Stories About Curses

Stories About Curses

Welcome to the exciting world of the Top 22 Stories About Curses, specially curated for kids and children to read online for free! This amazing collection of bedtime stories is available for downloading, in pdf format, to give your little ones a memorable adventure. The printable tales come with beautiful pictures that make learning and reading educational, fun, and engaging for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

Each short story is carefully selected to tell a captivating tale, some classic and famous while others offer a twist to conventional storylines. The fun-filled, easy to read and understand language is perfect for boys and girls alike, making story time an enjoyable experience for everyone. Whether you are searching for an audio story to listen to or a good fairy tale to read aloud, this vast collection caters to all your needs.

Stories About Curses have always intrigued children with their mystical charm and the magical element of transformation. Not only do they provide entertainment, but they also teach important moral lessons through the fall and rise of characters who overcome the curses laid upon them. These bedtime stories are perfect for night time, fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity while promoting sleep, leaving your toddlers eager for more.

Let your little ones embark on a journey through the enchanted world of curses, uncovering the power of good over evil. These entertaining stories, perfect for both girls and boys, offer a fantastic opportunity for parents to bond with their children, reminiscing about their own childhood memories. So, snuggle up with your kids and enjoy this amazing collection of the Top 22 Stories About Curses, making bedtime the favorite part of the day for everyone.

Top 22 Stories About Curses for kids to read online:

