Stories About Deception

Stories About Deception

Welcome to the Top 10 Stories About Deception for kids to read online! This collection of fun, educational, and engaging tales is perfect for children of all ages, from toddlers to preschoolers to early years and kindergarten students. Parents and teachers can easily access these short stories with a simple click, as they are available in various formats such as PDF, free to download, and even printable for your convenience. These stories are not only entertaining, but also provide valuable moral lessons to children, making them an ideal choice for bedtime or storytime.

Our Top 10 Stories About Deception are exciting for both girls and boys. Each of these delightful bedtime stories is accompanied by eye-catching pictures, making them easy for kids to follow and enjoy. We understand that language learning plays an essential role in a child’s development, so our collection has been tailored for young learners with straightforward English that is easily understandable. We’ve also included an audio version for kids to enjoy listening to the tales read aloud, ensuring that they have the best experience.

These famous bedtime stories will keep children captivated, while also sharing important morals for their early years. The tales range from classic fairy tales to more modern narratives that teach children about the consequences of deception and the importance of honesty. As a result, kids will find these longer stories not only enjoyable but also educational. So, gather your little ones for a cozy night time read or a fun storytime session with these fantastic tales about deception, carefully curated for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students. Grab a warm blanket, and let’s dive into the world of magical tales and valuable life lessons. Happy reading and sweet dreams!

Top 10 Stories About Deception for kids to read online:

  1. How The Birds Got A King: This story tells of a time when people could understand the language of birds and how the birds lived free and happy without a king. The cuckoo suggested that they needed a king, and after much debate, the birds agreed that the one who could fly the highest would be king. The eagle flew the highest, but a little bird with no name hidden on the eagle flew higher and claimed to be king. After the birds changed the competition to the one who could dig the deepest hole, the little bird was captured and planned to be starved to death until the owl who was guarding the bird fell asleep. The little bird then escaped, and the other birds were angry with the owl, who since then, only flies at night. The little bird became known as the Winter King and now only yells in winter when there are no other birds around.
  2. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: This is the story of a little white hare who wanted to cross over to the mainland of Inaba. He meets a crocodile who offers to form a bridge across the sea to make his wish come true. The hare plays a trick on the crocodile and jeers at him after he crosses over. Outraged, the crocodiles take revenge by tearing out all of the hare’s fur. Later, the hare meets a kind fairy who helps him heal using the pollen of kaba flowers. The fairy turns out to be a prince who impresses the princess with his kindness and wins her heart. The story of “The White Hare of Inaba” became famous in Japan, and the hare and the crocodiles became part of Japanese folklore.
  3. How Anansi tied Tiger: The story is about Anansi, a spider who goes fishing and catches a lot of fish. When he meets Tiger on his way back, Anansi lies about having an empty basket. Tiger catches Anansi’s lie but Anansi tricks Tiger by tying him to a tree with his hair. Anansi becomes confident and leaves Tiger behind, but Tiger is eventually killed by a hunter. An ebook (PDF) version of the story is available for download.
  4. The Ram: The story is about a king with three daughters. The youngest daughter, Miranda, angers her father when he asks why she chose to wear a white dress to welcome him home from a war, and she simply replies that white suits her. Later, when he asks the sisters about their dreams, Miranda tells a dream where the king serves her at her sister’s wedding, angering him even more. He orders his guards to take her to the forest and kill her. Instead, they leave her there and she meets a sheep who used to be a king. Miranda falls in love with him although he is under a curse. She attends her sisters’ weddings with the sheep’s permission but when she does not return, the sheep dies of a broken heart. Miranda becomes queen, but at her grand entrance, she finds the sheep dead, realizing her failure to keep her promise cost him his life.
  5. King Lear: The story is about King Lear who wants to divide his kingdom among his three daughters, but first wants to know how much they love him. The two eldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, make false declarations of their love while their youngest daughter, Cordelia, says she loves him according to her duty. King Lear is offended and disowns Cordelia, dividing his kingdom between Goneril and Regan while banishing Cordelia and anyone who tries to speak up for her. Goneril and Regan treat their father poorly, and he ends up wandering the fields in despair. Cordelia comes to his aid with her army, but they are defeated by Goneril and Regan. Cordelia and King Lear are thrown into prison, and tragically Cordelia is hanged. King Lear, in his sadness, also dies holding her body.
  6. The Jellyfish and the Monkey: In ancient Japan, the Dragon King of the Sea finds happiness in marrying a Dragon Queen but becomes unhappy when she falls ill. The king learns that the cure lies in the liver of a live monkey, and his servant sends a jellyfish to trick an ape into coming to the palace on false pretenses to obtain his liver. However, the ape discovers the truth, refuses to give his liver, and punishes the jellyfish. The story reveals that jellyfishes used to have a hard shell before being punished, which left them soft. A downloadable ebook link is available.
  7. The Water Nymph in the Pond: A poor miller makes a promise to a Water Nymph that he will give her “something young” in exchange for wealth and prosperity. Soon after, his wife gives birth to a son and the miller realizes that he has been tricked. He becomes wealthy again, but his heart is burdened by the promise to the nymph, and he forbids his son from going near the pond. Later, his son becomes a hunter and falls in love with a girl from the village. One day, while washing his hands in the pond, the Water Nymph appears, pulls him under and he drowns. The hunter’s wife seeks the help of an old woman who gives her a golden comb, flute and spinning wheel, which she uses to call forth the spirit of her husband from the pond. Finally reunited, they live happily ever after.
  8. A Heart of Stone: The story is about a man named Peter Munk who is unhappy with his work as a charcoal burner and desires to be wealthy. He seeks help from the Glassman Treasureman and deceptively receives riches, but he squanders them all. In desperation, he resorts to making a deal with the Evil Michiel, giving away his heart for money. He becomes a ruthless and cruel man, feared by many, until he realizes the error of his ways and seeks to retrieve his heart. With the help of the Glassman, he succeeds in defeating the Evil Michiel and regains his heart, leading to a change of heart and a happy ending.
  9. Why the Lamb Is Meek: A little lamb is frolicking in the pasture when a toad tricks him into being dragged into the sea by pretending to rope him in. Another day, the toad challenges the lamb to a race and cheats by having his family members pretend to be answering the lamb’s race calls. The toad then tricks the lamb into carrying him to a party where he causes the lamb much injury. The king’s daughter sees this and laughs, thus spreading the story that lamb tends to be meek and not cooperative.
  10. How the Pigeon Became a Tame Bird: The story is about three brothers who each receive a large melon from their father with the advice to open it only where there is water nearby. The eldest brother opens his melon too soon and a beautiful maiden dies. The second brother does the same, but the third brother follows his father’s advice and only opens his melon where there is water. He saves the maiden and later marries her. When a pigeon annoys him he commands it be killed, but when the cook finds a pin in the pigeon’s breast and removes it, the pigeon turns into the same beautiful maiden from the melon. The man’s deceitful wife confesses and dies, and he marries the maiden again. She creates a home for pigeons in their garden, and this is how it is believed that pigeons became tame birds.

In conclusion, these Top 10 Stories About Deception serve as an entertaining and important reminder for kids about the potential consequences of dishonesty. While some of these tales might be amusing and adventurous, they ultimately teach valuable life lessons regarding the importance of telling the truth, being genuine, and understanding that deceitful actions can often lead to negative outcomes. By reading these stories, kids learn to embrace honesty, develop trustworthiness, and nurture healthy relationships with family and friends. So, as you continue to explore the wide world of literature, remember to carry these lessons and apply them to your everyday life, so you can become a better and more honest individual.