Stories about creepy crawlers

Stories about creepy crawlers

Welcome to our Top 19 Stories about creepy crawlers for kids to read online. This fascinating collection of stories will entertain boys and girls alike during bedtime, story time, or any time when they are looking for a fun, spooky adventure. Our free, online stories are available in PDF format for easy download, making them printable and perfect for sharing with friends and family. These educational stories are designed to captivate children’s imaginations and get them learning through narratives about these eerie creatures, while also enjoying the thrill of creepy crawlers.

In our compilation, we have included short stories to tell with pictures, ensuring that your children remain engaged all throughout their reading journey. We understand that every child’s preference is different, which is why we also offer audio versions of the stories in English, making them accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our easy to read, best selections are aimed to bring excitement, as well as spark curiosity, as kids explore the world of creepy crawlers through fun and educational tales.

Stories about creepy crawlers hold a unique importance, as they help children face their fear of these creatures, while also providing interesting facts and teaching valuable morals. These stories are perfect for children of all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students in their early years and EYFS. So, whether your child is a fan of classic fairy tales, or they are searching for a good night time read to help them fall asleep, our collection of famous stories about creepy crawlers has something for everyone to enjoy.

Top 19 Stories about creepy crawlers for kids to read online:

  1. The Gnat And The Bull: The story is about a gnat that settled on the horn of a bull and asked for forgiveness before leaving. The bull is indifferent and claims he didn’t even know the gnat was there. There is a link to download the story in PDF format for offline reading or printing.
  2. The Ants And The Grasshopper: In this story, a family of ants is busy collecting food for the winter when a starving grasshopper approaches them for food. The ants are shocked when the grasshopper admits to not storing any food for the winter and explains that he was too busy making music. The ants refuse to help the grasshopper and tell him to dance instead. The story highlights the importance of planning ahead and being responsible. An ebook download link is provided at the end.
  3. The Bees And Wasps, And The Hornet: In this story, the Wasps and Bees argue over who owns a store of honey found in a tree. Unable to resolve the issue, they bring the case before Judge Hornet. After weeks of deliberation and witness testimonies, the judge suggests a solution – he instructs both parties to build a honeycomb, realizing that only the Bees have the capability to do so. The judge rules in favor of the Bees, and the honey is rightfully given to them. Downloads for the story are also provided.
  4. The Lion And The Gnat: In this story, a Lion tries to swat away a Gnat buzzing around his head, but the Gnat retaliates by stinging the Lion repeatedly, causing him to become covered in wounds and give up the fight. The Gnat, feeling victorious, ends up getting trapped in a spider’s web instead. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  5. The Flies and the Honey: In the story, a jar of honey spills over and attracts numerous flies who gorge on the sweetness. However, their feet and wings get covered in the sticky substance, leading to their eventual death. An ebook (PDF) of the story is available for download.
  6. The search for eight little ice skates: The story is about a little spider named Spike who wanted to try ice skating but couldn’t find eight ice skates for his eight little feet. He asked other animals for help but to no avail. Finally, he went to the rink and saw a centipede with a hundred little ice skates. The centipede kindly gave Spike eight ice skates and even helped him to learn how to skate. Spike became the best ice skater in the forest. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  7. The raspberry worm: In this story, Lisa and Aina find a worm on one raspberry and save it from being eaten by a sparrow. Later, they get lost in a raspberry wood and fall asleep there. They awake to find sandwiches, milk, and beds. They meet the Raspberry King, who reveals that he was the worm they saved and thanks them by giving them beautiful bracelets. The Raspberry King also gives the big sister eleven baskets of raspberries for making jam. The story ends with the family making jam in gratitude for their good luck.
  8. The Little Worm That Was Glad to Be Alive: The story is about a little worm who made a small house for himself in the ground. He comes out of his house in the morning to enjoy the warm sunbeams, music of the birds, and sweet smell of flowers. There is also a little boy in the garden who notices the worm and avoids stepping on it. The story ends happily with the little worm going back to his home and the little boy continuing to enjoy his playtime.
  9. The lonely crawler: The story follows the life of a cockroach who has survived for eons but is lonely due to being the last of his kind. He finds a friend in a moth and together they explore the world and witness the rise and fall of great empires and civilizations. They remain best of friends until the moth’s death, and Cockroach realizes that it was their friendship that gave his long and lonely life meaning. Despite their reputation as pests, the story highlights the importance of cockroaches and moths in the ecosystem. An ebook version of the story is available to download.
