your child’s interest and enhance their understanding. They are also available as read aloud versions with audio, adding an engaging auditory dimension to the reading experience. The sheer variety ensures that there’s something to suit every child’s preferences, making story time a much-anticipated event.

The convenience of this collection is another advantage. All the stories are available for free online reading. We understand how important it is for resources to be accessible. That’s why each story can also be downloaded as a pdf and printed, allowing children to have their own physical copies for a more traditional reading experience or for easy bedtime reading.

We are proud to include both famous and lesser-known stories in our compilation. Some tales have been loved by generations, making them timeless classics, while others are contemporary creations that are quickly becoming favorites. Each story, whether short or longer, has been selected for its potential to engage, entertain, and educate.

In this collection, stories aren’t merely good – they’re the best. They’ve been chosen for their high-quality writing, engaging plots, memorable characters, and valuable lessons. Not just simple fairy tales, these stories are effective tools for teaching kids about friendship, kindness, courage, and more.

In this digital age, it’s essential that kids have access to educational materials that make learning an enjoyable journey. Our top 16 stories about dwarfs to read online have been designed with this in mind. They not only make bedtime a special time, but they also instill a love for reading that can last a lifetime.

So tuck your children in, dim the lights, and set off on a fantastic voyage through the magical, miniature world of dwarfs. Let these stories guide your kids to sleep, fuel their dreams, and provide them with valuable life lessons. These tales are not just for night time, but for any time, as they have the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Embark on this adventure with us. After all, the best stories aren’t just to tell – they’re to experience, learn, and remember.

