Stories about Dads

Stories about Dads

Welcome to the Top 26 Stories about Dads, a wonderful collection crafted especially for kids, children, and toddlers to enjoy during bedtime, story time, or just for fun! We understand the importance of reading and storytelling, and with this compilation of stories available for free online, you can easily download, print, or enjoy them as a pdf. Featuring a mix of classic fairy tales, fun and playful bedtime stories, and educational tales with moral lessons, each story is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, as well as those in their early years and EYFS.

These Stories about Dads are perfect for both boys and girls to read or listen to, with captivating pictures, easy-to-understand text, and audio in English. Our dedicated team has handpicked the best, most famous, and classic stories for young readers to learn, have fun and bond with their dads. Dive into this delightful collection, and make story time a cherished part of your family’s routine.

The importance of Stories about Dads lies in celebrating fatherhood and the special bond shared between dads and their kids. These tales promote family values, enhance empathy, and reinforce love and understanding, which are crucial lessons for children’s emotional development. In addition, the stories in this collection cater to different age groups, offering both short, easy-to-follow tales and longer, more detailed narratives to suit various reading levels. What makes these stories particularly delightful is the emphasis on fathers’ unique roles, as well as the imaginative scenarios in which they find themselves. So snuggle up, relax, and make the most of reading time by exploring the wonderful world of Stories about Dads with your little ones tonight.

Top 26 Stories about Dads for kids to read online:

