Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Top 20 Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz stories available for kids to read online. These tales are not just short, they’re the best, filled with funny, whimsical adventures that captivate the minds of children from preschool to elementary grades. Each page is designed to inspire a love for reading, packed with vibrant illustrations and pictures that bring the stories to life, making them a perfect choice for read-aloud sessions at bedtime or any leisure time. Available in an easy-to-read English language format, this compilation is a treasure trove of stories that blend theme, learning, and moral lessons, ideal for kindergarteners and toddlers.

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz Stories are an integral part of children’s literature, providing a mix of fantasy and relatable themes. They present the story of a young girl, Dorothy, her faithful dog, Toto, and the experiences they shared in the positively peculiar land of Oz, meeting eccentric creatures and overcoming challenges with wit and courage. One of the reasons why kids might enjoy these stories is the balance between humor, magic, and morals. As children explore these tales, they learn valuable life lessons subtly embedded in the storylines while being thoroughly entertained.

Get exploring for free, as each story is available in an easy to download PDF format, allowing for both online reading and print, perfect for taking the joy of reading anywhere. The top 20 stories of Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz is more than just an eBook, it’s an invitation to journey through the magical world of Oz and discover the joys of reading.

Top 20 Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz Stories

  1. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Earthquake: The train from ‘Frisco arrives late at Hugson’s Siding, where a little girl named Dorothy is waiting. She is met by a boy named Zeb, who takes her to Hugson’s Ranch. On their way, they experience an earthquake and narrowly escape falling into a crack in the earth. Dorothy and Zeb hold on tightly to the buggy and survive the ordeal.
  2. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Glass City: Dorothy and her friends continue to fall through a great crack in the earth. They are terrified of reaching the bottom, but the top of their buggy catches the air and slows their descent. As they float downward, they see six glowing balls of light below them. The balls of light are different colors and create a beautiful rainbow effect. Dorothy and her friends eventually land safely on a glass roof in a strange city. The people in the city have no expression on their faces and stare at Dorothy and her companions. A man with a star on his forehead accuses them of causing damage with a Rain of Stones and leads them to the House of the Sorcerer.
  3. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Arrival Of The Wizard: In this passage, Dorothy and her friends arrive at a glass palace where they meet a bald man with thorns on his head who claims to be a sorcerer. The sorcerer accuses them of causing damage with a rain of stones, but Dorothy denies it. The man with the star challenges the sorcerer’s abilities, and the Wizard of Oz demonstrates his own magic by creating and then disappearing piglets. The sorcerer attempts to stop the Wizard’s breath, but the Wizard cuts him in half, revealing that he is actually a vegetable. The Prince explains that everyone in their land is vegetable and offers to show the Wizard their mysteries in the public gardens.
  4. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Vegetable Kingdom: In this story, the Wizard and the group arrive at a city made of glass, accompanied by the vegetable people. The Prince takes them to a garden where the Mangaboos grow on bushes. They see a beautiful girl who is destined to be the next ruler, but the Prince insists she is not ready to be picked yet. The Prince plans to keep the Wizard and destroy the rest of the group, but they hope to find food on their way back. The story ends with free download options for the ebook.
  5. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: Dorothy Picks The Princess: In this excerpt, Dorothy, the Wizard, and their companions find themselves in a vegetable kingdom where they encounter a cold and heartless prince. They decide to pick the ripe royal princess instead, who becomes grateful for their help and takes her rightful place as ruler. The group then explores the kingdom further, encountering talking piglets and enjoying a meal of fish. Finally, they find shelter in the House of the Sorcerer and settle down for some much-needed rest.
  6. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Mangaboos Prove Dangerous: After waking up, the Wizard and his friends discuss their situation with the vegetable people, who decide they must be destroyed. The Wizard performs magic tricks to prove his worth, but the advisors still want to send their animals to the Black Pit. Eventually, they are driven to the mountain, where they are surrounded by the vegetable people and forced to retreat.