  10. The little leech in the little creek: The story tells of a small leech named Laura who lives in a creek in a forest and has a strong desire to explore and see beyond the murky waters of her home. She travels and attaches herself to various creatures, learning about their lives, until she attaches herself to a hiker and is taken far away from her home. A ranger helps her return home and warns her not to attach herself to people. Laura returns home with a new understanding and shares her newfound knowledge with the other leeches, who then explore the forest and all its wonders.
  11. The louse and the flea: The story is about a louse and a flea who were brewing beer in an egg-shell. The louse falls into the beer and gets burnt, causing the flea to scream. This sets off a chain reaction of other objects reacting to the flea’s scream, until everything ends up being drowned in a river. The story can be downloaded as a PDF ebook.
  12. Maya the Bee in the Hornet’s Fortress: Maya meets a centipede named Thomas, who warns her about a nearby hornet fortress. Maya is captured by a hornet and brought to their prison, where she overhears their plan to attack Maya’s bee city in the castle park. Maya hopes for a miracle as she remains locked in the dark of the hornet prison.
  13. Maya the Bee meets Effie and Bobbie: Maya, a young bee, wakes up to see rain for the first time. She discovers that rain makes it difficult for bees to fly and do their work. She feels lonely and wishes for the protection of her Beehive. As she observes the rain, she witnesses a conversation between Effie, a cricket, and Bobbie, a dung beetle, and tries to help when Bobbie falls over and can’t right himself. When Maya later looks around for Bobbie, he’s gone.
  14. Dame Cricket’s Story: The story is about a mother cricket who wants her children to get up and sing at night. She shares a family story about how they used to sing during the day, but one day they discovered that birds were eating them. The solution was to sleep during the day and sing at night where they are safe. The story teaches children the importance of listening to their parents and how important it is to work together to keep themselves safe. There is a link to download an ebook version of the story.
  15. Maya the Bee and the Acrobat: Maya the Bee meets a grasshopper named Flip, and they share an amusing conversation about their differences. Flip invites Maya to participate in a jumping contest, but Maya declines, stating that flying is more important to her. Despite their different perspectives, Maya finds Flip to be interesting and hopes to learn more from him in the future.
  16. Mrs. Flyaway: The story is about a group of ants who work hard to build a house out of a blade of grass. One of the ants, Mrs. Flyaway, is always wanting to leave home, but is eventually convinced to stay when she becomes a mother. The other ants help take care of her eggs and when they hatch, they are surprised to find fully grown ants instead of grubs. The story highlights the hard-working nature of ants and the importance of taking care of one’s family and home.
  17. The Silkworm: In a magical forest filled with mulberry trees, Flora, a young girl, requests a colony of silkworms to spin a long, fine, and strong silk robe for her. The kind silkworms agree and work tirelessly for weeks, transforming the mulberry tree leaves into a stunning silk robe. They create 20,000 threads that shimmer like silver light, and Flora is immensely grateful for their incredible gift, which fits her perfectly and makes her feel like a princess. The story ends with a link to download the ebook version.
  18. How the Brazilian Beetles Got Their Gorgeous Coats: In this story, Brazilian beetles used to have plain brown coats, but one little beetle won a race with a rat by flying and was rewarded with a green and gold coat from a parrot. Another beetle became jealous of the green and gold coats and traded hers in for a blue one, but it was not as hard and she never grew again. The story explains how the Brazilian flag was created based on the colors of the beetles’ coats.
  19. The Too-Ambitious Spider: The story is about a spider who crawls through a crack in a door and explores an old storeroom. He decides to fix and improve a mirror, a chair, and a table in the room by weaving webs that blend naturally with the items. However, his efforts are undone by a careless maid who cleans the room and destroys his webs. The spider decides to build a web in a corner to avoid more destruction and concludes that mirrors, chairs, and tables aren’t really meant for spiders.

In conclusion, these top 19 stories about creepy crawlers have taken readers on thrilling and spine-chilling adventures through the mysterious world of tiny creatures. Aimed at kids, these stories not only spark their imagination but also impart valuable lessons about the natural world, fears, and friendships. As young readers explore these tales with intriguing plots and fascinating characters, they will develop a greater appreciation for the tiny creatures around them and a deeper understanding of the delicate balance of our ecosystems. So get ready for some goosebumps, surprises, and unforgettable moments with these creepy crawler stories – they are sure to be a delightful treat for your child’s curious mind.