  1. The Wild Swans: In this story, a king’s daughter Elize is sent away to live on a farm by her wicked stepmother. The stepmother then casts a spell on Elize’s eleven brothers, turning them into wild swans. Elize goes in search of her brothers and finds out that at night, they turn back into humans. She must make jumpers out of nettles to break the spell but cannot speak while doing so. Elize is caught by the king’s hunters and imprisoned, but manages to finish the jumpers before her execution and saves her brothers.
  2. The spring-tide of love: A young girl named Elsa gets lost in the woods while searching for flowers and ends up stumbling upon an old mansion. A rough-looking man named Ulric lives there, who takes her in and provides her with warmth and food. Elsa becomes fond of Ulric and doesn’t want to leave him. Ulric reveals a curse that befell him and his family when he turned away a woman and her child from his doorstep, all on a bitter winter night. The woman and child died, and Ulric lost his wife and his child but was saved by Elsa’s arrival. He leads Elsa to a room where he reveals the woman to be his wife and Elsa’s real mother. The curse is broken, and spring arrives, bringing hope and love to Ulric and Elsa.
  3. Beauty and The Beast: A wealthy merchant loses everything and his family is forced to live in poverty. When one of his lost ships is found, his daughters ask for luxurious items, but Beauty only wants a rose. The ship is seized and the merchant finds an abandoned palace on his way back. He picks a rose for Beauty, but the Beast who owns the palace demands that Beauty come to live with him. Beauty goes willingly and befriends the Beast, but she must return home to see her sick father. Her jealous sisters make her stay longer than a week, and Beauty realizes she loves the Beast. When she returns, the Beast transforms into a prince and they live happily ever after.
  4. The Ram: The story is about a princess named Miranda who is in danger of being killed by her father, the king. She goes into the forest where she meets a ram who used to be a king. He falls in love with her and transforms her into a queen. She attends her sisters’ weddings and is locked up in her family’s castle. The king recognises her and apologises, and she becomes the new queen. She forgets to return to the ram, who dies waiting for her at the palace gate. The story teaches a lesson about keeping promises and appreciating what you have.
  5. The Courteous Prince: A handsome prince falls in love with a girl who’s not of his rank but the King sends her away to find someone of his own rank. One day, while hunting, the prince finds himself isolated in a haunted hunting lodge, where a ghostly woman asks him if he’s a courteous prince and asks him to make her a bed of heather. The prince returns to the lodge, and the woman is gone, replaced by his lost love, who had been enchanted by an evil witch to take on a hideous form until a prince served her with courtesy. The prince breaks the spell, and they live happily ever after.
  6. The Frog Princess: In this story, an old king gives his three sons a challenge to find a worthy woman to marry. The younger son’s arrow lands on a frog, which he marries to fulfill his father’s challenge. The frog becomes a princess at night but needs to hide from everyone. When the king asks his sons to bring their wives to him, the frog turns into a beautiful princess and wins the challenge. However, after breaking a promise, the princess turns into a duck and runs away. The young prince spends months looking for her and eventually finds her, and they live happily ever after.
  7. The Black Bowl: The story tells of a poor girl who wore a black bowl on her head and worked hard to support herself and her sickly mother after her father’s death. Despite the ridicule she faced, she remained kind and content with her life. One day, a wandering minstrel composed a song about her tears, which caught the attention of a kind farmer who gave her work. She worked hard, and her kind master’s son fell in love with her despite her appearance. They married, and when they tried to remove the bowl from her head, it shattered, revealing a treasure trove of jewels.
  8. The Story of the Three Beggars: In this story, a wealthy merchant named Mark allows three old, poor beggars to sleep in his attic after his daughter begs him to. That night, he overhears the beggars talking about naming a newborn baby “Vassili” and giving him all of Mark’s possessions. Mark sells the child’s father a thousand coins and lets the child fall from a cliff. The merchants who owed him payment find the baby, who is taken to a monastery, adopted, and named Vassili. Years later, Mark hears Vassili sing beautifully and wants to hire him for his business, but secretly hopes for his death. Instead, he sends Vassili on a mission to ask the Snake King for overdue rent. On the way, Vassili meets an oak tree, an old ferryman, and a whale, whom he helps. Upon completing his mission, Vassili sees the ships Sail away with riches, including gold and silver from under the very tree that stood in Mark’s land.
  9. The Enchanted Elm: This story follows a prince who is turned into a tree by a witch after hitting her pet wolf. His new life as a tree is spent talking to doves and trees until he falls in love with a girl who saves him from being chopped down by lumberjacks. With the help of the King of the Trees and a wizard, the prince is turned back into a human, defeats the witch, and marries the girl.
  10. The City Under the Sea: This is a story about a merchant who is sent by the king to search for a legendary jewel called the Emerald of the Sea. When his two eldest sons fail to find it, the youngest son sets off to the underwater world to search for it. He is captured by the King of the Underwater World, who reveals that the emerald was lost in a shipwreck. The young sailor finds the emerald and breaks a spell that had caused his brothers to forget their past lives. He returns to the surface and manages to save his father from the king’s punishment. In the end, the merchant gives the throne to his two oldest sons and the youngest sailor marries a beautiful niece of the Sand Witch.
  11. The Legend of Oliver’s Adventure: The story is about a young boy named Oliver who wants to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift by gathering the most beautiful berries and flowers he can find in the forest. He meets a wicked witch who gives him the gift in exchange for staying with her. Later, he finds a magical amulet, and he remembers his past life. However, the witch turns him into a frog when he attempts to escape. A good wizard finds him, cures him, and sends him back home to his mother. Oliver cherishes the time he has with his mother and learns the power of love and family.