Top 16 Stories About Dwarfs

  1. The Strawberry Thief is a heartwarming story about two impoverished siblings, Fried and Lorchen, who venture into the forest to gather strawberries. While working diligently, they become so engrossed in their task that they fail to notice their jars of strawberries mysteriously disappearing. Left with no choice, Lorchen returns home to their worried mother, while Fried remains in the forest to search for the missing jars. In an unexpected turn of events, Fried encounters a dwarf who stole his strawberries and follows him deep into the mountain, where he discovers a hidden kingdom of gnomes. The gnome-King agrees to buy the strawberries and allows Fried to stay for a short time before guiding him back home. However, when Fried wakes up the next morning, he finds himself without the promised payment. Disheartened, he returns home, but a miraculous gift from the gnomes changes their lives forever. The story emphasizes the virtues of hard work, kindness, and gratitude, leading to a joyful ending for the family.
  2. Snow-White and Rose-Red is a charming tale about two kind-hearted sisters who live with their widowed mother in a cottage near a forest. They lead a joyful life, helping their mother, playing in nature, and befriending a friendly bear who visits them regularly. The bear later reveals that he must protect his treasures from wicked dwarfs in the forest and departs for the summer. As the girls gather firewood, they encounter a dwarf whose beard gets stuck. Snow-White frees him, but he grumbles and leaves. On another occasion, they rescue the dwarf from a fishing mishap, only to receive more ingratitude. Lastly, the dwarf is snatched by an eagle, and the girls save him once again. The dwarf tries to bribe the bear to eat the girls, but the bear saves them and transforms into a prince, breaking the spell cast on him. The prince marries Snow-White, and his brother marries Rose-Red, and they share the dwarf’s treasure. The story concludes with the family living happily ever after, surrounded by beautiful roses.
  3. St. George And The Dragon is an enchanting tale of bravery and love. Georgos, a stolen baby boy, is raised by a kind ploughman and grows up to become George of the Red Cross, a noble knight. He sets out on a quest to fight for justice and encounters Fidessa, a wicked witch disguised as a beautiful lady, who deceives him. Eventually, George realizes Fidessa’s true nature and escapes her clutches. He undergoes trials, including a battle with a fearsome dragon, and emerges victorious with the help of Una, his true love. The story culminates in a joyous wedding celebration, symbolizing triumph and the power of true love.
  4. Cilla And The Dwarf is a captivating tale of bravery and loyalty. When the Princess is abducted by a wicked dwarf who desires to marry her against her will, the kitchen-maid named Cilla sets out on a quest to rescue her. With the help of a magical bean given by a witch, Cilla follows the dwarf to a hidden rock door, where she discovers the Princess held captive. Displaying her bravery, Cilla confronts the dwarf and twists his nose, transforming him into a toad. To her surprise, the toad is revealed to be the result of the dwarf’s own transformation. Cilla’s quick thinking and selflessness save the Princess, who was previously turned into a rabbit. As a reward, Cilla asks for a simple life near the palace, where she can be close to her beloved Princess. Her wish is granted, and Cilla finds happiness and love as the King’s gardener, while her heroic tale lives on through generations.
  5. The Whirlwind is an enchanting story filled with adventure and magic. Princess Ladna, engaged to Prince Dobrotek, is abducted by an ugly dwarf disguised as a prince after rejecting his advances. She finds herself in a golden palace, guarded by the dwarf. However, she discovers an invisible cap that grants her the power of invisibility. Teasing and outsmarting the dwarf, she lives in the palace’s garden until Prince Dobrotek arrives. Guided by the Grey Seer-Horse and armed with the All-Cutting Sword, the prince defeats a giant and confronts the dwarf, rescuing the princess. Yet, their happiness is short-lived when a jealous suitor kills the prince and takes the princess. With the help of the Golden-Mane horse, Prince Dobrotek is resurrected and embarks on a journey to reclaim his beloved. With his invisible cap, he saves the kingdom from invaders and reunites with Princess Ladna, awakening her from a magical sleep. Their union brings joy, and they are married with the king’s blessing, receiving half the kingdom.
  6. Snow White tells the tale of a beautiful princess with ebony-black hair, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood. After her mother, the queen, passes away, her father remarries a woman consumed by jealousy and vanity. When the queen learns that Snow White surpasses her in beauty, she orders her to be killed. However, the hunter takes pity on Snow White and lets her escape into the forest. She finds refuge with seven dwarfs and becomes their caretaker. Meanwhile, the queen disguises herself and tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple, causing her to fall into a death-like sleep. Eventually, a prince finds Snow White and awakens her with true love’s kiss. They marry, and the wicked queen meets an uncertain fate. Snow White and her prince live happily ever after.
  7. Rubezahl is a captivating fairy tale about the Spirit of the Giant Mountains who possessed immense power and a complex nature. Living deep within the mountains, Rubezahl ruled over the Dwarfs and Earth Sprites, creating beautiful and artistic wonders. Curiosity led him to explore the surface and encounter the wonders of human civilization. Disguised as a young man, he experienced the mistreatment of various employers until he spotted Emma, the beautiful daughter of a king. Enamored by her, he kidnapped her and created a magical garden to please her. Emma, however, longed for her true love, Prince Ratibor. With a clever plan, she deceived Rubezahl and escaped, reuniting with her beloved. The enraged spirit searched for her in vain, but their love triumphed, and they lived happily ever after. Rubezahl earned his name as the “turnip counter” due to an incident involving his obsession with counting turnips. 
  8. The Gnomes tells the story of a time long ago when gnomes would secretly assist the people of Cologne with their work during the night. The lazy baker, carpenter, winemaker, and butcher would find their tasks completed by the gnomes when they arrived in the morning. However, the nosy wife of a tailor wanted to witness the gnomes in action and disrupted their work. Startled, the gnomes fled and never returned. From then on, the people of Cologne had to rely on their own efforts, and the gnomes were never seen again, leaving behind a sense of loss and regret.
  9. The Water of Life is a tale of three brothers on a quest to find the water of life to save their ailing father. As they set out separately, the oldest two brothers encounter a vengeful dwarf and face misfortunes, while the youngest brother treats the dwarf kindly and receives guidance to the enchanted castle where the water of life can be found. With the help of a princess in the castle, he obtains the water and returns to his father, but his jealous brothers swap the water with seawater. Misunderstandings and betrayal ensue, leading to the youngest son being condemned to death. However, he is saved by a compassionate hunter, and when his heroic deeds are revealed, he is welcomed back and marries the princess. The deceitful brothers meet their own fate, and the youngest son becomes the true lord of the kingdom.