  1. Part 1: My Father Meets The Cat: The story is about a young boy who befriends an old alley cat and takes care of her despite his mother’s disapproval. The cat tells him about a place called Wild Island where she saw something that made her weep. She shares a way he can fly even though he can’t have his own airplane.
  2. Part 2: My Father Runs Away: In the story, a cat tells a boy and his father about a baby dragon who fell from a cloud onto Wild Island and is now being mistreated by locals. The father decides to rescue the dragon with the help of the cat, and they secretly pack supplies for the journey. The father sneaks onto a ship and sets sail the next day.
  3. Part 3: My Father Finds The Island: In this story, the protagonist’s father hides in a grain bag to sneak onto a ship and escape home. After successfully making it to the port, he walks to the Tangerina Island where he collects some tangerines and eventually sets out to reach the Wild Island. Despite warnings from a fisherman, he manages to reach Wild Island and stumbles upon a small whale sleeping between rocks before continuing his journey and finally arriving on the island.
  4. Part 4: My Father Finds The River: In the story, a man is searching for a dragon on an isolated island. He wanders through the jungle and meets a talking mouse and tortoises before overhearing two wild boars discussing fresh tangerine peels, which he had been leaving a trail of. He learns his lesson and saves all his tangerine peels before finally finding the river, where his troubles begin. Downloads of the story in PDF format are available.
  5. Part 5: My Father Meets Some Tigers: A man walks along a river in a dense jungle and gets stuck in deep mud. As he tries to navigate his way through, he hears whispery noises and thinks he’s being followed. He steps into a clearing and is surrounded by seven tigers who are about to attack him, but he offers them chewing gum that, when chewed long enough, will turn green and grow more gum. The tigers are so busy inspecting each other’s mouths to make sure no one is getting ahead that they forget about him, and he escapes.
  6. Part 6: My Father Meets A Rhinoceros: In this story, the protagonist’s father is searching for a dragon and comes across a trail that two wild boars are also using. They discuss an invasion and send a mouse to keep watch. The father hides from the boars but is picked up by a rhinoceros who accuses him of using a private weeping pool. The father finds toothpaste and a toothbrush to make the rhinoceros’ tusk white and beautiful again, causing the rhinoceros to forget about the father’s presence. When a boar comes back and questions him about the toothbrush and toothpaste, the rhinoceros tells him he’s too busy brushing his tusk. The boar runs off to find out more about the invasion.
  7. Part 7: My Father Meets A Lion: The story is about a man named Elmer Elevator who meets a lion with a messy mane. The lion is upset about his appearance because his mother is coming to visit and he’s worried she’ll stop his allowance if she sees him that way. Elmer offers to help the lion tidy his mane with ribbons, a comb, and a brush. The lion is pleased with the result and doesn’t notice when Elmer leaves.
  8. Part 8: My Father Meets A Gorilla: In this story, a hungry man eats some tangerines under a banyan tree when he overhears a conversation amongst some boars about the unusual behavior of tigers and animals. He follows their lead to find a lioness who points him towards the dragon ferry. Along the way, he is accosted by a fierce gorilla who is troubled by fleas. The man helps the gorilla with some magnifying glasses which attracts the attention of many other monkeys, and the man manages to escape unnoticed.
  9. Part 9: My Father Makes A Bridge: A man tries to find a way to cross a river and discovers a high flagpole with a rope going over to the other side. There is a sign on the crank that says to summon a dragon by yanking it. However, he doesn’t want to hurt the dragon who is tied to the other end of the rope. Just then, a crocodile appears, and the man offers him some lollipops. Seventeen crocodiles come out of the water to eat the lollipops, and the man attaches some to each crocodile to use as stepping stones to cross the river.
  10. Part 10: My Father Finds The Dragon: The story details a thrilling adventure of a man trying to rescue a baby dragon from the ferocious animals on Wild Island, while using crocodiles as a bridge to cross the river. Amidst the chaos, the crocodiles escape downriver with the angry animals riding them, and the man successfully frees the dragon. Together, they fly away from Wild Island and head towards the shores of Tangerina, without any intention of returning.
  11. The cave of the beasts: The story is about a family with seven daughters. When the father finds wild duck eggs, he doesn’t share them with his daughters but plans to eat them with his wife. Each of the daughters secretly asks for and eats one. As a result, the father takes the younger daughters into the mountains to abandon them, but they find a cave with precious jewels and live happily until their father finds them. They become wealthy and lived happily ever after.
  12. The spring-tide of love: A young girl named Elsa wanders too far into the woods and becomes lost. She comes across a mansion occupied by a man named Ulric who takes her in. Elsa decides to stay with him and they grow a bond. Ulric reveals that he was cursed after turning away a family who were dying in the winter and as a result, was driven to living in isolation. Elsa and Ulric discover a room in the mansion with a woman inside that turns out to be Ulric’s wife, who has been in a deep sleep. Elsa wakes her and the curse is lifted, and Ulric’s wife was actually the same servant who had taken Elsa away as a baby. Elsa is elated to have found her true family and grows to love them deeply.
  13. Soccer on a lake: The story is about a young man named Chai who has an encounter with supernatural beings while travelling across a lake. He witnesses a bizarre soccer game played with a ball made of a fish, which led to a dangerous situation. Chai’s father, who was presumed to have drowned in the same lake years before, appears during the chaos. They manage to escape and his father reveals that the players were fish goblins who serve the Dragon King and the ball was made of a fish. They then flee the area before they’re caught by the Dragon King.
  14. King Lear: The story is about King Lear who plans to divide his kingdom among his three daughters. He asks them how much they love him, and two daughters express their love with exaggerated expressions, while his youngest daughter Cordelia expresses her love with duty. The king banishes Cordelia and divides the kingdom among his other daughters. However, they mistreat him, and he ends up wandering in the wilderness with only a few loyal companions. Cordelia, who has married the King of France, raises an army and helps Lear. Together they defeat his other daughters, but Cordelia is executed, and Lear dies from grief, still holding her body in his arms.
