Stories about Boats

Stories about Boats

Ahoy there, young explorers! Welcome aboard to our enchanting collection of the Top 20 Stories about Boats for kids to read online. These fun and educational stories are the perfect bedtime tales for children of all ages. With these delightful stories available in pdf, free to download, and printable format, pre-schoolers and early years learners can immerse themselves in the adventurous world of boats. Featuring fascinating tales from famous authors, this exciting selection of stories with pictures will surely captivate the imagination of kids – girls and boys alike.

Stories about Boats are the ideal companions for story time and read-aloud sessions. These classic maritime tales are not only filled with fun and excitement but also inspire learning and make bedtime a breeze. Children from kindergarten, preschool, toddlers, and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) to elementary students can embark on unforgettable journeys through these entertaining narratives. Whether your little adventurers prefer short bedtime tales or longer, beautifully written stories, their thirst for adventure will surely be quenched with these stories about Boats.

Packed with the best, easy-to-read tales, which can be enjoyed in English or accompanied by audio recordings, our collection of Stories about Boats will keep children engaged and result in quality time spent with loved ones. Moreover, these stories often come with a moral to learn, fostering personal growth and development in our young listeners. So, dear children, hoist the sails, and let the night-time voyage begin with our fabulous selection of Stories about Boats! Bon voyage!

Top 20 Stories about Boats for kids to read online:

  1. The Flying Dutchman: In a stormy harbor, a determined captain pushes his crew to set sail on Easter Sunday, causing the ship to transform into a ghost ship known as the Flying Dutchman. The ship sails endlessly until it is spotted many years later by a brave captain who witnesses it passing through his own vessel. The ghost ship remains a mystery and nobody knows if it has found peace. A downloadable eBook (PDF) of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  2. Odysseus and the Bag of Winds: Odysseus and his crew arrived at the friendly island of Aeolia, where Aeolus, the King of the winds, gave them gifts and provisions for their voyage, including a bag made of ox skin that contained the blustering winds. Aeolus instructed Odysseus to use the winds only in times of need. But when the sailors became curious about the mysterious bag, they opened it, unleashing the violent winds that blew them far off course. After many adventures, Odysseus finally returned home and told the story of the disastrous curiosity of his sailors.
  3. Soccer on a lake: The story is about a skilled soccer player named Chai who witnesses a soccer game played by five men emerging from a lake while on a journey. He discovers that one of the players is his father, who had been presumed dead after drowning in the same lake eight years ago. Chai interferes with the game, unknowingly causing danger to himself and his father. After a fierce battle, they manage to escape the lake with their lives, and Chai’s father explains that they were playing with fish goblins serving the Dragon King. They hurry away to avoid being caught by the king.
  4. Dr. Dolittle Escapes from the Pirates: Doctor Dolittle and his animal friends are on a ship that has to pass the coast of Barbary where dangerous pirates live. When they spot a ship with red sails getting closer to them, they know it’s trouble. Jip the dog smells danger and growls in his sleep, predicting a fight with bad men. The animals try to escape the fast pirate ship, but it seems hopeless until the swallows suggest tying thousands of strings to the front of the ship and having the birds pull it along. The plan works, and they leave the pirates behind, laughing and dancing as they sail away.
  5. The Story of Arion: The story is about Arion, a man who played music on a golden harp and became rich. He hired sailors to take him to Sicily and Italy to play and sing, and upon his return aboard the same ship, the sailors plotted to kill him and steal his money. Arion promised to give them everything, but still, they wanted to kill him. He asked to play one last song, then jumped into the sea. A dolphin saved him, and he was able to return to Corinth and tell his story to Periander, who did not believe him until the sailors arrived, and their guilt was exposed. Periander gave Arion all his gold and silver, and also had a statue erected to honor Arion’s miraculous journey on the back of the dolphin.
  6. The story of Grace Darling: The story follows a young girl named Grace Darling who lived on a small island off the coast of England with her father, a lighthouse keeper. One stormy night, she heard cries for help coming from a shipwreck on the rocks. Against her father’s wishes, Grace rowed out to the stranded sailors and assisted her father in rescuing them. They brought them to safety, and Grace provided them with warmth and food until the storm subsided. The story celebrates the bravery and selflessness of Grace and her father.
  7. The September Storm: In a small town next to a river, a ship returns from distant lands and unloads its cargo. A heavy storm hits the town, and the captain and his crew rush to keep the ship from capsizing while several boats are swept away. After the storm, the ship is afloat again and brought back to its dock with minor damage. The townspeople call the storm the Great September Storm, and it leaves a lasting impression on them. Readers can download an eBook version of the story.
  8. Part 1: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: Bob and Betty spend the summer at the coast with Captain Ben Hawes, an old sailor who has come ashore after forty years of service on the high seas. Hawes’ house is a small museum with all sorts of interesting items from distant lands. He takes the children sailing in his boat, teaches them about making boats and ships, shows them a fishing boat and a life-sized ship being built. Along the beach, the children meet their friend, Patsey Quinn, who teaches them how to fish, catch crabs and find the best clams and mussels while wading through seaweed-covered rocks. Every day brings new exciting and educational adventures for the children.
  9. Part 2: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: The story is about two children spending their summer with Captain Hawes. He teaches them about lighthouses, sail making, swimming, rowing, logging, lobster fishing, and ship launching. They witness the launch of a new ship and are impressed by it. The story ends with Bob and Betty enjoying their summer and preferring the coast to the city. The story also includes downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  10. Part 4: Bob and Betty’s Summer with Captain Hawes: Captain Hawes makes a toy sailboat for children to sail, which teaches them how to set the sails and tack against the wind. When they visit a nearby harbor, they see the new ship Sachem being loaded with goods for its journey to the Far East. Captain Hawes tells the children about his adventures in far-off lands, such as China and Greenland, and about the dangers sailors face, including fire and icebergs. The Sachem sets sail with a beautifully carved figurehead of an Indian chief, and the children watch it disappear on the horizon. Bob and Betty return home in time to see the country’s war fleet, the latest development in navigation.
  11. The Spanish Armada: The story is about the Spanish Armada, a fleet of over a hundred ships sent by the King of Spain to attack England during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Despite being outnumbered, the English fleet, led by Sir Francis Drake, was able to defeat the Armada by using fast and light ships to attack the more cumbersome Spanish ships. The English also sent burning fire-ships to create chaos amongst the Spanish fleet. A storm contributed to the final defeat of the Armada, with many Spanish ships being thrown onto rocks and cliffs. The story ends with England being saved.