  7. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: Into The Black Pit And Out Again: A group of characters, including a horse, a kitten, and piglets, is trapped inside a dark cave by a tribe of cruel and heartless creatures called Mangaboos. The Wizard of Oz and a young girl named Dorothy gather their courage and, with the help of their lanterns, navigate through the cave. Eventually, they emerge into a new and charming country. Free downloads of the story are available as a PDF ebook.
  8. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Valley Of Voices: After journeying through a glass mountain, the travelers find themselves in a beautiful valley called the Valley of Voe. The valley is filled with lovely lawns, gardens, orchards, and picturesque cottages. However, they soon realize that the valley is deserted, and they stumble upon a group of invisible people who explain that they eat a fruit called the dama-fruit, which makes them invisible to bears. The travelers are invited to a meal and are warned to avoid eating the fruit to prevent becoming invisible themselves.
  9. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: They Fight The Invisible Bears: A group of strangers visits the Valley of Voe, where the inhabitants are invisible. They are invited to a meal but refuse to eat the dama-fruit, which would turn them invisible. The residents explain that being invisible keeps them safe from the bears that inhabit the valley. The strangers are warned about the bears and given a plant that allows them to walk on water. They use this to escape the bears and continue their journey to the Pyramid Mountain. Along the way, they encounter more dangers but manage to reach their destination safely.
  10. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Braided Man Of Pyramid Mountain: Dorothy, the Wizard, and their companions find themselves at the foot of a mountain with a sign warning them that the stairs ahead lead to the Land of the Gargoyles. They begin the arduous climb, with Jim the horse pulling the buggy. As they ascend, they pass through darkness and emerge onto a landing where they can see the Valley of Voe below. They continue climbing until they reach another landing where they encounter a strange man with long white braided hair. The man offers them his products, “Assorted Flutters” and “Rustles,” in exchange for a blue hair-ribbon. After trading with the man, they bid him farewell and continue their journey.
  11. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: They Meet The Wooden Gargoyles: The adventurers reach a third landing where they find a rift in the mountain. They rest and the Wizard takes out the nine tiny piglets from his pocket. The piglets are now visible, indicating that they have passed beyond the influence of the magical Valley of Voe. Eureka, the kitten, becomes hungry and asks if she can eat one of the piglets, which upsets the others. They scold Eureka for her savage desires and state that they no longer trust her. Dorothy explains to Eureka that it wouldn’t be right for her to eat the piglets, just as it wouldn’t be right for Jim the horse to eat her. Eureka agrees to leave the piglets alone. They continue their climb and reach the Country of the Gargoyles, which is entirely made of wood. The Gargoyles, small and ugly creatures, attack the group, but Jim the horse kicks them away. However, the Wizard believes they will renew the attack. The Wizard fires a shot at the Gargoyles, causing some to fall but most to escape. Zeb captures one of the Gargoyles and restrains it, then they retreat.
  12. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: A Wonderful Escape: The enemy hesitates to attack, but eventually the Wizard’s revolver runs out of bullets. The Gargoyles try to draw their fire by sending smaller groups, while the main band stays back. The adventurers plan to fight back and yell to intimidate the Gargoyles. They each choose a weapon: the Wizard uses his sword, Dorothy opens her parasol, and Zeb uses a captured Gargoyle as a club. However, their efforts are in vain as the Gargoyles overpower them and transport them to a wooden city. There, they discover that the Gargoyles unhook their wings to go to sleep. The Wizard proposes using the wings to escape to a nearby rock, and with the help of Zeb, retrieves them. They attach the wings to the horse and the buggy, and as they fly away, they are pursued by a group of angry Gargoyles.
  13. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Den Of The Dragonettes: Our friends managed to outwit the pursuing wooden Gargoyles by setting fire to their wings. They then continued their journey through a treacherous mountain with narrow passages and obstacles. In a vast cave, they encountered dragonettes, young dragons whose tails were tied to rocks. The dragonettes revealed that their mother was out hunting for food, and while they would love to eat the humans, they were unable to due to their restraints. The children and the Wizard decided to make their escape before the mother dragon returned. They found two possible paths and chose one, eager to avoid any further encounters.
