Stories About Castles

Stories About Castles

Welcome to the Top 8 Stories About Castles for kids to read online! This fantastic collection of children’s bedtime stories features enchanting tales set in the magical world of castles and kingdoms. Available in pdf format, these stories are free to download, making it the perfect resource for parents and teachers to engage and educate their young ones in a fun and exciting way. Each short story is specifically designed to be easy to read, with wonderful pictures to captivate the imagination of preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students alike. So whether it’s story time, read aloud sessions, or the perfect night time adventure, this printable selection of stories offers something for both girls and boys.

Castle stories hold a special place in the hearts of children, as it takes them to a place where heroes and heroines roam, and where good triumphs over evil. The timeless charm of classic fairy tales set in castles sparks a love for reading and helps develop imagination, creativity, and the ability to experience different cultures and periods through history. With fascinating stories containing morals designed to teach valuable life lessons, kids become the protagonists of their own adventures in these captivating worlds. Stories about castles are ideal for early years learning and provide an enjoyable way for toddlers, preschoolers, and EYFS students to acquire and practice their language skills. So let the journey begin and fall into the magical realm of castles with this delightful online collection of the best and most famous castle stories, and make precious memories together, one tale at a time.

Top 8 Stories About Castles for kids to read online:

  1. Soria Moria castle: This is a story about Halvor, a good-for-nothing son who goes on a sea voyage and ends up in a strange land where he meets a princess held captive by a troll with three heads. With the help of the princess, he gains the strength to kill the troll and two others to save the princess’s sisters. He falls in love with the youngest princess, but eventually leaves to visit his parents, who do not recognize him. He convinces them to let him spend the night and eventually reveals himself. He then tells his parents and some unkind farmer’s daughters about his adventures and saving the princesses. He sets out to find his lost love, aided by an old woman, west wind, and washerwomen. He eventually finds her and marries her.
  2. The Brave Children of the Ice Castle: A group of children on a winter adventure discover a beautiful ice castle in the Canadian woods, and meet a kind ice princess and her animal friends. However, they soon learn that the princess is in danger from her jealous and evil sister. The children try to protect the castle and the princess with various methods but soon realize love and kindness are the most powerful weapons. They form a circle around the castle, sing sweet songs and offer love and kindness to the evil sister. She eventually surrenders, realizing that she had been wrong and the ice castle is saved.
  3. The Twelve Dancing Princesses: A king with twelve princess daughters has a mystery to unravel. Every night the princesses’ shoes were completely worn out, and no one had an idea what happened during the night. The king promises that whoever can solve the mystery will become heir to the throne and marry one of his daughters; however, those that fail would risk their lives. An old soldier with lots of experience managed to unravel the mystery using his invisibility cloak and uncover the hidden dance party of the twelve princesses. They would dance each night with twelve princes in different parts of the forest, and the treasures they brought back serve as evidence. The soldier reveals this to the king, which leads to the discovery of the princess’s secret. The soldier chooses the oldest princess to marry, soon becoming a king himself, and lives happily ever after with his chosen bride.
  4. The Treasure Castle: A hunter rescues a trapped dwarf who tells him of a castle with an easy-to-grab treasure, but warns him not to enter the tower or evil will come. The hunter finds the treasure, but the king’s chamberlain and chancellor plot to steal it. They imprison the hunter, torture him, and force him to reveal the castle’s location. The villains follow the hunter’s trail of jewels and climb the stairs to the tower room, only to be blown up and flown to a different castle by the dwarf king’s treasure. The villains are punished, while the hunter becomes king and the treasure remains in the castle.
  5. Jack the Giant Slayer: This is a story about Jack, a fearless and strong boy who became known as “Jack the giant slayer”. Jack killed many giants, starting with the one who lived in Mont-Saint-Michel in France. He dug a pit, covered it with straw, lured the giant into the trap and covered the hole. Jack’s fame grew after killing two more giants in England. He also helped the son of King Arthur rescue a beautiful lady from an evil wizard’s spell. Jack was awarded and became a knight, married the daughter of a duke and lived happily ever after.
  6. The Enchanted Boat: A King marries a cunning woman who wishes to make her son the King instead of the King’s beautiful daughter. The woman convinces the King to make his daughter marry her son and rules the kingdom alone. The Princess runs away and boards an enchanted boat to a strange land where she meets a leopard-man who reveals himself as a prince cursed by a witch. The Prince can regain his form only with a golden root from the top of a blue mountain-peak, which only a princess can retrieve. The Princess succeeds in retrieving the root with the help of an eagle and returns to the prince. They defeat the usurper Queen and live happily ever after.
  7. Prince Roul’s Bride: In a far-off land, there lived an ogre who lived in a cave near the ocean and caused shipwrecks to steal their riches. Meanwhile, a prince fell in love with a poor girl named Leta and refused to marry any of the princesses his father had brought before him. The enraged king sent servants to chase the girl away and Prince Roul jumped on his horse and fled with her. While being chased, Leta used fairy magic to make the ocean dry and they rode over the cliff. They found themselves before a transformed white castle and inside they discovered the ogre’s stolen wealth, which they gave to the poor. Prince Roul and Princess Leta rode to the King’s palace, won his heart, and lived happily ever after partly in the palace and partly in their white castle by the sea.
  8. Princess Dido and the Prince of the Roses: A princess named Dido ran away from her attendants and found herself lost in the forest. As she wandered, she discovered a small gold key which fit a tree that opened like a door. She stepped inside and found herself in a beautiful country with a castle. She explored the castle until she found a room filled with pink roses. The Prince of the Roses appeared and told Dido he would only marry someone who loved his roses as much as him. Dido agreed to stay with him in the Castle of the Roses, living happily ever after.

In conclusion, castles have played a significant role in history, serving as magnificent structures that witnessed royal courts, battles, and the daily lives of people from long ago. These top 8 stories about castles have taken us on a fascinating journey, allowing kids to explore the mysteries, legends, and beauty of these enchanting architectural wonders. By discovering the tales behind these captivating castles, young readers can appreciate the rich heritage and culture they represent while also sparking their own imagination and desire to learn more about the world’s incredible historical treasures. So let these stories inspire and encourage kids to delve into the world of castles and embark on their own exciting adventures!