  15. The Tempest: The story is about Prospero, the Duke of Milan, whose brother Antonio betrays him and takes over his duchy with the help of the King of Naples, causing Prospero and his young daughter Miranda to be cast out to sea. Luckily, his servant Gonzalo secretly provides them with provisions, and they land on an enchanted island. Prospero, who has studied magic, frees the spirits trapped on the island, including Ariel and Caliban. Years later, when Antonio and the King of Naples sail by the island, Prospero seeks revenge by using magic to cause a storm that leads to their ship sinking near the island. Ferdinand, the King of Naples’ son, falls in love with Miranda, and Prospero forces him to perform manual labor to prove his worthiness. Eventually, Prospero relents and allows Ferdinand to marry Miranda. Prospero forgives his enemies and regains his duchy, while Ariel gains his freedom.
  16. As you please: The story is about a banished duke who goes into the Forest of Arden with his daughter, Rosalind, and her best friend, Celia. There, they meet Orlando, who falls in love with Rosalind at first sight. To escape danger, Rosalind disguises herself as a man named Ganymede and Celia as Aliena, and they settle down as shepherdesses in the forest. Orlando meets Ganymede, not knowing it is Rosalind, and Rosalind plays along. Along the way, Rosalind’s wicked uncle is converted, and many weddings follow. All live happily ever after.
  17. Moon People: The story describes the peaceful home of the Man in the Moon, where the mother knits baby socks and the father smokes a pipe while the moon baby swings in a beautiful hammock. The moon baby admires the shining Earth and wonders if there are people living there, but the moon mother and father doubt they will ever know. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  18. The Golden Touch: This is a story about a king named Midas who loves gold more than anything else. He had the chance to get the golden touch but realized that wealth could not bring happiness as it turned his daughter into a golden statue. He regretted his wish and wanted everything back to the way it was. A stranger told him to dive into the river and sprinkle the water from the vase that he filled on all the changes he wanted to undo. The king succeeded and became wiser, realizing that real treasure was the people and things around him.
  19. The Worthy One: The story is about four princes who argue over who will become king after their father’s death. The King’s advisors and wise old men then tell the princes that only the Worthy One should be king, and whoever confesses to and avoids their father’s crimes is the Worthy One. The first three princes list increasing amounts of their father’s faults, hoping to prove that they are the most worthy, but it is the fourth prince who refuses to dishonor his father by naming any faults and ends up being crowned king.
  20. The Flute: The story is about a man who had a daughter named O’Yoné. His wife died, and he remarried, but his new wife was wicked and jealous of O’Yoné. When the man had to leave for a long business trip, O’Yoné begged him not to leave, but he ignored her. She gave him a small flute and told him to play it if he missed her. When he played the flute in Kyoto, he heard O’Yoné’s voice saying “Come back to Yedo,” and he returned home to find that his evil wife had killed O’Yoné. He avenged her death, put on simple clothing, and took the small flute with him on a pilgrimage to the sacred places of Japan.
  21. Donkeyskin: The story is about a king and queen who have a daughter. After the queen dies, the king goes mad and demands to marry his daughter. The daughter asks her godmother for help, and she advises her to ask for impossible things from her father, such as a dress in the colors of the weather. However, the father manages to provide these things. Finally, the daughter asks for the skin of the donkey that produces gold coins, and the father sacrifices the donkey. The daughter then runs away disguised in the donkey skin and goes to work on a farm where she is known as Donkeyskin. She meets a prince who falls in love with her and is cured of his illness by a cake she bakes for him. When the prince wants to marry her, the king and queen discover that she is their missing daughter and approve of the marriage. The story ends with a big feast and everyone living happily ever after.
  22. The City Under the Sea: This story is about a merchant who is tasked with finding the Emerald of the Sea by the king. His three sons go on separate voyages to find the jewel but do not return. The youngest son sets out on a journey and discovers the underwater world ruled by the King of the Underwater World. He finds the emerald and saves his father’s life, but his brothers are under a spell and cannot remember their past. In the end, love saves the day, and everyone lives happily ever after.
  23. The Surprise from the Maple Trees: The story is about David’s first experience in the countryside, where he gets to explore nature and play in the snow. As spring arrives, his father leads him to a log house in the middle of a grove. There, David learns about how the sweet sap from the sugar-maple trees is collected using pails and spouts, boiled, and turned into maple syrup. The story concludes with David wondering if other children will also discover the sugar-maple’s sweet surprise.
  24. The Sandpipers: The story is about a bird called a sandpiper that lives near a beach with its family. One day, when the sandpiper family were playing and eating on the beach, they saw some men with guns approaching. While the mother and the babies hid, the father distracted the men by pretending to be injured and leading them away. After they were safe, the family returned to the beach. The story ends with the teacher asking what they think the birds said, and the children guessing “Peep, peep.” The ebook is available for download.
  25. The Time-Traveling Tie: In this story, a young boy named Timmy finds a magical tie that belonged to his father. When he puts it on, he is transported back in time to when his father was a boy the same age as him. They embark on an adventure together and Timmy learns about his father’s past and his passions. Through their journey, Timmy gains a better understanding of his father and the importance of cherishing family ties. They form an unbreakable bond and Timmy returns to the present with a newfound appreciation for his father.
  26. Building with dad: A young child named Alex wants to surprise her dad with something special for Father’s Day. They decide to build a magnificent treehouse together, and over time, Alex learns the value of teamwork, patience, and determination. When the treehouse is finally complete, it becomes a treasured space for father and child to create magical memories and bond over shared experiences. The treehouse stands as a symbol of their unbreakable bond and the power of building something with their own hands.

In conclusion, the Top 26 Stories about Dads are a heartwarming and captivating collection of tales that showcase the incredible bond between fathers and their children. For kids reading these stories online, not only do they serve as a source of entertainment, but also as an inspiration for the countless ways in which fathers play crucial roles in the lives of their children. These stories celebrate the love, strength, and wisdom that dads have to offer, and provide a reminder of the special moments and life lessons kids can cherish with their fathers. Happy reading, and don’t forget to appreciate and share these stories with the amazing dad in your life!