  10. The Yellow Dwarf is a tale of a queen and her daughter, Bellissima, who face the consequences of making a promise to the cunning Yellow Dwarf. The queen seeks advice from the Fairy of the Desert but falls victim to the trickery of the Yellow Dwarf. Desperate to save her mother, Bellissima encounters the dwarf as well and is coerced into promising to marry him. The princess falls ill with grief, but eventually agrees to marry the King of the Gold Mines. However, their wedding is interrupted by the Desert Fairy, who claims that the princess must marry the Yellow Dwarf. Chaos ensues, and the princess and king are whisked away by the Dwarf and the Desert Fairy, respectively. In the end, tragedy strikes as the princess and king meet their demise. Their love is immortalized as they transform into palm trees, forever whispering their love to each other. 
  11. Marianna: a princess who was raised by an old dwarf after her parents died. When the dwarf is summoned by the Emperor of the Elves, Marianna sets out on her own to discover her identity. Along her journey, she uses her healing water to help those in need. Eventually, she arrives in a kingdom ruled by her wicked uncle, Garabin, who recognizes her as the missing princess. Garabin, in cahoots with a cruel wizard, plots to frame Marianna for the death of the prince, Desire, by switching the healing water with a potion of destruction. However, a yellow bird witnesses the deceit and retrieves the healing water. When Marianna unwittingly tries to heal Desire, the plot is exposed, and Marianna is sentenced to death. With the help of the yellow bird and the dwarf, Marianna and Desire escape their fate and defeat Garabin and the wizard. Marianna is crowned the rightful queen, and she and Desire live happily ever after.
  12. The Dwarves And The Elves: In this story, Odin, the powerful Norse god, observes the foolish and fearful behavior of the people of Earth. He witnesses a three-headed giant causing harm and mischievous Dwarves and Elves playing tricks on humans. Filled with anger, Odin calls upon Hermod, his messenger, to summon the Dwarves and Light Elves to his palace. Once gathered, Odin chastises the mischievous creatures and condemns the Dwarves to work in the depths of the earth, while the Light Elves are granted a chance to live among the flowers but must find a purpose. Searching for a suitable teacher, Odin calls upon Niörd, who brings forth his son, Frey, a beautiful and talented being. Frey is appointed as the instructor and king of the Light Elves, offering to teach them the secrets of nature and the wonders of creation in their enchanting realm of Alfheim.
  13. Princess Cantilla living in a crumbling castle with her impoverished father, toils as a common peasant girl, cooking meals and struggling to make ends meet. One day, while cooking soup, Cantilla encounters an enchanted dwarf who promises to restore their fortunes and rejuvenate their home in exchange for her hand in marriage. Initially tempted by the prospect of luxury, Cantilla eventually agrees. That night, she awakens to find herself in a lavishly furnished room, adorned in beautiful attire. Guided by a fairy, Cantilla explores her transformed castle, witnessing its splendor and her father’s newfound happiness. However, when the dwarf returns for her answer, Cantilla reluctantly agrees. Instantly, she is transported to an island in the middle of the ocean, where the dwarf reveals his true form—a handsome man released from a spell by the sea god Neptune. They are married, and Cantilla’s true happiness begins as they return to the castle, where their fortunes have been miraculously restored.
  14. The Girl And The Goblin: Little Daughter possesses a beautiful room filled with treasures and adorned in white and shining décor. The room is a symbol of love, and each morning she receives a new pearl from the king as a gift, adding to her string of pearls. Little Daughter’s mother helps her care for the room and its precious belongings. One day, an unexpected visitor, an ugly goblin, enters the room and gradually brings a sense of darkness and neglect. The room loses its luster, and even the pearls start to darken. While the goblin tries to convince Little Daughter that the changes are insignificant, she realizes the importance of her mother’s presence. When the goblin suggests closing the door, Little Daughter’s instinct leads her to call her mother, and they banish the goblin together. With their love and effort, they restore the room’s beauty, and the door remains forever open, adorned with golden hearts as a symbol of their unbreakable bond. The one blue pearl on the string serves as a reminder of the goblin’s visit and the strength of their love throughout Little Daughter’s life.
  15. The Story Of The Norse About How Everything Began: In the time before the world existed, a vast void filled with waves stretched across the land. To the north lay the House of Mist, where a river flowed unceasingly, freezing into mountains of ice as it met the bitter winds. To the south lay the House of Fire, guarded by a flaming sword-wielding giant. The clash of heat and ice gave birth to the giant Ymir, whose heart was as cold as ice. Hunger led him to a mystical cow that nourished him with its milk, and as the cow licked the ice blocks, it uncovered the body of a powerful man. Ymir, sensing the warmth and goodness within this being, knew they would be enemies to his evil race of Giant-Kings. A war ensued between the race of giants and the gods, led by Odin. Eventually, Ymir was slain, and his body was used to create the earth, sea, and sky. From his flesh, bones, and blood, the world was shaped. The gods then established their home in Asgard, while human beings were created to dwell in Midgard. The gods also created trolls and fairies, sending the former underground and granting the latter wings to frolic between Asgard and Midgard. Finally, the gods planted the Tree of Life, which connected realms, and established their council hall near its roots. Thus, the tale of creation and the ongoing battle against the giants unfolded, setting the stage for the Norse mythology that followed.
  16. The Treasure Castle: In a distant time, a hunter came across a trapped dwarf and selflessly freed him. Grateful for the hunter’s help, the dwarf revealed the location of a castle with an easily accessible treasure. He warned the hunter to avoid the tower, as it held an evil presence. Following the dwarf’s instructions, the hunter obtained the treasure and became a wealthy man. However, news of his newfound wealth reached the ears of a wicked king and his cohorts, who imprisoned the hunter and forced him to reveal the castle’s location. The villains greedily gathered the treasure, unaware of the tower’s danger. As they looted the tower, an explosion occurred, and the tower was transported to another castle. The villains faced the judgment of the dwarf king, who sentenced them to a lifetime of menial tasks. Meanwhile, the hunter was crowned king and enjoyed his newfound prosperity, while the treasure castle remained hidden, awaiting the discovery of a humble and cautious adventurer.

As we conclude our exploration of these fantastic 16 dwarf stories, it’s clear to see how each tale has woven its unique spell. Whether teaching valuable lessons through thrilling adventures, fostering empathy with memorable characters, or simply fueling the imagination with extraordinary worlds, these stories have left an indelible impression. Through read aloud audio versions, interactive illustrations, and easy-to-understand English language, each story has offered a vibrant and engaging way for kids to learn and grow, while ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience. These stories are not only educational tools but also a bridge to a magical world where anything is possible. Every tale – from the timeless classics to the burgeoning contemporary favourites – serves as a stepping stone in the journey of learning, self-discovery, and love for reading that every child embarks upon. With free access online and the option to download printable pdfs, we believe we’ve succeeded in making this enchanting realm of dwarfs accessible to all. So, as day turns to night and as story time transforms into dream time, remember that the world of imagination and learning never truly sleeps. Here’s to many more magical adventures and life lessons with our dwarf friends!