  12. Dr. Dolittle receives a message from Africa: In a cozy winter evening, a monkey came to Dr. Dolittle with a message from his cousin in Africa who begged his help to stop a disease spreading among the apes. The doctor decided to go, but they didn’t have enough money to buy tickets for everyone. He borrowed a boat from a sailor and got all the things they needed from the grocer, promising to pay him later. They locked up the house, gave the key to the old horse and left. On their way, Gub-Gub, the pig, was amazed at how the ship’s beds were and went to explore the boat. The swallow showed them the way to Africa, and the journey began.
  13. Robinson Crusoe: Building the Boat: The protagonist, having accepted his fate on a stranded island, focuses on improving his living conditions. He builds a dwelling, shelves for his supplies, a chair, and a table. He also makes various items, even without tools. He considers making a canoe to go to the mainland, but all his attempts fail. He realizes the foolishness of his plan and the importance of using what he has, instead of gathering more than he needs. He celebrates his birthday alone, but he acknowledges that he possesses infinitely more than he could ever use.
  14. The Shipwreck of Robinson Crusoe: The main character of the story lives in Brazil and is offered a job managing trade on the Guinea coast by a group of fellow planters and merchants. He accepts and boards a ship with a small crew and cargo of trade goods. After facing two severe storms, the ship wrecks, and the protagonist is the only survivor. He is stranded on an uninhabited island with no food, water, or survival supplies. Clinging to hope, he climbs a tree and falls asleep, wondering what fate awaits him.
  15. The Giant’s Cliff House: In this story, a blacksmith called Robert Kelly has a dream of a young boy named Philip Renardy, who disappeared seven years ago, and discovers that the boy was kidnapped by a giant named Mahon McMahon. The blacksmith is told that he can rescue the boy by entering the giant’s cliff house during a specific time, and he is given a sign to prove that the dream was real. The blacksmith and a friend row out to sea to the cliff house and enter it when it opens at midnight. Inside, they find a room of young boys who all look the same and are seven years old. The giant challenges the blacksmith to identify Philip Renardy, and he recognizes him from a voice behind him. The blacksmith takes the boy back to his family.
  16. The Master Mariner: A fisherman saves the King of the Caves of the Sea, who rewards him with a talisman that brings him luck. The fisherman becomes a successful master mariner and falls in love with the princess of Silkland. When his ship returns to Silkland, the crew is attacked by pirates, and the fisherman is thrown overboard while the princess is captured. The talisman comes to life and summons the King of the Caves of the Sea, who saves the fisherman and helps him rescue the princess from the pirates. The fisherman marries the princess, and they sail back to Silkland together.
  17. The City Under the Sea: This story is about a merchant who is tasked with finding the Emerald of the Sea by a king who threatens his life if he fails. After sending his two eldest sons to no avail, the youngest son sets out on the same quest. With the help of a witch, he enters the underwater world and discovers that his brothers and their wives have been enchanted to forget their past lives. He eventually finds the emerald and frees his brothers from the spell, but the king still seeks the merchant’s life. With the power of the emerald, the youngest son destroys the king’s castle, saves his father, and peacefully shares the kingdom with his brothers.
  18. The Jumblies: The story is about the Jumblies, who are known for their adventurous spirit and love for the sea. They decide to embark on an extraordinary journey, setting sail in a sieve despite the warning of impending doom from their friends. They travel to the Western Sea, collecting marvelous treasures from the land filled with trees. After twenty years or more, they return home, grown taller and wiser from their journeys. Their daring voyage inspires their friends, who proclaim that they too will go to sea in a sieve. The story is a tale of courage, adventure, and the boundless possibilities of the imagination.
  19. The Enchanted Boat: In this story, a King decides to marry a woman with a son named Tito who the Queen wishes to make King, and convinces the King to marry his daughter to Tito to secure the kingdom’s future. The Princess does not want to marry Tito and runs away on an enchanted boat to a castle where she meets a prince who was turned into a leopard-man by a witch and is seeking a golden root to become human again. The Princess helps him retrieve the root and he turns back into a human Prince. Together they return to the Princess’s father’s kingdom, where they undo the damage caused by the scheming Queen and are happily married.
  20. The Moonlight Sail: A mouse family living in a field decides to move to a house for the summer, hoping to give their children more opportunities to learn. During their journey, they find a pool in front of a nearby house and wish they could sail on it. The father mouse constructs a boat from a piece of wood, and they start sailing. But they soon stop in the middle of the pool when the wind dies down and are frightened when they see a cat approaching. The father mouse cleverly talks to the cat and asks for her help to move the boat to the shore. The cat rolls two stones into the pool, and the boat glides to the other side. The mouse family quickly runs up the steps of the house, and the cat cannot catch them.

In conclusion, the Top 20 Stories about Boats offers a wonderful collection of tales that opens up young minds to the fascinating world of maritime adventures. Through these captivating stories, children are not only entertained but also learn valuable lessons about friendship, courage, and perseverance. Featuring brave sailors, talking animals, enchanted islands, and thrilling quests, this collection encourages kids to let their imagination set sail and explore a world filled with excitement, wonder, and unforgettable memories. So come aboard and let these marvelous tales take you on a journey across the seven seas, from the magical depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of the horizon, all while inspiring a lifelong love for reading and adventure.