Scared of the hairdresser

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Anthony. Anthony had a big problem: he was afraid of going to the hairdresser. He didn’t like the sound of the scissors, and he was afraid that the hairdresser would cut his hair too short.

Anthony’s parents tried to talk to him about it, but he just wouldn’t listen. So they decided to let his hair grow.

At first, Anthony’s long hair was fun. He could play hide and seek and use his hair as a curtain to hide behind. But as his hair grew longer and longer, it started to get in the way. Anthony couldn’t see anything and he would trip over his hair all the time.

One day, Anthony’s parents had had enough. They decided that it was time for Anthony to go to the hairdresser, whether he liked it or not. But they knew that Anthony wouldn’t go if he knew where they were going, so they came up with a plan.

They told Anthony that they were going to the playground, and Anthony was so excited that he didn’t notice that they were actually going to the hairdresser’s. When they got there, the hairdresser took Anthony to the chair and started cutting his hair very quietly.

Anthony didn’t notice at first, but when the hairdresser started cutting the piece of hair that was in front of his face, he got very angry. He didn’t like having his hair cut at all, and he didn’t understand why his parents had tricked him.

But then, something happened. When the hairdresser finished cutting Anthony’s hair and removed the piece of hair that was in front of his face, Anthony could see again! He was amazed at how much better he could see the world around him. And he was happy that he could walk around without tripping over his hair anymore.

The hairdresser gave him a nice little piece of candy to eat, and he smiled and thanked her. Anthony decided that from then on, he would go to the hairdresser without any fuss. He realized that it wasn’t so bad after all, and that a haircut could make him feel clean, happy and free.