Stories About Being Thankful

Stories About Being Thankful

Welcome to the Top 14 Stories About Being Thankful, specially curated for kids to read online! This delightful collection of stories is perfect for bedtime, story time, or anytime children need a little reminder to appreciate the wonderful things in their lives. Available in easy-to-read PDF format, these free and printable stories are designed to make learning fun and educational for children of all ages, from toddlers to preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students (EYFS included).

Each heartwarming story in this collection comes with beautiful pictures, making them engaging and enjoyable for both girls and boys. These short, yet engaging tales can be read aloud or along with an accompanying audio version, ensuring that your little ones have the best experience in improving their English. Classic and famous fairytales, as well as good stories with moral lessons and fun stories perfect for night time reading, make up this unique collection that celebrates the spirit of gratitude in every child’s heart.

Stories About Being Thankful teach important lessons about gratitude, appreciation, and kindness, making them valuable additions to any child’s early education. Not only do these stories provide fun and entertainment during bedtime, but they also teach children how to be thankful for the people, experiences, and opportunities in their lives. Through these tales, your kids will develop strong values that will guide their growth in the critical early years, making this collection of Stories About Being Thankful truly priceless for both parents and children alike. So, get ready to embark on a wonderful journey of thankfulness and joy with your little ones – start reading now!

Top 14 Stories About Being Thankful for kids to read online:

  1. A Christmas Carol: The story is about a stingy and cruel businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge who doesn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas. On Christmas Eve, he is visited by three ghosts who show him his past, present, and future. Through these visits, Scrooge realizes the error of his ways and becomes a kinder, more generous person who learns to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas.
  2. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: This is a story about Granny Goodyear and Little Gretchen who live in a small log house on the edge of a forest. They are very poor, and Gretchen does not expect to get a Christmas present. However, she believes that she might get one due to the good deeds she has done. She places her wooden shoe by the door, hoping that Santa Claus would bring her a present. The next morning, she finds a bird with a broken wing in her shoe, and she takes care of it. Gretchen is very happy, and she believes that Christmas is the most beautiful thing in the world.
  3. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: In this Japanese folktale, a white hare wants to cross the sea to get to the mainland of Inaba. He sees a crocodile and convinces him to form a bridge with other crocodiles for the hare to cross. Once the hare reaches the mainland, he taunts the crocodiles and they seek revenge by pulling out all his fur. A kind man tells the hare to bathe in a pond and roll in kaba flowers to make his fur grow back. The hare is grateful to the man who turns out to be a fairy. The story ends with the fairy marrying a princess and the hare becoming famous as “The White Hare of Inaba”.
  4. How Patty Gave Thanks: The story is about the animals living in a barn, happy and grateful for little Patty’s kind and thoughtful actions on Thanksgiving Day. Patty shows her gratitude by thanking each animal for what they have provided her and her family, and she even brings them gifts. The animals appreciate her gesture and feel happy and content before settling down for the night. The story also includes a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  5. Watery Thanks: The story is about a little boy who is very thirsty and thanks a pump for giving him water. The pump tells him that it only helps the water run and that he should thank the spring up the hill. The boy thanks the spring, but it says that he should thank the rain and dew. The boy thanks them, but they tell him to thank the sun. The sun says that he got the water from the ocean, and the ocean tells the boy to thank the one who created everything. The boy thanks nature, taking off his cap.
  6. Dr. Dolittle at the Ape Council: In this story, the animals gather to discuss why Dr. Dolittle has to leave and conclude that it’s because he needs money to pay debts back home. They decide to give him a rare animal that humans have never seen before as a parting gift. The story highlights the animals’ shock and dismay at the idea of keeping live animals in cages for human amusement.
  7. The Easter bunny’s lost chocolate eggs: A special animal called the Easter Bunny would hide chocolate eggs all over the forest for children to find on Easter day. But one year, the Easter Bunny tripped and fell, and all the chocolate eggs got lost. The Easter Bunny sat on a rock crying, when a little boy came along. The little boy offered to help him find all the eggs and they set off on a journey, encountering different animals and doing tasks. Finally, they found all the lost eggs and returned to the Easter Bunny’s house to hide the eggs again. On Easter day, children from all over the forest came out to look for the chocolate eggs, and they found them all and celebrated Easter with joy and happiness.
  8. Spring and Her Helpers: The story is about the change in seasons from winter to spring, where Spring becomes the ruler of the land, and with the help of the sunbeams, winds, and birds, turns the hard, bare, and cold earth beautiful. Spring is grateful to her helpers for doing a great job and is looking forward to next year when she can work with them again. The story emphasizes the importance of teamwork and how everything has a role to play in making the earth a beautiful place.
  9. Sunflowers and Strawberry Shortcake For Mother’s Day: A little girl named Lottie wants to do something special for Mother’s Day to show her love for her caring and loving mother. With the help of her friends, Lottie creates a sunflower garden and bakes a strawberry shortcake. On Mother’s Day, Lottie surprises her mom with breakfast and a tray filled with the sunflower and cake. Her mother is delighted and they spend the day together enjoying the sunflower garden and each other’s company. From that day on, they create a tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day in their sunflower garden.
  10. The Silkworm: In a magical forest filled with mulberry trees, a colony of hardworking silkworms lived happily munching on the leaves and spinning beautiful silk threads. One day, a young girl named Flora requested them to spin a long and fine silk robe for her. The kind silkworms agreed and worked tirelessly for weeks, producing a stunning robe made of twenty thousand threads. Flora was grateful and felt like a princess wearing the robe. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  11. The beach cleanup: The story is about a boy named Mason who loves the beach. He learns about Earth Day and realizes how pollution is affecting the beach. He then decides to organise a beach clean-up event on Earth Day. Although he was initially worried no one would show up, he and his father started cleaning up, and gradually more people arrived to help. His initiative inspired the community to join in, and he started organising monthly beach clean-ups. Mason became known as a local hero for his dedication to protecting the environment, and the beach remained clean and beautiful.
  12. Let It Rain: A young girl named Rose is upset that it’s raining and she has to stay indoors. However, her father asks her if she enjoyed her breakfast and seeing the flowers and animals in their garden, making her realise that they all rely on water to survive. He explains that rain helps wheat grow, allowing them to make bread. After this discussion, Rose becomes grateful for the rain, thanking her father for the lesson.
  13. Emborg And The Animals: In this story, Emborg goes out into the world for the first time by herself, hoping to buy a birthday present for her mother with a two-ore piece. Along the way, she meets friendly animals who give her gifts such as milk, butter, wool, cheese eggs, and horns. A horse appears and helps carry all the gifts home for Emborg to give to her mother. The story shows that by being kind and grateful, people can receive unexpected rewards.
  14. Jack Rabbit and Mr. Turtle: In this story, there is a heavy rain causing a flood that makes it hard for the woodland animals to find food and shelter. Jack Rabbit wishes for his friend, Mr. Fox, to help him off a rock where he’s stranded. However, Mr. Turtle comes to his rescue, offering to carry Jack Rabbit to safety. Initially unsure if Mr. Turtle could carry him, Jack Rabbit changes his mind when Mr. Turtle explains that he had previously saved his ancestors during another great flood. They safely reach dry land, and Jack Rabbit thanks Mr. Turtle for his kindness, reflecting that he will never forget the old turtle’s generosity.

In conclusion, these top 14 stories about being thankful are a wonderful way for kids to learn the importance of gratitude in their everyday lives. From tales of appreciation for parents, friends, and the environment, to discovering the power of acts of kindness and finding joy in the simple pleasures of life, children can develop a deeper understanding of the positive impact of thankfulness. Reading these stories online can inspire kids to express their gratitude towards others, fostering a healthy and spiritually enriching mindset that will help them navigate through life with a compassionate heart and an attitude of appreciation.