  12. Nardo and the Princess: In this story, a king has two sons who are very different from each other. When an old beggar asks for food and shelter at the palace gates, the kind-hearted Nardo welcomes him, while his selfish brother Stephen wants the beggar to be turned away. The thankful beggar rewards Nardo with a ring that can grant wishes. When Nardo falls in love with a princess but fears she doesn’t return his feelings, he uses the ring to wish for her love. However, Stephen also loves the princess and wants the ring for himself. He enlists the help of a witch who casts a spell on Nardo, making him forget both the ring and his love for the princess. With the help of a fairy who was once a nightingale, the princess manages to retrieve the ring and break the spell over Nardo.
  13. The Enchanted Boat: The story is about a King who wants to marry his daughter off to his new queen’s son to secure the kingdom’s future. The Princess doesn’t want to marry him and runs away on an enchanted boat. She ends up exploring a strange land and finding a prince turned into a leopard-man who needs her help to regain his human form. She accomplishes this task and falls in love with the prince. They return to the Princess’s kingdom to find her father imprisoned, and his treacherous queen and son have taken over. The Prince sets things right, and he and the Princess get married, living happily ever after.
  14. Nicko and the Ogre: In this story, an ogre is preventing the people who live in a town by the river from fishing, and making too much noise when he sleeps. A youth named Nicko goes to an old witch who tells him how to get rid of the ogre. He dresses in a green and silver suit and dives into the river to ask a mermaid for the secret. To break the spell, a mortal must come to the river and marry the mermaid who is actually a king’s daughter transformed. Nicko falls in love with her and they manage to break the spell. The mermaid helps Nicko to get rid of the ogre permanently by turning him into a rock in the middle of the river with a spell. They marry and become the King and Queen of the land they live in.
  15. Sunev: The story is about a beautiful girl named Sunev, who is turned into a tiger by a jealous witch who wants her own daughter to marry a prince. Sunev finds refuge among the birds and animals of the forest and meets the goddess Venus, who helps restore her back into her human form. Sunev is eventually reunited with her family and married to the prince, while the witch’s daughter rejects the prince’s advances and marries a noble lord instead. It is revealed that the witch’s daughter was actually stolen as a baby and both girls become godchildren of Venus, who makes sure they are happy.
  16. Greta and the Black Cat: The story is about a girl named Greta who was found in a bundle by a woodsman named Peter. Peter’s wife did not want the baby, but Greta was eventually raised by Peter and his wife’s son, Robert. Greta was treated poorly by her foster family, who made her do all the work. One day, when Greta was asked to chop wood, she tried to run away and found a black cat with a hurt paw. The cat spoke to her, and they went to its home, where they met a fairy and a prince cursed to become a cat. The prince wanted to marry Greta, and the fairy made it happen. Greta and the prince lived happily ever after, but they never revealed Greta’s true identity to her former family.
  17. The Dolphin’s Bride: A poor girl named Nitta, who was hungry and homeless, sits by the ocean and cries. A dolphin appears and offers her a job caring for his house, which is underwater. Nitta accepts, and the dolphin takes her to his house. He tells her to pick a room to live in and offers to play the piano for her. The dolphin reveals he was actually a prince under a witch’s spell and asks Nitta to strike off his head with a sword to break the spell. Nitta does so and transforms into a mermaid, while the prince transforms back into a human. The prince and Nitta get married and live happily ever after in the castle.
  18. The Green Cat: Old Witch Betto, angry at not being invited to the village fête, called down rain to spoil it. Hans, who was getting married during the fête, was determined to make the sun shine for his bride. A frog tells him he can stop the rain by finding a green cat guarded by a dwarf and forcing old Witch Betto to stop. Hans finds the cat and succeeds in getting old Witch Betto to stop the rain. He later learns that the cat was a princess whom the witch had transformed. Hans and his bride were happily married, and Hans used to tell the story of the green cat to children.
  19. The King’s Servant: The story is about a king who cherished his servant named Muccio, but Muccio was resented by the other servants. The servants paid an old witch with their savings to turn Muccio into a cat, then into a lion, and finally into a dragon. When the king became aware of the magical transformation, he sought the help of the old witch who revealed the truth. In the end, the servants were spared from punishment but were given to Muccio as their master instead of having any money of their own.
  20. The Golden Chain: This is a story about a Prince who was turned into a lion by a wicked witch on his wedding day. The only way to break the spell was by using a golden chain, so the Princess went on a quest to find it. Along the way, she encountered helpful creatures and maidens who wove the chain for her. Eventually, she returned to the lion and restored him back to a human. They lived happily ever after and ascended the throne together.
  21. The Lost Fairy: The story is about a fairy who falls in love with a mortal and seeks the help of an old witch to become mortal herself. She marries the peasant but is eventually discovered by her Queen and turned into a white rabbit for disobeying the rules. The peasant rescues her by marrying the rabbit and is blessed with a baby girl. The story highlights the importance of finding happiness and true love and the consequences of disobeying rules.
  22. The Sorceress And The Pearl: The story is about a kind and good King who accidentally drinks a magic potion given by an old sorceress, turning him into a toad. As the sorceress’s son takes over the throne, he behaves tyrannically, confiscating the people’s land and wealth and leaving them in despair and misery. The toad hops around the forest, eventually finding a magic pearl that could restore him to his original form but coveted by the sorceress. After a confrontation, the toad becomes the King again and brings peace to the kingdom by restoring what was taken, appointing the sorceress’s son as a loyal servant.

In conclusion, the Top 22 Stories About Curses highlight the power of imagination and creativity in the world of children’s literature. These magical tales not only captivate young readers with their bewitching plots and enchanting characters but also impart valuable life lessons on courage, loyalty, and friendship. With each story offering a unique twist on the concept of curses, these narratives showcase the triumph of good over evil and the importance of believing in oneself. Ultimately, they serve as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, we have the power within us to overcome obstacles and bring about positive change.