  14. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: Ozma Uses The Magic Belt: A group of adventurers, including Dorothy and the Wizard, find themselves trapped in an underground cave. They are hopeful when they come across a path leading to the surface, but the path disappears before they can cross. They realize they are stuck, but Dorothy believes that her friend Ozma will help them using her magic. She signals Ozma and suddenly disappears, along with the kitten. The rest of the group waits, and soon they find themselves in the beautiful Land of Oz.
  15. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: Old Friends Are Reunited: In this story, the Wizard returns to the Land of Oz and is warmly welcomed by his old friends, including Princess Ozma and Dorothy. They discuss the history of Oz and how the Wizard came to be its ruler. The group is joined by other familiar characters, such as the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the talking chicken Billina. The story ends with everyone enjoying each other’s company and looking forward to more adventures together.
  16. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: Jim, The Cab-horse: Jim, the Cab-horse, finds himself in possession of a large room in the Land of Oz. The attendants try to serve him various fancy foods, but he rejects them all and asks for oats instead. Jim meets the Sawhorse, who is an artificial horse made of wood and brought to life by Princess Ozma. The two horses have a comical encounter and are later joined by the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger. Dorothy arrives and reunites with her old friends. The Gump’s Head, a talking head on the wall, shares its past as part of a flying machine. Ozma announces that breakfast is ready, and they all go to eat.
  17. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Nine Tiny Piglets: Princess Ozma orders a holiday in the Emerald City to celebrate the return of the Wizard. A grand procession takes place, followed by wizardry performances and games. The Wizard performs tricks, including producing nine tiny piglets, and later continues to entertain the crowd with more tricks. The day concludes with a race between the Sawhorse and Jim the Cab-horse, resulting in the Sawhorse winning and being named the Prince of Horses. The procession returns to the palace, where Princess Ozma and her guests enjoy a lavish luncheon. In the afternoon, they attend games outside the city gates. Despite a momentary display of temper from Jim, the day ends on a positive note, with the Sawhorse’s leg and ear being repaired, and Princess Ozma proclaiming it the Champion of its race.
  18. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Trial Of Eureka The Kitten: In this story, Dorothy and her friends are enjoying their time together in the Land of Oz. However, when one of Ozma’s piglets goes missing, suspicion falls on Dorothy’s kitten, Eureka. The group decides to hold a trial to determine if Eureka is guilty of eating the piglet. The Tin Woodman, wanting to save Eureka’s life, secretly hides one of the remaining piglets so that he can present it as the missing one if Eureka is found guilty.
  19. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: The Wizard Performs Another Trick: In the Throne Room, Princess Ozma presides over a trial accusing Eureka the kitten of killing and eating a piglet. The pompous Woggle-Bug is the prosecution, while the Tin Woodman defends Eureka’s innocence. After the jury finds Eureka guilty, the trial takes a turn when the piglet is found alive. Eureka confesses that she had intended to eat the piglet but it fell into a vase and got stuck, proving her innocence. The crowd cheers and Dorothy hugs the kitten, relieved that she is innocent. The trial ends, and everyone goes home satisfied.
  20. Dorothy And The Wizard In Oz: Zeb Returns To The Ranch: Eureka is in disgrace in the Land of Oz because everyone believes she tried to eat a piglet. She is confined to Dorothy’s room and wants to go somewhere else. Dorothy uses an enchanted picture to find out that her uncle and aunt think she was killed in an earthquake. Zeb also wants to go home. The group has a joyful last evening together, then Dorothy and Eureka disappear, and Zeb returns to his uncle and aunt’s ranch in Kansas.

In conclusion, the Top 20 Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz Stories provide a magical journey into a world full of creativity, accompanied by important life lessons woven within the narrative. These tales aren’t just about fascinating adventures; they spotlight the bravery of a young girl named Dorothy, and her friends, who find strength, courage and wisdom along their journey in the enchanting land of Oz. These stories not only keep children engaged with colorful characters and exciting plot twists, but also instill values of friendship, bravery, and the belief that there’s no place like home.